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Anglican Diocese of Newcastle Archives: St John's College

Archives of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle

St. John’s Theological College, Morpeth

Compiled 1998
by Michael Sternbeck

For further information please contact the Archivist, University of Newcastle.

Morpeth House (St. Johns College), N.S.W., Australia
Chapel, St John's College, Morpeth

Borrowing Privileges for Graduates of St John's Theological College, Morpeth

By arrangement with the Diocese of Newcastle, Graduates of St John's Theological College, Morpeth,are eligible for free library borrowing privileges from the University of Newcastle, from the libraries on all campuses – Callaghan, Ourimbah and the City Precinct. The Diocese will send you a letter as evidence of your Graduate status which you should present to the Library should you wish to join.

Historic Photographs on Living Histories

We have uploaded some interesting photographs from the College archives to our Living Histories site. They include photographs of the Reverend Ernest Burgmann by the foundation stone of the College, the rugby team of 1936 and reunion dinners of 1948 and 1952. If you recognise anyone in the photographs, we would love to hear from you, so please contact us.

Historical Preamble

Saint John’s College was founded by the Right Rev’d A.V. Green (Bishop of Grafton and Armidale) in 1898: it began its life as a small cottage in Armidale as "the poor man’s college". The Bishop was the Warden and there were four students. New buildings were added by successive wardens.

In 1918 the Rev’d E.H. Burgmann was appointed Warden and St. John’s entered upon a new and exciting chapter. Up to this time, the College had belonged to Armidale Diocese, although it had accepted students from other dioceses. The new Warden proposed that the College be a training centre for New South Wales and Queensland clergy, but this was not proceeded with. The Bishop of Newcastle (the Right Rev’d R. Stephen) announced that his diocese would welcome the College: land was offered, adjoining old Bishopscourt at Morpeth, originally the home of Lieutenant Close. A charming set of buildings for the re-located College was opened in May, 1926. Various buildings have been added since then, including the College Chapel (1941).

Staff and Students
Staff and students of St John's College, 1914

Table of Contents

Reverend Ernest Burgmann by the Foundation Stone
Rev. Ernest Burgmann by the Foundation Stone, 1926



Lecturer’s notes, course outlines and supporting documentation

A8309 (i) (a-c) "Christian worship" course notes, George Garnsey (3 folders), 1984 – 1986.
A8310 (ii) Course notes &c. (Garnsey), 1981.
A8310 (iii) Course notes, Bachelor of Divinity, Theology of Pastoral Care, 1987 – 1990.
A8310 (iv) Course notes, Communication, Practical ministry, 1982 – 1991.
A8310 (v) Bachelor of Theology essays, 1985 – 1986.
A8311 (vi) Full-time students’ courses, 1986.
A8325 (i) Bachelor of Divinity, Greek New Testament I lecture notes, 1980’s.
A8325 (ii) Theology course notes, 1983.

Student essays:
A8325 (iii) Theology, ethics, evangelism, philosophy of religion, 1986.
A8325 (iv) Diploma in Ministry (Robert Grace), 1985.
A8325 (v) Co-operative reading Comprehension tests, 1974 – 1976.
A8328 (ii) Course papers, Liturgiology; articles and papers on the Prayerbook revision, 1977 – 1978.
A8328 (iii) Course book lists: Diploma in Theology, Licentiate in Theology, 1970’s – 1990’s.
A8328 (iv) Church History III, course documents, 1978.
A8328 (v) (a-i) Texts for "Liturgiology and Christian Worship" (Dr. J.M.Lee) [9 envelopes of photocopies and 4 accompanying audio cassettes], 1978.


Correspondence and other files:

A8306 (x) Finance Committee, Board of Studies, 1982 – 1989.
A8307 (i) NSW Higher Education Board, 1975 – 1984.

Australian College of Theology:

A8307 (ii) Board of Studies, minutes and papers, 1977 - 1983.
A8307 (iii) Council minutes and papers, 1981 – 1987.
A8308 (i) Correspondence, 1978 – 1990.
A8308 (v) Correspondence, 1984 – 1992.
A8308 (iv) Application for accreditation to the NSW Board of Higher Education [n.d.].
A8307 (iv) NSW Higher Education Board (statistics), 1982 – 1983.
A8307 (v) NSW H.E.B. Policy and Procedure Manual for the Accreditation and Review of Advanced Education Courses, 1986.
A8307 (vi) Report of the committee established by the Higher Education Board to review the future development of Higher Education in the Hunter Valley Region, November 1978.
A8311 (ii) External students correspondence, 1980- 81.
A8311 (iii) Addresses of students, 1979 – 1984.
A8311 (iv) Student enrolments and room allocations, 1980-1990.
A8311 (vii) "Theological Reflections" file, 1985 – 1986.
A8311 (x) Report of the Special Sub-Committee of the Board of Studies to the College Council and the Board of Studies (Part II), 1988.

Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools (ANZATS) files:

A8313 (iii) 1970 – 1989.
A8313 (iv) 1970 – 1978; 1986 – 1990.
A8313 (v) (a-b) 1986 – 1989 (Rev’d G. Garnsey).
A8313 (vi) ANZATS Conferences, 1976 – 1984.
A8316 (xxi) Admission enquiry correspondence, 1978 – 1987.
A8316 (xxii) Principal’s admission enquiries and other general correspondence, 1989.

College Handbook, correspondence:

A8319 (xi) 1977 – 1990.
A8319 (xii) 1988 – 1991.

College Library:

A8320 (ii) Correspondence file, 1963 – 1986.

Library catalogue file:

A8320 (iii) 1977.
A8320 (iv) 1971 – 1986.
A8320 (vi) Library: purchase orders and invoices, 1978 – 1988.
A8320 (vii) Library account book, 1982 –1985.
A8320 (viii) Library papers, 1990 – 1991.
A8321 (vi) Pastoral Care course file, 1963 – 1988.

Clinical Pastoral Education Course file:

A8321 (vii) 1969 – 1991.
A8321 (viii) 1986 – 1992.
A8324 (i) Board of Studies, 1976 – 1979.


A8324 (v) 1973 – 1988.
A8324 (vi) 1986 – 1987.

Rorke - Hunter Scholarships:

A8324 (vii) 1977 – 1984
A8324 (viii) 1988 – 1991
A8326 (i) Rorke-Hunter scholarship, correspondence, 1977 – 1980.
A8326 (iv) Melbourne College of Divinity, correspondence and papers, 1979 – 1982.

External Studies: correspondence, leaflets, papers:

A8326 (v) 1985 – 1987.
A8326 (vi) 1988 – 1991.
A8326 (vii) Newcastle University College: proposal for first degree course in Theology, correspondence and papers, 1964 – 1967.
A8326 (viii) Correspondence with University of Newcastle, 1979 – 1991.
A8327 (i) Sydney College of Divinity, correspondence and papers, 1975 – 1987.
A8332 (vi) St. John’s College and Theological Education, file, 1967 – 1971.

Student formation and examinations

Examinations, examination papers and results, 1975 – 1980.(Confidential).

A8306 (ii);
A8316 (i) – (vii);
A8326 (ii).
A8326 (iii) Australian College of Theology: examinations, correspondence &c., 1978 – 1992.
A8332 (viii) Catechists, file 1980 – 1983.

Theological Education Sunday, files:

A8332 (ix) 1966 – 1972.
A8332 (x) 1974 – 1987.


Principal’s papers

Correspondence and files of the Principals, pertaining to the administration of the College and other personal papers:


A8330 (i) Principal’s Reports, 1928 – 1929; 1931 – 1934.
A8330 (vi) Minutes of College Council, and correspondence, Burgmann and Robinson,1932 – 1948.
A8330 (vii) E.H. Burgmann, correspondence, 1918 – 1960.
A8330 (viii) E.H. Burgmann, T.M. Robinson, correspondence, 1928 – 1950.
A8330 (v) Correspondence and papers, 1950’s – 1980’s.
A8330 (iii) Principal’s correspondence and papers, 1957 – 1963.
A8329 (xviii) Principal’s miscellaneous papers, leaflets etc., 1926 – 1981.
A8330 (ii) St John’s College "Old Students’" Union file, 1920’s – 1970’s.
A8330 (x) Administrative papers; Roll of old students; College history (typed manuscript), 1951 – 1975.
A8322 (iv) Postulants’ Guild file, 1955 – 1974.
A8330 (ix) Rt. Rev. R.E. Davies, Very Rev’d Canon J. May, correspondence, 1961 – 1973.
A8320 (v) Use of the College Hood – correspondence file, 1963 – 1986.
A8330 (xi) College Staff: appointments and resignations, 1964 – 1970.
A8312 (i) St John’s College 75thAnniversary celebrations (May 1973) file, 1972 – 1973.
A8319 (xiv) Correspondence file, Revv. George Garnsey and John Southerden, 1979 – 1980.

Principal’s correspondence and papers:

A8309 (ii) 1979 – 1984.
A8312 (i) (a-d) 1980 – 1987.
A8314 (i) 1977 – 1987.
A8314 (ii) 1988 – 1989.
A8314 (iii) 1974 – 1985.
A8314 (iv) 1985.
A8314 (v) (a-b) 1981 – 1986.
A8315 (i) 1987.
A8315 (ii) 1988.
A8315 (iii) 1989.
A8315 (iv) January – June, 1990.
A8315 (v) July - December, 1990.
A8325 (vii) 1981 – 1984.
A8327 (iii) 1984 – 1993.
A8327 (iv) 1985 – 1988.

Donations &c. correspondence:

A8325 (viii) 1975 – 1985.
A8325 (ix) 1985 – 1988.

Applications for staff appointments (lecturer’s position):

A8319 (vi) 1981 – 1982.(Confidential)
A8319 (vii) 1985 – 1986.(Confidential)
A8319 (viii) Principal’s Staff appointments correspondence file, 1985 – 1986.(Confidential)
A8332 (vii) Staff contracts, file, 1981 – 1988.(Confidential)
A8319 (x) Guest speakers at St John’s, correspondence, 1978 – 1989.
A8330 (iv) Archbishop of Melbourne’s "Selection Committee" file, 1967.
A8306 (viii) Missiological Review, 1984.
A8308 (iii) NSW Heritage Council – restoration funding correspondence, 1981 – 1985.
A8311 (i) Copyright Agency Limited – brochure and letter, 1992.
A8311 (v) Applications file for residence during College vacations, 1980.
A8311 (xiv) Correspondence with other colleges, 1976 – 1988.

Valedictory Dinner &c. files:

A8332 (i) Correspondence to speakers etc., 1958 – 1979.
A8332 (ii) Guests, 1979.
A8332 (iii) List of guests, seating arrangements etc., 1976 – 1985.
A8332 (iv) Dinner and Service booklets, 1981 – 1993.
A8332 (xi) Outside Tenants, file, 1977 – 1989.
A6593 (ii) Dr T.M. Robinson's speech notes used in his annual addresses to Valedictees, last used in December 1953.


A8330 (xii) Papers concerning "The Red Book Case", Bathurst, 1943 – 1944.
A8330 (xiii) Morpeth Conference, 1948 "South Pacific Christianity", papers.
A8339 (xii) Articles for The Anglican, 1965 – 1968.

Conferences files:

A8331 (i) "Training for the Ministry", 1959 – 1961.
A8331 (ii) "Training for the Ministry" , 1961; "Conference on Theological Education" , 1966.
A8331 (iii) Papers from the "Consultation on problems in education and professional ministry", Moore College, Sydney, August, 1966.
A8311 (xv) Australian Board of Missions file, 1969 – 1982.

Parish Missions:

A8321 (iv) St John’s Parish, Young, 1962.
A8321 (v) Tweed Heads, 1975.
A8324 (ii) Wickham Terrace Brisbane grant proposal, 1964 – 1984.
A8306 (iii) Engagements – talks, teaching etc (George Garnsey), 1984.
A8306 (vi) Movement for the Ordination of Women, 1984 – 1986.
A8308 (ii) Diocese of Newcastle 38thSynod papers, 1975 – 1976.
A8308 (vii) Diocese of Newcastle, Synod papers &c., 1976 – 1978; 1985.
A8310 (i) Provincial Synod (Garnsey), 1984 – 1989.
A8311 (ix) Christian Conference of Asia, 1979 – 1980.
A8311 (xi) Diocesan Goals Commission: "Some comments from the Staff of St. John’s College", July, 1979.
A8313 (ii) Australian Council of Churches file (Rev’d G. Garnsey), 1980 – 1988.
A8321 (ix) The Wagga Conference for Pastoral Care Dioceses, file, 1978.
A8324 (iii) Walter and Eliza Hall Trust, 1980 – 1984.
A8324 (iv) Diocese of Newcastle Reports to Synod, St John’s College, 1976 – 1983.

College buildings and property

Files pertaining to the erection and maintenance of College buildings and grounds and to the Chapel organs:

A8306 (vii) Morpeth House Roof Appeal Fund, 1984 – 1986.
A8308 (vi) Programmed Maintenance Services Pty. Ltd. - contracts & correspondence, 1980 – 1989.
A8320 (i) "Manual" file (grounds maintenance), 1991.
A8323 (i) Organs file, 1955 – 1985.
A8323 (ii) Organ: clippings, promotional material, photos &c.. 1980’s.
A8329 (ii) Copies of letters and documents in the Diocesan Registry pertaining to the Armidale to Morpeth move, 1924.
A8329 (vii) Fabric and property maintenance file, 1953 – 1973.
A8329 (viii) Specifications for erection of Vice-Warden’s residence, 1960.
A8329 (ix) College buildings: correspondence, plans and specifications, 1955 – 1965.
A8329 (x) Architectural drawings by Ian W. Pender:
St. John’s College, Morpeth – a proposal for a Memorial Gateway, 1962.
Gateway for St. John’s College, Morpeth, 1962.
A8329 (xi) Plans and Specifications for dormitory accomodation for married students, (Storrs Terrace) St. John’s College, Morpeth, 1977.

Legal and financial papers

A8306 (ix) Financial records, building contracts, 1979 – 1982.
A8323 (v) CBC Bank deposit books, St John’s College Organ fund 1982 – 1985.
A8323 (vi) Organ Fund order book and ledger, 1982.
A8329 (i) Budget estimates, 1931 – 1934.
A8329 (iii) Administrative and legal papers, 1927 – 1935.
A8329 (iv) Declaration of Trust papers, 1926 – 1937.

Statements of Account (balance sheets):

A8329 (v) 1926 – 1939.
A8329 (vi) 1952 – 1953.

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge:

A8329 (xiii) grants file for students and deacons, 1963 – 1973.
A8329 (xiv) St John’s College, financial papers, 1955 – 1959.
A8329 (xv) Account book, 1953 – 1955.
A8329 (xvi) Balance sheets, 1927 and 1932.
A8329 (xvii) Miscellaneous financial documents, 1957 – 1963.

College Committees, bodies etc.

Files of the various Committees and groups (official and non-official) of the College:

A8306 (i) House Committee, 1976 – 1987.
A8306 (iv) Teilhard de Chardin Study Group, 1984.
A8306 (v) "With love to the World" (Bible Reading), 1983 – 1984.
A8311 (xii) Friends of St. John’s College, Morpeth: meeting minutes, agenda and papers, 1967 – 1976.
A8311 (xiii) College Meetings, agenda and papers, September, 1979.
A8317 (xv) College Meetings, minutes, 1976 – 1980.
A8319 (ix) Friends of St John’s files, 1982 – 1988.
A8319 (xiii) Sydney Friends of St John’s College Morpeth, correspondence, 1974 – 1980.
A8321 (i) Chapel Programme &c. file, 1980 – 1986.

Australian Prayer-book and Liturgical Committee file:

A8321 (ii) 1976 – 1977.
A8321 (iii) 1976 – 1978.
A8322 (v) College Programme file, 1980 – 1991.
A8323 (iii) Chapel file, 1976 – 1978.
A8325 (vi) Student Representative to College Council, 1978 – 1979.
A8327 (ii) St John’s College Students’ Union, 1974 – 1978.
A8327 (v) College Magazine, 1987.
A8330 (vi) Minutes of College Council, and correspondence, Burgmann and Robinson, 1932 – 1948.
A8332 (v) Chapel Suggestion Box, file, 1976.

"Via Crucis" [College Magazine], correspondence, papers and articles:

A8333 (i) 1962 - 1963;
A8333 (ii) 1963 - 1964;
A8333 (iii) 1965 - 1966;
A8333 (iv) 1964 - 1968;
A8333 (v) 1970.


Apart from College journals and magazines and service leaflets, there are several publications by successive Principals of the College and various other pamphlets pertaining to Anglicanism:

A8331 (iv) Saint Mark’s Review (three editions) [including the Bishop Burgmann Memorial Number, 1967]; sundry other pamphlets, 1940’s – 1970’s.

A8331 (v) Newcastle Theological Society " This Meddlesome Priest…": E.H. Burgmann during the Great Depression, Peter J. Hempenstall, n.d.

A6593 (iii) St Johns College Morpeth News Sheet, November 1954. 24 p.

Via Crucis editions:

A8333 (vi) 1955 – 1959 [2 copies]

A8333 (vii) 1960; 1962; 1964 [2 copies]; 1966; 1969 [2 copies]; 1970 [2 copies]; 1975 [2 copies]; 1981 [2 copies].

A8334 (i–xxvii) The Morpeth review – A Review of life and work published by S. John’s College, Morpeth, N.S.W., editions 1 – 12 (1927 – 1930) and 13 – 27 (1930 – 1934).

A8334 (xxviii) The Morpeth Papers – being papers read at the Bishop of Newcastle’s Conference on Theological Education, Morpeth, February 1960.

A8334 (xxix) (a-c) Religion in the Life of the Nation – 4 lectures by E.H. Burgmann [3 copies], 1929

A8334 (xxx) (a-b) George Merrick Long a Memoir by the Dean of Newcastle (The Very Reverend W.H. Johnson) [2 copies], 1930.

A8334 (xxxi) (a-b) Communism and Christianity, four lectures: Communism and the Bible; Utopias from Plato to William Lane; Marxism; Bolshevism and Religion, G.V. Portus [2 copies], 1931.

A8334 (xxxii) Donne’s Influence in English Literature, by R.C. Bald, 1932.

A8334 (xxxiii) (a-c) Liturgica, being a brief review of some liturgical customs current in the Church of England by T.M. Robinson [3 copies], 1945.

A8334 (xxxiv) (a-c) Factors in the making of the Christian Religion, by E.H. Burgmann [3 copies] n.d.

A8334 (xxxv) Justice for all – the case for unemployed and the under-employed, E.H. Burgmann, 1933.

A8334 (xxxvi) The opportunity of the Church of England, E. H. Burgmann, n.d.

A8335 (i) "Cheplahgan" College Magazine (Armidale), six editions, 1921 – 1926.

A8335 (ii) St. John’s College Morpeth (reprint of an article in the Journal of the Church of England Historical Society by Eric Griffith), 1967 [4 copies].

A8335 (iii) In memoriam [memoir of E.C. Close] with covering letter from Gertrude Dickson, 1955.

A8335 (iv)

  • Morpeth Newsletter, editions 1 – 4; 8, 1970 – 1973;
  • Morpeth Review, 1984;
  • sundry papers (Valedictory dinners, Open Days etc.), 1965 – 1968.

A8335 (v) 1865 and all this, Rex Davis and John Stowell [fictional interview with William Tyrrell] n.d.

A8335 (vi) Pamphlets:

  • Holy Matrimony, Canon Maynard, n.d.
  • Marriage and Sex – the Church’s Task, the Bishop of Armidale, n.d.
  • Understanding the Australian Aborigine, A.P. Elkin, 1931.
  • Revolutionary Communism, G.V. Portus, n.d.

A8335 (vii)

  • The Education of an Australian, E.H. Burgmann, 1944.
  • Many Creeds, One Cross, Christopher Storrs, 1943.

A8335 (ix) The Regeneration of Civilization E.H. Burgmann, 1942 [3 copies].

A8335 (x)

  • William Tyrrell, Francis de Witt Batty, 1947;
  • What the Church of England has done for N.S.W., the Venerable F.B. Boyce, 1926;
  • Bishopscourt, Armidale, n.d. Australian Youth – its Mission and task, Rev. R.S. Lee, 1937;
  • Theology and Theological Study, Gabriel Herbert, 1955.

A8335 (xi) Miscellaneous pamphlets and publications:

  • The Johannine, 1982.
  • St. John’s College, Armidale – Morpeth Jubilee Book, 1898 – 1948, 1948.
  • St. John’s College Magazine, vol. 1, 1937.
  • St. John College, Morpeth, N.S.W., [1959?].
  • Freshers Concert, 7thMay, 1947.
  • Ordination Card, Harley Ronald Lockley, 1984.
  • St. John’s College, Morpeth – Opening of the New Library and Enlarged Buildings, Saturday, 12thApril, 1958.
  • Plan and description, St. John’s College, Morpeth, 1927.
  • Service of Dedication of the new buildings of St John’s College, Morpeth, 6thMay, 1926, 1926.
  • Notes on famous Churches and Abbeys: the Church of St. Mary Barfreston, Robert Harold Goodsall, n.d.

A8335 (xii) Prospectuses and other publications:

  • University of Newcastle, 1982 Annual Report and Calendar, 1983.
  • The Anglican Diocese of Rockhampton, Year Book, 1990.
  • St. John’s College, Morpeth, External Studies Prospectus, 1984, 1985 and 1986.
  • St. John’s College Morpeth, Handbook, 1988 and 1990.
  • St. John’s College Morpeth N.S.W., Weekends and Week Intensive Programs Handbook, August, 1990.
  • St. John’s College, Morpeth NSW, Certificate in Theology (TH.C), Handbook, July, 1990.

A8335 (xiii) Miscellaneous pamphlets and publications:

  • A Centre of Spirituality, 1975.
  • St. John’s College Morpeth 1963 [list of ordainees and students].
  • The Anglican Way, being the text of four addresses given during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations at S. John’s Theological College, Morpeth, 1959.
  • Shepherds in New Country, Bishops in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, 1837 – 1993, Bill Wright.
  • A Selection of Community Songs, compiled and printed at the S. John’s College Press, Morpeth, N.S.W. Reunion 1929, for private distribution.

A8335 (xv) The Later Poems of Gilbert White, M.A., D.D. (monograph), 1930.

A8335 (xvi) Newcastle College of Advanced Education, Diploma in Religious Ministry, 1980.

Service booklets &c.

A8336 (i) Service booklets &c., 1948 – 1978.
A8336 (ii) Service leaflets, 1980’s.
A8336 (iii) Order of Service leaflets, 1947 – 1977.
A8336 (iv) College Reunion leaflets; Old Students’ Union brochures; manuscript notes "Initiation" 1920’s – 1959.
A8336 (v) College Handbooks, prospectuses, student information &c., 1960’s – 1982.
A8336 (vi) Orders of Service: Lecturers’ and Principal’s Installations, 1980 – 1987.
A8323 (iv) Service books for Chapel, 1979-1980.
A8335 (xiv) Service booklet, College Chapel Golden Jubilee, 1991.
A8342 (iv) Maitland ’71 – Hub of the Hunter - Supplement to the Maitland Mercury, Thursday, 8th July, 1971.

B14767 The Order for the Administration of Holy Communion with the Collects, Epistles and Gospels to be used throughout the year, according to the use of the Church of England, O.U.P. [n.d.].

B14768 Brotherhood of the Holy Trinity, Jerry’s Plains, June 1863 (bound MS volume).

A6593 (ix) Copy of: A Manual of Plainsong for Divine Service containing the Canticles Noted, The Psalter Noted to Gregorian Tones together with the Litany and Responses. A new edition prepared by H.B. Briggs and W.H. Frere under the general superintendence of John Stainer. London: Novello & Co., 1902. Deposited by Rev’d Fr Edward Doncaster, February 2008.

[Fr. Edward Doncaster’s note: ‘This Manual of Plainsong bears the stamp of the Community of the Ascension at Goulburn N.S.W. from which Dr Robinson acquired them for use at St John’s College in Morpeth. The Community was founded in 1921 and was disbanded in 1943.’]


A8328 (i) Newspaper clippings, 1925 – 1986.
A8335 (viii) Book of Sermon notes, 1925, Rev’d Christopher Storrs.
A8338 (i) Scrapbook of photographs: old St John’s, Armidale and buildings of new College, 1920’s.
A8338 (ii) Scrapbook of photographs and texts: St John’s, 1970’s.
A8338 (xiv) Sketches of St John’s College, drawn by Rod Gallagher, 1980’s.
A8339 (ii) 2 letters from Margaret Colditz: reminiscences on Hamilton and Cathedral parishes, 1988.
A8339 (iii) artifact: block of wood with names inscribed thereon, 1962 – 1967.
A8341 (ii) Scrapbook of photographs and newspaper clippings of Australian and British Cathedrals and churches, c. 1890 – 1971
A8342 (i) Series of folio prints of British Cathedrals with architectural and historical descriptions (incomplete), c. 1900.
A8342 (ii) Scrapbook of press clippings concerning St John’s College and the Diocese of Newcastle, 1924 – 1984.
A8342 (iii) Bound scrapbook of newspaper clippings on general subjects, 1930’s.

Long-playing vinyl gramophone records:

A8342 (v) "Evensong" St. John’s College Morpeth [1950’s].
A8342 (vi) Presentation record to Dr. T.M. Robinson by St. John’s College, Morpeth, 1954.
A8342 (vii) Liturgical Music from the Chapel of St. John’s College, Morpeth [1960’s].
A8342 (viii) Music for the Youth of the Prish from the Chapel of St. John’s College, Morpeth [1960’s].
A8342 (ix) Reel-to-reel audio tape, Valedicti service (Bishop Housden) [1960’s].
A8343 Printing blocks used for College publications, 1950’s – 1970’s.


A8337 Unsorted photographs, 1920’s – 1960’s.
A8337 Parish of Singleton and Jerry’s Plains: album of negatives (personal and parochial), 1940’s.
[Stored in locker with other negatives.]

A8338 (iii) College photographs, 1940’s – 1950’s; two photographs St James’ church, Morpeth, 1920’s; List of printing blocks, 1960’s.
A8338 (iv) (a-b) Non-College portraits and family photographs etc., c. 1900 – 1930 [2 envelopes].
A8338 (v) Group photographs &c., 1920’s 1950’s.
A8338 (vi) Copy negatives, glass slides, small photographs.
A8338 (vii) St John’s College, 1970’s negatives and proof sheets.
A8338 (viii) St John’s College, Armidale, photographs, 1920’s.
A8338 (ix) Opening of College Chapel, 1941 and sundry small photographs.
A8338 (x) College buildings, 1953 (with accompanying letter from photographer).
A8338 (xi) Album of photographs concerning the Consecration of the College Chapel, 1941.
A8338 (xii) Disbound album of photographs concerning the building and opening of St John’s College, Morpeth, 1925 – 1926.
A8338 (xiii) Photograph of Jubilee Re-union Dinner, 1948.
A8338 (xv) 3 photographs, staff and students of St John’s College, 1917; 1920’s.
A8339 (i) Unidentified painting of house; miscellaneous unidentified photographs and notes, 1930’s – 1980’s.
A8339 (iv) Photograph of the Right Rev’d Arthur V. Green, Bishop of Ballarat, 1900 – 1916.
A8339 (v) Photograph of College Group, with listing of persons depicted and a letter by Ken Clements, 1927.
A8339 (vi) 2 photographs of procession at opening of St John’s College, Morpeth, 1926.

A6593 (v)Photographs 1952 –

  • Domestic and House Block;
  • House Block and Warden’s Lodge;
  • St John’s Chapel;
  • Morpeth House 13 April 1952.

Deposited by Rev’d Fr Edward Doncaster, February 2008.

A6593 (vi) Photographs 1954 – St John’s College, 1954 (all named);

  • Ted Doncaster, Bell Ringer (Photograph by Anthony Taylor) April 1954;
  • Morpeth House Crew, 1954; Lower House Block, 1954;
  • Individual Dioceses 1954; Warden and Bishop Pilcher, Holy Week 1954;
  • St John’s College Chapel, 1954; Morpeth House Students, March 1954;
  • The Group at College, 16 May 1954;
  • Morning Tea with Vice, June 1954;
  • Aerial of St John College Morpeth, 11 July 1954;
  • The Calvary Garden Wall, July 1954;
  • ‘Flip’ and ‘Flop’ Piglets, October 1954;
  • A Snake in the Grass (with cat) November 1954.

Deposited by Rev’d Fr Edward Doncaster, February 2008.

A6593 (vii) Photographs 1955 – St John College, November 1955 (all listed);

  • Installation of Bishop Christopher Storrs as Warden of St John College Morpeth 3 September 1955;
  • Procession of students at Warden’s Installation, 1955;
  • Procession of College Council, 1955;
  • St John’s College Calvary Garden and Altar, 1955;
  • The Christmas Regnans from the Altar with St John’s College Chapel, Morpeth, 19 August 1955;
  • College Chapel, Easter Day 1955; Lower House Block (all named) 1955;
  • The Perth Students, 1955;
  • Warden’s Lodge and House Block, Transfiguration, 6 August 1955;
  • Solemn Eucharist Team in Calvary Garden, Transfiguration, 6 August 1955;
  • Group, August 1955;
  • Scene of individuals walking along path, August 1955;
  • Temporary Studies, 1955;
  • Father St John, Easter Week, 1955;
  • Bishop of Newcastle Francis de Witt Batty, 18 August 1955;
  • Harry Reynolds Smyth, 1955;
  • Bishop Sherrill’s Visit to Morpeth, 22 September 1955;
  • Dr Robinson’s cat ‘Percy’ 19 August 1955;
  • The Dormitory, Chapel, Morpeth House, Calvary garden, 19 August 1955;
  • St Gregory Nyssen, Morpeth House, 13 August 1955;
  • Fr Charles Preston, 18 August 1955;
  • Doug Shield, “My Lord”, Ted Doncaster, 14 August 1955;
  • Fr St John Acting Warden, 18 August 1955;
  • The College, 19 August 1955.

Deposited by Rev’d Fr Edward DoncasterFebruary 2008.

A6593 (viii) Photographs 1956 -

  • St John College, November 1956 (all listed);
  • The Perth Students, 1956;
  • The Altar of the Passion in the Calvary Garden of St John’s College Morpeth, 1956;
  • The Right Reverend Lakdasa De Mel, Bishop of Kuranegala, Ceylon with Ted Doncaster and Dudley J. McGrath, 1956;
  • Vice warden H.R. Smyth on Deacon Spohr’s motorbike to Largs, 15 July 1956;
  • The Calvary Garden (three images), 1956;
  • Framed painting of Madonna and Child, 1956;
  • Easter day at East Maitland, 1956;
  • A. John Davies runs for shelter during the hail storm 27 October 1956;
  • Easter day 1956; Palm Sunday, 1956;
  • ‘Waistcote’ House on Parade, 1956.

Deposited by Rev’d Fr Edward DoncasterFebruary 2008.

Outsized items

A8340 (i) (a-d) 4 bound albums of photographs of English Cathedrals and Churches, c. 1906.
A8340 (ii) (a-d) 4 albums of photographs of College staff and students (arranged chronologically), 1898 – 1976.
A8341 (i) (a-f) 6 bound albums of photographs of British Cathedrals and Churches, c. 1900 – 1940’s

Students having some fun
The "Little Sisters of Mercy", 1960.