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FeedForward comments: Paraphrasing

This guide is for use by lecturing staff, providing you with feedback comments and information sheets for your students



This material/text should not be quoted; it should be rewritten in your own words (paraphrasing). Click here for more information. 


It is not clear from your paraphrasing what the original idea was. Click here for more information


Your attempts at paraphrasing makes your writing/sentence unclear. See: Writing an effective paraphrase  

This is not really a paraphrase. This is called plagiaphrasing because you have-

  1. only substituted key words with synonyms

       b. only made minor grammar changes to the text info sheet on mechanics of paraphrasing. See: Writing an effective paraphrase


Paraphrase rather than quote here. See: Paraphrasing, summarising and quoting


Instead of using quotations in your writing, paraphrase as much as possible. Using your own words will help you better analyse the information. Just make sure you acknowledge the source. Go to: Writing an effective paraphrase

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