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EndNote 21:  Duplicates

Manage your references and create in-text citations and reference list

Duplicate checking

Duplicate Checking

EndNote identifies a record as a duplicate if two or more records are assigned the same reference type (such as Journal Article), and include the same information in the Author, Year and Title fields

To identify and delete duplicate records:

  • Select Library | Find Duplicates. 
    EndNote will display a Find Duplicates window, differences between records will be highlighted in blue.
  • For each set of duplicates the original (first entered) record will always appear in the left column.
  • Click Keep this Record for the version required.

Note: If you have cited records from this Library in a Word document, check to ensure you are not deleting the version of the record you have cited.

It is important to follow up this automatic checking process with a manual check for duplicates. The easiest way to do this is to re-sort your Library Window alphabetically by title (click the Title column heading), then visually scan, identify and delete duplicate records.