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Researcher Identifiers, Profiles and Social Networks: ResearchGate

What is ResearchGate?

ResearchGate is a free professional network for scientists and researchers in disciplines including (but not limited to) biology, medicine, physics and chemistry. It allows you create a profile to share your credentials, biography and your research outputs and publications. The platform helps to make your own research visible to a global network of researchers. You can then connect and follow colleagues, co-authors and specialists in your field of research to keep up-to-date with the latest information on their projects and research outputs. 

Why use ResearchGate?

  • You can ask research-related questions and get advice from experts in your field of research. 

  • You can access publications and research outputs from other researchers. 

  • You can share draft versions (preprints) of your research output to receive feedback before publication. 

  • You can share published work to your profile (always check your publishers copyright preferences and your publisher agreement/copyright transfer agreement to ensure you are allowed to share that particular version online). 

  • You can get metrics on your research outputs and find out who has been reading and citing your work. 

  • You can explore the latest job opportunities matched to your profile. 

How to ResearchGate

Think before use

Before uploading research to ResearchGate you need to consider the following: 

  • Be aware of any confidentiality, copyright or security issues associated with uploading your publication to ResearchGate 

  • Publishers may have limitations on what you can share on particular platforms. ResearchGate is a commercial social networking site and is NOT an institutional repository so you will need to look for your publishers’ guidelines in relation to uploading papers to these sites 

  • Commercial sites like ResearchGate are also subject to ‘take down’ notices from publishers. 

  • ARC and NHMRC advise against relying on the use of commercial, social media platforms such as ResearchGate as a way for meeting open access compliance requirements. Visit the open access policy requirements from ARC and NHMRC for more information. 

  1. Visit ResearchGate and select ‘Join for free’.
  2. Once your account is created complete your profile to start connecting with other researchers. Some tips on creating your profile:
    • Add a profile photo to receive more views.
    • Add your skills and expertise so other researchers or potential new employers can find you easily.
    • Add your institution so you can connect with researchers you know.
      • Your Home page is where you can search for the latest research and receive updates relating to your network.
      • The Q & A page is where you can ask research-related questions and have them answered by experts in your field.