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FeedForward comments: Word Usage- incorrect word

This guide is for use by lecturing staff, providing you with feedback comments and information sheets for your students

Incorrect word usage

Incorrect Word

Make sure you know the meanings of the words you use. See: Commonly misused words in English

Be mindful that not every match in a thesaurus is appropriate in every context.

This is an inappropriate synonym. See: What are Synonyms?’

Please check your understanding of the meaning of this word. I suspect you meant…………………….

Remember to use the language of this course and/or discipline.

There is no need to reference the dictionary for an explanation.

Please clarify the meaning of this word with your tutor.

Identify the appropriate homophone because this word is spelt correctly, but is not correct in this context. Go to: What are homophones?

Be consistent with the choice of American or Australian English/spelling and clarify your tutor’s preference.

This is a commonly confused word. See: Commonly confused words information sheet

In this sentence the same thing has been said twice, using different words. This is called tautology. Go to: What is Tautology?

This is an incorrect word that is very close in spelling to the one you mean. See: What is a malapropism?



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