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Researcher Identifiers, Profiles and Social Networks: Researcher Profiles

What is a Researcher Profile?

A researcher profile lists a researchers publications, academic and work history.

By increasing your online profiles and engagement, you are enabling other researchers or collaborators to find you and see your achievements. This can also have a positive effect on the impact you make as a researcher. By keeping your profiles accurate and up-to-date you have the best chance of wide-spread impact with other researchers in your field of research. 

This section provides suggestions of profiles you can use to make your research discoverable by a wide audience.
Tools in this sections include:


Research Liaison Librarians

Each school has a dedicated Research Liaison Librarian who can offer a number of specialist research services and resources.

Contact us to discuss your research needs. 


Changes to Mendely Profiles

Mendeley has undergone some changes and is now concentrating on providing, reference management, research data and citation solutions.  Therefore various features of Mendeley including Mendeley Profiles have been retired.  
For users of Mendely Profiles, see the Mendeley post under 'I use Mendely Profiles, what do I need to know?' for more information.