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EndNote 21:  Grouping

Manage your references and create in-text citations and reference list

Grouping records

Grouping Records

You may organise your Library by storing records into Groups. Multiple groups can appear within a Group Set. An individual record can be linked to multiple groups. Groups, smart groups, or group sets can be created as needed. 

To create a new group:
  • Right click on My Groups in the Groups Panel, then select Create Group.
  • Type a name for the group, then press Enter.
  • Add records to a group by highlighting the record/s in the Library Window then drag to the group. Groups will be listed alphabetically.


To create a new group from a combination of groups:

You can create a new group from other groups using the Boolean Operators (And, Or, Not).

  • Right click on My Groups in the Groups Panel, then select Create from Groups
  • Name the combined group in Group Name box
  • Choose the appropriate Boolean Operator and select the groups from the drop down lists, then click Create.


To create a Group Set:
  • Right click on My Groups, then select Create Group Set. Type the name of the group set, then press <Enter>.
  • You can add individual groups to the Group Set, either by creating a new group (following the directions above), or moving an existing group to the new group set (click on the group name then drag and drop to the Group Set).

Smart Groups

Smart groups use search criteria to dynamically update groups as existing records are edited or new records are added to the Library. Once a smart group is created it works in the background, automatically adding new records that match the smart group's criteria.


To create a Smart Group:
  • Right click on My Groups in the Groups Panel, then select Create Smart Group. The Smart Group Window  will appear.
  • Name the group in the Smart Group Name box.
  • Enter the terms you want to identify for inclusion in your smart group, and select the field within which EndNote will search for each term. 
  • Choose the appropriate Boolean Operator (AND, OR, NOT), then click Create.