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FeedForward comments: Essay Construction - body paragraphs

This guide is for use by lecturing staff, providing you with feedback comments and information sheets for your students

Essay Construction - body paragraphs

Essay Construction


You have not provided enough arguments in your essay. Form each body paragraph around an argument. Go to: Planning an essay and writing body paragraphs

You have provided too many arguments in each paragraph of your essay.  See: Planning an essay and body paragraphs

This argument is unclear. The reader could misinterpret what you are trying to say. 

This argument is incoherent. It does not make sense.

This argument is contradictory or inconsistent. You have just argued against what you said in your thesis statement and/or topic sentence. 

This argument is illogical because you have not been able to make a clear, logical link between it and your conclusion.

The use of evidence is inappropriate because it is either not scholarly, not current or not relevant.

Your evidence is not consistent with the conclusion you have made. Go to: Logical paragraphs:

A paragraph should only address one idea or argument. See: How to plan an essay

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