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Researcher Identifiers, Profiles and Social Networks: Web of Science Researcher Profile

What is a Web of Science Researcher Profile?

A Web of Science Researcher profile allows you to create a profile where you can showcase, manage and promote your scholarly publications. Your Web of Science ResearcherID integrates into the Web of Science Researcher Profile and allows you to manage your publications, track citation counts, calculate your h-index and manage your Web of Science record. You can add publications that are indexed by Web of Science or import them from another source.  

Why create a Web of Science Researcher Profile?

Creating and claiming your author record in your Web of Science Researcher Profile will ensure that you do not have duplicate records across Web of Science. Ensuring you have one up to date Web of Science ResearcherID allows your citation and metric counts to be accurate and not spread across multiple IDs. It also makes it easier to connect Web of Science to NURO and ORCID and will help identify your publications. 

A Web of Science Researcher Profile allows you to: 

  • Create a personalised profile that includes Web of Science publications but also allows you to import a publication list from outside Web of Science. 

  • Showcase your work as an author, peer reviewer and editor.

  • Track the citation metrics for your publications indexed in Web of Science Core Collection, and 

  • Make it easier for others to find your body of work and identify you as a potential collaborator. 

Visit About Web of Science Researcher Profiles for more information. 

How to Researcher Profile

  1. You can access your Profile Settings by selecting the Profile icon via the sidebar navigation.
  2. Select Edit 'My researcher profile'. Your profile settings consist of three tabs: Edit Profile, Peer Review Preferences and ORCID Syncing.

  1. Click on the '+Add Publications' button on the top of your 'My publication records' page. You can also navigate using the sidebar navigation via Profile>My Records>+ADD Publications.
  2. You will then see four options to add more publications to your profile. Suggested publications uses your Web of Science ResearcherID, email and name to suggest publications that could belong to you. Identifier Import allows you manually add publications. File upload allows you to import publications by uploading an exported file in .RIS, CSV or BibTeX format. Sync with ORCID allows you to add publications you have added to your ORCID profile.