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University of Newcastle Library Guides

Digital capabilities: What's in this guide

A guide to help you with basic and more advanced digital skills for university learning

What's in this guide?

This guide contains key resources for developing the digital skills you need for your course of study.  Click on the tabs above to find tutorials and videos.

Digital capabilities at the University of Newcastle

Cover of the digital capabilities framework at UON

Let us know what you want

Is there anything more you would like us to include in this guide?  Let us know by going to our Feedback page and we will do our very best to add the resources you want.

Your digital confidence profile

This tool provides a personal, private assessment of how confident you feel about different digital tools and skills (capabilities).

Click on the image below to start your self-assessment.  You might like to revisit this tool from time to time as you learn more and become more confident with different tools and skills.  

Please note: if you would like to access any of All Aboard's resources for upskilling, make sure you go to, instead of


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Mapping digital capabilities

Academic teaching staff:

Did you know that your course already includes digital capabilities?

The library will work with you to map what already exists in your course, what can be made more visible, and whether anything is missing. 

We have created a survey tool aligned with the Digital Capabilities Framework which takes you through each different capability. You can work through the survey yourself, or contact us for help:

  • Kylie Clarkson, Manager, Teaching & Research Support:


  • Ruth Cameron, Coordinator, Digital Library Programs: