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Researcher Identifiers, Profiles and Social Networks: Google Scholar Profile

What is a Google Scholar profile?

Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows authors to set up an individual profile.

When Google Scholar finds new citations to your publications they are automatically added to your profile and a range of metrics created. 

Please note: Google Scholar citations can be inaccurate and may cite non-academic sources. Some variation may also occur due to the inclusion of poor quality data - such as duplicate records, misspelt citations, and missing authors.

Why create a Google Scholar profile?

  • A Google Scholar profile provides an easy way for others to find your research.
  • Your list of publications can be updated automatically or can be reviewed and manually updated by you at any time.
  • Your profile can be set to ‘public’ so that it appears in Google Scholar results when your name is searched. 
  • A link to your Google Scholar profile can be added to your ORCID profile.

How to create a Google Scholar profile

  1. From the Google Scholar site select My Profile. You will be directed to create an account if you dont already have a Google account.
  2. Follow the steps to set up your Google Scholar profile.
  3. Make sure you add your affiliation information and your University email address, any keywords relating to your research, a link to your University home page and make your profile public.

  • There are range of options for adding citations of your publications to Google Scholar. See the Google Scholar page for more information.