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Anglican Diocese of Newcastle Archives: Canon Carlos Stretch (2)

Archives of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle

Bishops' Registry Records

Canon John Carlos Stretch - Part 2


  • NRMA Strip route maps, various areas NSW with extra touring information.


  • Copy of: The Melbourne Book. Art in Australia Ltd, Sydney. 1931. 2 copies. One has tracing paper to identify streets in photographs. Front cover - Melbourne city; back cover - RMS Orontes, RMS Oronsay.


  • Copy of: NRMA Motor Camping; Official Guide With Maps and Complete Letterpress. Price 1/-. Includes loose pages from a guide;
  • 2 clippings of maps of Stinson plane crash area. Newspaper, Sydney, Tuesday March, 1937.


  • Copy of: Cook's Handbook to London, 1911.


  • Copy of: Sampson's Handbook for the City of York, 1906.


  • Copy of: Guide to Staffa, Iona and Mull, [1900?]


  • Copy of: Hampton Court, illustrated. Guide to the palace and gardens, 1912.


  • Copy of: Hampton Court palace,1955


  • Folder containing: guide books to each cathedral, Canterbury, Chichester, Gloucester, Salisbury, Lincoln, Peterborough, Exeter, York. (2 copies of each).


  • Copy of: Guide to Oxford Cathedral, 1937.


  • Copy of: Cyclists annual and touring guide, 1912.


  • Copy of: In Monk's land. …Coxwold, Byland, and Rievaulx, [1910?].


  • Copy of: The English and Their Country, 1940.


  • Copy of: North British Railway, official tourist guide, 1912. (The beauties of Scotland).

Folder labelled ABO 60, 61containing:

No. 60

  • Papers on Australian place names, by J.S. Ryan, Dept of University Extension. Richmond-Tweed Area. University of New England. Loose letter inside book "Dear Dad, … from John". i.e. to Carlos Stretch from son John Stretch.
  • Also letterhead paper of Carlos Stretch, Toronto, listing "Coolmaga" (North Lismore), "Coolmanga, Dunoon, Talmora, Talmo", referring to the book – p.49 etc.

No. 61 Containing:

  • A ledger book labelled "Place Names in Alphabetical Order, for which I am seeking meanings or origins." [in the hand of Carlos Stretch on cover]. Names are listed alphabetically in the book, with localities then notes. Loose notes, pages, and sheet of blotting paper inserted in the book with 2 clippings pasted on inside back cover concerning "Nowra" and "Mollymoke". Also further listings of areas and their place names, e.g. "…around Maitland and Newcastle".
  • Clipping from a Lismore newspaper – Book Review: Kyogle by Eve Keane. "First Kyogle Settlement 12 Years After Discovery. Shire Preserves History". An article with photographs. Reverse side contains an obituary of Mr. S.B.L. Gates of Lismore.
  • Corner of envelope has 3 addresses noted, for place names Towarri, Rossgole , Glenbawn.
  • File tabs with (alphabetical order)
    place names, district, meaning and origin.
  • Cover used as notepaper with list of names, animal, and eucalypts. Cover says Address…the First Session…Thirty-First Synod…Diocese of Newcastle on Tuesday, 1st June, 1954 by Francis, Bishop of Newcastle.
  • Account book cover is used to hold "Meanings and origins wanted. – JSCWS". Includes: loose blotting paper advertisement- i.e. Buzacott's, G.P. Pty Ltd. List of New South Wales Aboriginal Place Names and their meanings. Compiled by W.W. Thorpe.
  • Draft of letter from Carlos Stretch to the Headmaster, Parkes High School, June 6 1947, asking for help to collect origins and meanings of place names. List of names around Parkes attached.
  • Slip with place names around Scone and Gundy, and Lismore.
  • Letter draft from Carlos Stretch, St. Pauls, West Maitland, to the Headmaster, Kyogle Intermediate High School, asking for help in finding origins and meanings of place names. List is attached.
  • List of place names around Port Macquarie. Some meanings have been written in a different hand.
  • List of dates.
  • Alphabetical List of the Polling-Places in the Above Named State (as at the 10th October, 1955)
    New South Wales Sydney, Govt. Printer, 1955.
  • Blotter advertising Ever Ready Co.(Aust.) Pty. Ltd., Sydney.
  • Slip with notes on place names.
  • Clipping "Molong means 'All rocks' " from a Molong newspaper. List of Molong aboriginal names.
  • Page from a Newcastle telephone book – list of exchanges p.1 and p.2 + directions for using automatic telephones and the manual exchanges. [195?]
  • Half page directory information from a Sydney telephone book – listing place names.
  • Page – charges for trunk line calls – Sydney telephone book listing places outside Sydney. (torn in halves).
  • Letter from [Mattock?], Shire Clerk, The Nambucca Shire Council, Bowraville, dated 23/1/1948, to the Rev. Carlos Stretch in response to an enquiry about place names and their meanings. On back of letter a list of Port Stephens names and Gresford names
  • Clipping "Warrumbungle" ( the wallaby), a bright story for children. Newcastle author Harry Hodge. Angus and Robertson, 1950, 10/6. Review by G.G. [NMH?]
  • Aboriginal names – 6 pages pinned together. Handwritten by Carlos Stretch.
  • Letter on letterhead from H.H. Stevenson, Land Agent etc. Tamworth Central Chambers, 351 Peel Street, Tamworth 4N, 19th October, 1950 , to Rev Carlos Stretch, St. Pauls, Maitland. Replying to a request for origins and meanings of place names in the Tamworth area.
  • Note on page – Barrington N.Bourke - fish die in water.
  • Letter from Geo Roberts, The Vicarage, Tambar Springs, 22nd September, 1950 to the Rev. Carlos Stretch, St. Pauls Rectory, Maitland NSW replying to a request for the origins and meanings of place names. (early ballpoint pen was used.) 4pp.
  • Letter from Elsie E. Crew, 17 Rosemary Street, Gunnedah, 25th (September)
    9.1950 to the Rev. Carlos Stretch, replying to letter asking for meaning of "Mullenroo". 2 pp.
  • List of place, animal, other aboriginal names with meanings for many added. (remains of old exercise book.)
  • Memo book contains notes about names, followed by list of aboriginal names in the Hunter Valley and around Newcastle, with meanings opposite.
  • Pages from a ledger contain aboriginal names. Heading "Wonnah-ruah Tribe", and "tribe on the Bogan", and meanings for some.
  • Exercise book – front marked ABC (A), has alphabetical arrangement of place names with meanings, also animals, also Timbers. At the opposite end lists of names of various dialects (areas). Loose in book, FAO pamphlet, Feb. 1950, and a page with more names, "Thillaba = cold…"
  • Ledger [E] used for "Kamilaroi Place Names, also List of Queensland aboriginal words". – various lists. Includes clipping "Aboriginal Names of North-West" by Russell McDonagh. North Western Courier. Narrabri, Monday August 11, 1947. (2 copies).
  • "Aboriginal Names of North West" by Russell McDonagh. Clipping glued inside cover. From Gunnedah Independent Advertiser. Monday August 4, 1947.
  • Slip of paper "Where is Warrungen = Boomerang" …
  • Letter from E.K.Lingard, News Editor, Newcastle Morning Herald, Newcastle, (21st August, 1947)
    to Rev. Carlos Stretch replying to request for assistance about place names, and inviting him to prepare an article for the paper.
  • Cash book labelled "Aboriginal words, various dialects, along the Murray and the Darling, the Barwon, also Wodi Wodi (Wollongong)
  • Ledger [8] used for "various dialects". Awabakal, Wiralhuri, Wangerriburra, Ngemba. Loose pages pinned in sections.

A7742 (xvii)
Blue folder labeled ABO 64, 65, 67 containing:

  • No. 64 contains typed sheets of name in alphabetical order with districts and origins. Also lists, starting 1. "Batar" = water, and 2. "Aberdare" – after a mining town in Wales.
  • No. 65 containing pages from Spurs (official organ of 2LM Radio Ranch Club, Lismore)
  • 1953. Contains columns of "NSW Place Names" by "Wirrobullikan".
  • No. 67 Contains:
    • Letter from Dr J.M. Maclean, Trangie, 17th September, 1946 to Mr. Stretch;
    • Letter from Dr. J.M. Maclean, Macquarie Hotel, Port Macquarie, 14th August, 1946, to Mr Stretch. List of reference books given;
    • Draft letter by Carlos Stretch to Dr Maclean, Sept 4. Pinned to previous two letters + list of names e.g. "Beamble"…;
    • Slips of aboriginal names and meanings written in the hand of Dr Maclean;
    • Note from Bill Goold (yrs in Rotary) [56 Dumaresq Street, Hamilton] to Mr. Stretch. Offers help in search for aboriginal place names and meanings;
    • Letter from W.J. Enright to Very Rev. Carlos Stretch – 21st August 1946, discussing meanings of aboriginal names;
    • Large envelope containing correspondence from Russell McDonagh, Gunnedah (McDonagh Pty. Ltd. Merchants) September 1947. Holds 3 letters and 2 envelopes. List of aboriginal names from Carlos Stretch to R. McDonagh + reply letter and list with some names and meanings. October 16th 1947;
    • Draft letter from Carlos Stretch to the [Sergeant of Police, Lockhart 3S] asking the meaning of "Tinamba" = (Red of White Stone) or (At Foot of the Hills); attached to reply from R.A. Clendenning, Sergeant of Police, Lockhart 3S. 15th June, 1955;
    • Copy of Alphabetical list of the polling-places in the abovenamed state (NSW) (as at the 3rd October, 1961.)
    • Copy of New South Wales Aboriginal Place Names and Euphonious Words, with their Meanings, compiled by Frederick D. McCarthy. 1946. Annotated by Carlos Stretch with localities, in pen;
    • Sheets of names with meanings written in by [?] and returned to Carlos Stretch;
    • Listings of Aboriginal names with meanings. 7 slips;
    • Lists of names – 8 slips pinned together. Names arranged a-z with meanings written in, also some localities shown;
    • Invitation card to Rev. J.C.W. Stretch and guest to attend the A.G.M. of the Anthropological Society of NSW, Wednesday, 5th Nov, 1947, 8p.m. Dr. A. Capell- address- "The Heart of New Guinea". [Syd, Uni.];
    • Letter from Phillip Beddoes, Shire Clerk, Talbragar Shire Council, Dubbo, 13th July, 1948. Replying to Rev C. Stretch, St Paul's Rectory, West Maitland. Unsuccessful with meanings of place names;
    • A sheet in an unidentified hand entitled "ABORIGINAL PLACE NAMES. Mr. W.A. Bayley supplies us with the following…with meanings…Bega = 'a big camping place'; What's in a Name? Surnames from the British Isles, pages 37-50 from WOMAN'S DAY with WOMAN, July 4, 1960.


  • Copy of: The Holiday handbook 1939. London and North Eastern Railway 2 copies [pages removed]


  • Copy of: Teesdale, the "Rokeby" country. Chorley & Pickersgill, Ltd. [1920?]


  • Copy of: The Romance of Scotland. G. Sutton. 1939.


  • Copy of: The Romance of Scotland. Map booklet of London/Nth Eastern/Lon.Midlands/Scottish railways. [1930]


  • Copy of: Northumberland and Durham (England). L.W.Meynell, 1938.


  • Copy of: The Eddystone Lighthouse. C.H.Navillus, [1920]


  • Copy of: Summer Holidays in Great Britain and Ireland. Thos. Cook & Son, Ltd.,1937.


  • Set of Pamphlets of photographs: Midland Counties and Isle of Man..; London and Southern Counties; The Cornish Riviera; Glorious Devon; Somerset, Dorset, Channel Islands; Wales; Midland Counties and Isle of Man. (different edition); Eastern Counties (2 copies); Yorkshire; Northumberland and Durham. (2 copies).


  • Set of Pamphlets of photographs: Scotland (2 copies); London and Southern Counties. (different edition); The English Lakes; The Lancashire Coast; Holidays by LMS; The West of England; The Midlands; London and Eastern England; Southern England; Island Holidays.


  • Set of Pamphlets of photographs: London and Southern Counties; The Midland Counties and Isle of Man; Somerset, Dorset and Channel Islands (2 editions); Glorious Devon.(2 editions); The Cornish Riviera. (2 editions); North Wales. (2 editions); South Wales and Monmouthshire. (2 editions); Wales.

Copies of:

  • Tourists Map of the London and North Eastern Railway and its connexions England, 1939. (2 copies);
  • Great Western Railway, map, in brown envelope with advertisements;
  • How to see London. Winter 1936-37. Thos Cook and Son, Ltd.


  • Copy of: Motor tours in Great Britain and Ireland. Thos. Cook and Son, Ltd. 1937.


  • Copy of: St.Giles, Cripplegate,London. [1930].


  • Small notebook, personal notes, lists, diagrams, etc.


  • Copy of: Rambles in Cleveland, and Peeps into the Dales, on Foot, Cycle and Rail. M.Heavisides, 3rd ed., 1909.


  • Copy of: A Pictorial and descriptive guide to London. 52nd ed. Rev. [1936].


  • Copy of: A Pictorial and descriptive guide to the English Lake District. 17th ed. [1930]

Copy of: Bartholomew's contour motoring map of the British Isles, showing the best touring roads. Cloth-backed folded map. [1930].


  • Copy of: Official guide to Whitby. 1913.


  • Copy of: Bacon's Motoring and cycling road map: Middlesbrough District. [1930].


  • Copy of: Bartholomews road map of England and Wales. Cloth-backed folded map. No.1: Scotland, Durham, Cumberland. [1930]


  • Copy of: Bartholomews road map of England and Wales. Cloth-backed folded map. No. 3: York. [1930]

Copy of: Holywell. (North Wales). "Borough" Pocket guide. No.466. [1930].


  • Copy of: Pocket atlas and guide to London. 1907.


  • Copy of: Wordsworth Country, Ullswater and Shap Wells. 1914.


  • Copy of: Middlesbrough, its history, environs and trade. 1899.


  • Copy of: A Guide to Ripon and its cathedral, Studley Royal, and Fountains Abbey. (1920?).


  • Copy of: Oban, the unrivalled highland holiday resort. [1920].


  • Copy of: The Parallel New Testament. 1882. Loose items in Bible include letter from W.H.Thom, Deputy Registrar General to Rev. C. Stretch (13.3.1959). Still registered to celebrate marriages.


  • Copy of: The Holy Bible. NY: Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1901. American Revision Committee.


  • Copy of: A Layman's guide to the Old Testament. P.S. Robinson, 1957.


  • Copy of: The Holy Bible. Variorum Reference ed. 1888. Loose items include: Order of Service C.E.M.S.;
  • Service of admission for full members (Church of England Men's Society).


  • Copy of: The Life of Christ. John Joseph Scott. 1905.


  • Copy of: The Book of Common Prayer. 1928. Loose items include clippings of prayers.


  • Copy of: The Cathedral prayer book. [1909].


  • Copy of: The Holy Bible. 1903. Notes in margins, Loose clippings in volume.


  • Copy of: The Book of Common Prayer…the Sacraments…Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England [and] Church Lessons Bible. 1911.


  • Copy of: Catholic Tales. Dorothy Leigh Sayers. 1918.


  • Copy of: The Cambridge Companion to the Bible. 1894.


  • Copy of: The Corrected English New Testament. 1905.


  • Exercise book "Various Historical notes from various sources". Includes copy of St. Paul's West Maitland NSW 70th Anniversary of the dedication of the Church, 26th September, 1858. 1858-1928.


  • Exercise book "Historical notes about Maitland and elsewhere".

Loose items include:

  • letter from L.R.Pidgeon(?) Aust. Secretary, Australian Agricultural Company, Argyle Street, Newcastle (2nd Feb. 1955) to Rev. Canon C.Stretch, Toronto re Company's Headquarters in Newcastle;
  • letter from W.G.Ingram, Church Street, Paterson, re "Brooklyn House", Paterson;
  • letter from J.K.S.Houison, Hon. Secretary, Royal Australian Historical Society, Sydney,(2nd June, 1938), to Rev. Carlos Stretch, St.Paul's Rectory, West Maitland re enquiry about the Peel River Estates;
  • letter from O.W. Gustafsen, Managing Director, Tucker & Co.Pty.Ltd., 335 Kent St. Sydney (23rd February, 1955) to Rev. Canon C.Stretch, Toronto re Series "Historical Firsts".

Exercise book cover "Motor trip 1939 – rough notes". Holds items:

  • letter from H.S.Kidner, Acting General Secretary Church Missionary Society, 109a Bathurst Street, Sydney, (17th October, 1935) to Rev. J. C.Stretch, St. Paul's Rectory, West Maitland. Thanks for contribution from the C.E.M.S. – pencilled notes on back;
  • Clippings from Dungog Chronicle & Gloucester Advertiser, Maitland Mercury, Armidale Diocesan News; about Chichester Dam; St. Peter's Cathedral, Armidale; Barrington Tops; Glenrock Lagoon; Aboriginal stone tools; Maitland Volunteers; Cobham Hall.


  • Copy of: Church of England Bible College. Printed notes. (19 sheets).


  • Exercise book "Historical notes" hand-written, indexed in back.
  • Loose items: clippings:
    • Daily Telegraph Saturday, 23rd February, 1924 p.22, notes and design by English Electric Company for Sydney Harbour Bridge (cantilever design).
    • Maitland Mercury 26.1.1949 Wed. "Paintings in caves by Aborigines" by Rene Crouch, includes Wollombi, Millfield, Congewai, Walter J. Enright, and F.J.Lynch (Edward Street, Bolwarra).;
    • Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate, Friday Nov 9, 1945 - Wangi Powerhouse Scheme; Thursday Nov 18, 19, 1945 – p.1 Aerial photo of Newcastle Harbour, Lee Wharf shipping showing aftermath of wharf labourers' strike; aerial photo of "gateway to the port" Newcastle; map of the New South Wales Railways;
  • N.R.M.A. Newcastle District Road map.
  • Letter from R.S. Johnston, Secretary, Department of Main Roads, New South Wales, (28th Jan. 1955) to Rev. Canon C. Stretch, Toronto – reply to enquiry about bridges and ferries.
  • Clipping Daily Telegraph Sept. 1, 1947, a) BHP Steelworks, Newcastle industries, b) Hawkesbury River Bridges.
  • Letter from K.R.Cramp, Hon. Sec. Royal Australian Historical Society, Bridge St., Sydney, (28th October, 1932) to Rev. Carlos Stretch, The Rectory, Merriwa – reply about John Roper, sole survivor of Dr. Leichhardt's journey 1844-5. Mentions Mr. Caprice Conigrave. Draft letter to C. Price Conigrave, Sydney re John Roper. Invitation card to Rev. Carlos Stretch and Mrs Stretch to attend the official opening of the x-ray plant at the Brentwood Hospital, Muswellbrook, 7th May 1930.


  • Copy of: The Greek Testament E Kaine Daitheke. Oxford, 1882.


  • Copy of: The Services of the church. …Church of England. Cambridge, [1910]


  • Copy of: The Holy Bible. [Oxford Facsimile series, no. 1] [1880].


  • Copy of: A History of Christ Church S.Laurence Sydney. Sydney, [1939].


  • Copy of: The Twentieth Century New Testament. Rev.ed. Lond: Horace Marshall & Son, 1904. Pieces in book include: Leaflet "Good Friday and Easter Day 1911. St. John's Church Services";
  • Sheet "Second-year Sunday School Lessons";
  • Printed slip "Meditation, After meditation, and, Examination of Conscience".


  • Copy of: The Four Gospels. Rev. J.M. Fuller. London, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1914.


  • Copy of: The Holy Bible. Oxford, U.P., [1910] (Pearl 32 mo Text). "Presented by L. Skevington, Oatley, 1.8.18" inscription on leaf.


  • Copy of: The Book of Common Prayer and administration of the sacraments. Oxford, [1900]. (Emerald 16 mo Thin). For the London Bible Warehouse. (Holy Bible, Common Prayer and Hymns Ancient and Modern.)


  • Copy of: Forms for children's service. Sanctioned by the Lord Bishop of Exeter. London, Society for promoting Christian knowledge, 1907.


  • Copy of: Daily Service Book and Hymns Ancient and Modern. Oxford, [1910]. (Emerald 16 mo India).


  • Copy of: The Book of Common Prayer with historical notes. Ed. By James Cornford. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, [1900]. (Water-stained from endpaper colour).


  • Copy of: The Church directory and almanack, 1930. London, John Hart & Co., 1930.


  • Copy of: The New Testament, a new translation. James Moffatt. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1913.


  • Copy of: The New covenant. E.E.Cunnington. London, George Routledge & Sons, Limited, 1914


  • Copy of: Teach yourself New Testament Greek. D.G. Hudson. London, E.U.P., 1960.


  • Copy of: The Four Gospels. Translated by E.V. Rieu. Melbourne, Penguin, 1952. P/b.


  • Copy of: God our contemporary. J.B. Phillips. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1960. P/b. (birthday gift signed "Margaret".)


  • Copy of: A Commentary on the Holy Bible. Ed. By J.R. Dummelow. London, Macmillan and Co., Limited, 1909. (Place Mark - advertisements, produced by J. Catherall & Co. (Printers) Ltd., Beaumont Street, Hexham, England.) Book plate "W.S. Holmes".


  • Copy of: Church teaching for church children.J.N.Newland-Smith, 1912. Includes loose in book, "scripture proofs and illustrations of the church catechism no.206" plus "Diocese of Newcastle, syllabus of lessons for the primary school, … junior school … high school " (4 booklets) and "A Guide in church, a church-goer's catechism". A.Law. 24 pp. [1910]

Copy of: Prayers for common use. London, 1902. Including loose material:

  • Application form for Diocese of Newcastle, The Ministry of Healing, filled in by Ivy Garrett, Fosterton Road, Dungog;
  • Card: combined campaign for mission, Prayer pledge;
  • Booklet: "A Novena of prayer for the Reunion of Christendom from Ascension Day to Whitsun ";
  • Leaflet: "Australian Board of Missions, Quarterly paper of the church". Suppl. To ABM Review July 1918, No.34.;
  • Card: "Australian Board of Missions, Missionary Exhibition". Prayers;
  • Card: "Combined campaign for Missions; Objectives for Prayer.";
  • Leaflet: "An office for a Communicants' Guild";
  • Page: "Litany of the Blessed Sacrament";
  • Small booklet "My duty, a communicant's manual" compiled by a committee of priests, Newcastle N.S.W. Preface by Rt. Rev. John F. Stretch DD Bishop of Newcastle, NSW, 1917 - Glued into back of the book.

Copy of A Chain of Prayer across the ages, forty centuries of prayer, 2000 B.C. - A.D. 1915. Compiled by Selina Fitzherbert Fox. London, John Murray, 1916. With loose in book:

  • "Processional Hymn" (2 copies) folded into a "pocket";
  • Bookmark: Illus. Of Christ on the Cross with short prayer "O Lamb of God that takest away the sins of the world….";
  • 1 sheet: Australian Board of Missions, "Office for the opening and closing of a missionary meeting or lantern lecture". 2pp;
  • Booklet: "An Office for New Year's Eve" A.Saunders Dyer. London, Wells Gardner, Darton and Col., [1910]. 5)
  • Folded paper: "Form of thanksgiving authorised for use throughout the Diocese of Newcastle". Copy from Gestetner machine.


  • Copy of: The Greek testament Greek text E.Kaine Diatheke Novum testamentum accedunt parallela . scripturae loca vetu capitulorum notatio canones eusebii. Oxonii, Clarendoniano, 1880. Greek text with Latin introduction. Glued-on cloth cover. "Presented to the Revd J.F. Stretch on his installation as Vicar of the Parish of Christ Church - Ballarat by T. McDermott. 16th May 1894." Later note "Given to Carlos Stretch Feb. 1906". Loose booklet in back of the volume: "The Order of Divine Service for 19 June 1949, being the First Sunday after Trinity and the day appointed for A Solemn Thanksgiving for the English Prayer Book, on the 400th anniversary of its first authorization." Melbourne, O.U.P., 1949.