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FeedForward comments: Essay Construction - introduction

This guide is for use by lecturing staff, providing you with feedback comments and information sheets for your students

Essay Construction - introductions

Essay construction


Your introduction does not present an argument/position/point of view in relation to the topic of your essay. Go to: Essay writing

Usually, evidence is not included in the essay’s introduction. Check with your lecturer to determine the requirements of this assignment.

An introduction should include the key words in the question to make it easy to identify the essay topic/question.Go to: Analyse the question

There is too much information into your introduction. Go to: Essay writing

You have not outlined in order the topics your essay will address. Go to: Essay writing

It seems you have misinterpreted the question. Go to: Analysing the question

Your first sentence does not point out/clarify the general idea/topic of the essay. Go to: Essay writing

Your introduction is too long/too short. Usually an introduction should represent 10% of your essay. Go to: How to plan an essay

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