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Chicago A: Notes and Bibliography Style:  Reports

UON Library guide to Chicago A: Notes and Bibliography Style 17th edition

Research & technical reports


General Notes:

  • Corporate reports, pamphlets, brochures, and other freestanding publications are treated essentially as books.

  • Many reports are authored by organisational departments, units or agencies - if so, include them as 'corporate authors' as the first element in the reference.

  • The author and publisher should be recorded as they appeared when the document was published, whether in print or online – not amended to their current organisational title.

  • Report titles appear in italics.

  • Include report numbers (if available).

  • For print reports include only the first place of publication if more than one is listed. 

  • Include the publisher if it is different from the author.

  • Some reports may be assigned a DOI or "digital object identifier". If this is the case the DOI must be added to the reference. If no DOI is found, then the URL of the online publication site is included. Check the What are DOIs? page for more information.

Research & technical reports


The following is the general format of a reference to a research or a technical report. 

Add DOI or URL to the end of citation for documents located online.

See the general rules for research reports for more details. 


Footnote: Format and example

Note Number. Author, Report Title: Subtitle, Report number (Place of Publication: Publisher, Date of Publication), page(s) cited, DOI or URL.

1. United Nations, The Millennium Development Goals Report 2015 (New York: UN, 2015), 10, http://

2. Active Healthy Kids AustraliaPhysical Literacy: Do Our Kids Have All the Tools? (Adelaide: AHKA, 2016),


Shortened / Subsequent Footnote

Note Number.  Name of Government AgencyShortened Document Title,  page(s) cited.

3. United Nations, The Millennium Development Goals, 32.

4.  Active Healthy Kids AustraliaPhysical Literacy, 3.



Author. Report Title: Subtitle, Report number. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date of Publication. DOI or URL.

Active Healthy Kids Australia. Physical Literacy: Do Our Kids Have All the Tools? Adelaide: AHKA, 2016.

United Nations. The Millennium Development Goals Report 2015. New York: UN, 2015. http://

Government reports


For government reports and documents see the page for government documents.

White papers


A white paper is a short document or report by a government agency, corporation, or organisation that presents their philosophy, position, or policy on a particular issue. These documents are usually found via their website (or Google search).

White papers follow a similar format to a research report or a government document if produced by a government agency.