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Anglican Diocese of Newcastle Archives: Introduction

Archives of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle

The Anglican Diocese of Newcastle

The Archive of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle and Christ Church Cathedral includes the records of St. John's College, Morpeth, runs to 120 shelf metres and dates from the year 1826.

Before 1860 the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle covered a territory encompassing the whole of northern New South Wales and Queensland.

The Collection is of such national significance that the National Preservation Office at the National Library of Australia provided a grant for conservation treatment. Records restored under this program are the diary of pioneer Bishop William Tyrrell and an early watercolour of his church at Morpeth. At the time, Morpeth was the seat of Tyrrell's Diocese and the jumping-off point for settlers going into the interior.

Finding Aids

Access Conditions

Please note: In conformity with principles of privacy and confidentiality, access to Diocesan records is restricted for the following periods, from the date of their creation.

  • Registrar's general files: 50 years
  • Bishop's files, Registrar's and St John's College files containing personal and confidential information: 100 years.
  • Baptism registers: 90 years - except for the individual concerned.
  • Marriage registers: 50 years - except for the individual concerned.
  • Death registers: 30 years.
  • Other (non-confidential) records: 30 years.
  • Synod papers, public documents, and Diocesan publications: nil.