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EndNote 21:  Tagging

Manage your references and create in-text citations and reference list

Tagging records

Tagging Records

Tagging, a new feature in EndNote 21, provides an extra option to organise your Library and records. You can add tags to references and customize the colour and name of the tags. You can add multiple tags to a reference and add multiple references to a tag. You can create, edit, and delete a tag as needed. 

How to create a new tag and add records to it:
  • Click on the + sign next to My Tags in the Groups Panel to bring up the Create Tag box.
  • Type a name for the Tag, and select a colour, then press the Create Tag button.
  • Tags will be listed alphabetically.
  • Add records to a tag group by highlighting the records in the Library Window then drag to the Tag group.

How to create a new tag and add records to it


How to add new tags to a record:
  • Click to select the reference in the Library Window
  • Click the Edit tab from the top of the right-hand panel, then click the Manage Tags button
  • In the Manage Tags window, type in the tag to see if it is already available. If not, click the Create Tag button
  • In the Create Tag box, name the tag and select a colour, then click Create Tag 
  • The new tag will be created and added to your record. 

How to add a tag to a record