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FeedForward comments: Use of quotes

This guide is for use by lecturing staff, providing you with feedback comments and information sheets for your students

Use of quotes

Use of quotes

This direct quote is too long. Summarise the information in your own words and remember to reference the author. Click here for more information.

You need to place quotation marks around words that you repeat exactly from a source (together with a reference or footnote). See: Rules about quoting

In academic writing a direct quote is normally used because you want to use the author’s exact words. Try to keep direct quotes short. See: Rules about quoting

Quotations should only make up no more than 10% of your assignment’s word count. Summarise or paraphrase instead. Click here for more information.

This direct quote is off topic and not useful in supporting the main idea in the paragraph.

There are specific rules for using a direct quote. See: Rules about quoting

This quote should be formatted as a block quote. See: Rules about quoting

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