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EndNote 21:  Reference styles

Manage your references and create in-text citations and reference list

Choose an output style

Select a Reference (output) Style

Output styles change the way that your references will look in your bibliography. See the UON Library referencing guide for more information about referencing styles.

EndNote comes pre-loaded with many of the most popular styles including APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA and Vancouver, as well as a number of styles for specific journals. You can also get more styles from the EndNote styles download site.

Check out the Selecting output styles' section of the UON Introduction to EndNote 21 guide for detailed instructions on selecting a style and downloading additional styles.

Additional output styles

Listed below are some additional styles which are not pre-loaded in EndNote - you may need to download these if you want to use them:


Download instructions for additional output styles

To download these output styles, click the link of the style you require from the list above, then right click on the output style link and select Save Link As or Save Target As.

  • Double-click the downloaded style file - it should open in EndNote.
  • Click FileSave As.  Delete the word “copy” then click Save.

To use your new style

  • Click on the style from the Style dropdown Menu. If it is not listed in the list, click on Select Another Style on the top of the list.
  • Scroll down to find your style, highlight the style, and click Choose.

AGLC4 (Law)

Australian Guide to Legal Citation 4th ed (AGLC4)

To format your references correctly in the AGLC4 style, you will need to download and apply a modified output style.

You must download and save two separate files for the AGLC4 style to work in EndNote.

We recommend that you use the files created by UTS:

  1. ‚ÄčLegal Reference Types: this covers the Reported Cases, Legislation, Parliamentary Debates, Treaties, Books, Journal Articles, etc.
  2. AGLC4 (UTS) style: this allows you to correctly format references and use them in Word.

To install the files please follow the instructions on the UTS Install the AGLC style page.

Once you have installed the Legal Reference Types, downloaded the AGLC Reference Style, and selected AGLC4 (UTS) as your Output Style, you will be ready to use EndNote to format your references in the AGLC4 style.

Note:  When you have added all your references to your bibliography you must divide your bibliography into the following categories:

A. Articles/Books/Reports
B. Cases
C. Legislation
D. Treaties
E. Others

Further information can be found on the UTS page of EndNote for Law: Referencing with EndNote using AGLC 4th edition.

Australian Journal of Political Science

Australian Journal of Political Science UON

This is the suggested output style to use for the Australian Journal of Political Science referencing at the University of Newcastle.ce

Harvard UON

Harvard UON

This is the suggested output style to use for Harvard referencing at the University of Newcastle. This style has been included in EndNote 21 and EndNote 20 and only needs to be downloaded as an additional style for older versions.

UON Chicago 16th History

UON Chicago 16th History


This is the suggested output style to use for the Chicago 16th History referencing at the University of Newcastle.c

UON Vancouver Styles with DOI or in Superscripts

UON Vancouver Styles with DOI or in Superscripts