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Researcher Identifiers, Profiles and Social Networks: NURO

What is NURO?

NURO (Newcastle University Research Outputs) is the University of Newcastle research publications and outputs management system. All current University staff and Higher Degree Research students have a NURO account.

New users should check their search settings using the NURO guide and adjust if necessary. 

NURO automatically searches the databases at regular intervals, or after you change your search settings.  When the system finds new publications, it will either claim them automatically (based on your ORCID, Scopus Author Identifier or ResearcherID) or alert you via email when potential new publications are found for you. Once you login to NURO and claim your publications, they will appear in your University of Newcastle web profile within 48 hours. 

Why use NURO?

  • NURO updates your University of Newcastle Researcher web profile, promoting areas of expertise and increasing your online visibility.

  • Publications in NURO are automatically gathered from online databases, including Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed and Europe PubMed Central.

  • Publications not located from databses can be manually entered into the system by researchers.

  • Publications data from NURO is used for internal and external reporting including the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA). 

  • You can export publication/output lists for CVs, grant and promotion applications. 

How to use NURO

Access the NURO guide to find out how to:

  • Add your publications to NURO (pages 6 & 12) 
  • Link your ORCID ID to NURO (page 7) 
  • Link your ScopusID to NURO (page 8) 


NURO-ORCID 'Write' Integration

The NURO - ORCID Write Integration provides University of Newcastle researchers with the ability to automatically sync publication records included in NURO with their ORCID Profile. 
For advice on using this feature please contact your Research Liaison Librarian