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Common feedback comments and what they mean: What are homophones?

This guide lists some common feedback comments and explains what they mean.

What are Homophones

Homophones are words that have the same sound (pronunciation) but different meanings and (usually) spelling.

accessary accessory

ad, add

allowed, aloud

altar, alter

ate, eight

bail, bale

bare, bear

be, bee

bean, been

berth, birth

boar, bore

board, bored

boarder, border

brake, break

buy, by, bye

caught, court

cell, sell

censer, censor, sensor

cent, scent, sent

cereal, serial

cheap, cheep

check, cheque

chord, cord

cite, sight, site

coarse, course

complement compliment

council, counsel

dear, deer

desert, dessert

dew, due

die, dye

discreet, discrete

draft, draught

fair, fare

farther, father

fir, fur

flea, flee

flour, flower

for, fore, four

foreword, forward

forth, fourth

genes, jeans

gorilla, guerilla

grate, great

hair, hare

heal, heel, he'll

hear, here

heard, herd

heroin, heroine

hoarse, horse

holey, holy, wholly

hour, our

idle, idol

it's, its

knew, new

know, no

lead, led

leak, leek

licence, license

loan, lone

made, maid

mail, male

main, mane

meat, meet

medal, meddle

meter, metre

might, mite

miner, minor, mynah

morning, mourning

naval, navel

none, nun

one, won

packed, pact

pail, pale

pain, pane

pair, pare, pear

peace, piece

peal, peel

pedal, peddle

principal, principle

profit, prophet

quarts, quartz

rain, reign, rein

raise, rays, raze

read, reed

read, red

real, reel

right, rite, wright, write

road, rode

role, roll

root, route

sale, sail

sauce, source

saw, soar, sore

scene, seen

sea, see

seam, seem

sew, so, sow

shear, sheer

sic, sick

sole, soul

some, sum

son, sun

sort, sought

stair, stare

stake, steak

stationary, stationery

steal, steel

storey, story

straight, strait

tale, tail

taught, taut, tort

team, teem

there, their, they're

threw, through

tide, tied

tire, tyre

to, too, two

vain, vane, vein

vale, veil

vial, vile

wail, wale, whale

wain, wane

waist, waste

wait, weight

waive, wave

ware, wear, where

warn, worn

weak, week

we'd, weed

weather, whether

which, witch

who's, whose