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EndNote 21:  Searching and Sorting

Manage your references and create in-text citations and reference list

Searching and sorting records

Searching and Sorting Records

As your library grows in size, using the sort and search tools will make it quicker and easier to locate the records you want to use.


To sort records, click on any of the column headings. For example, clicking on the Title column heading, records will be sorted A-Z by title. Click on the Title column heading again, records will be sorted Z-A.

Sorting the records in the library


To search a library, either use the Simple Search box, or the Advanced Search Panel for a more thorough search.

  1. Select to search: you can search within the whole library, a specific group, or a specific tag
  2. Enter the search terms and run the search
  3. The search results will display under the search box

Searching the library