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University of Newcastle Library guides

Common feedback comments and what they mean: Capitalisation

This guide lists some common feedback comments and explains what they mean.


Using capital letters

We always capitalise the first word of every sentence.

            Tourism attracts many visitors to the area.

We also use capital letters when writing...

•    people’s names
             John Smith, Mary Brown

•    professional titles when they are used with the person’s name
            The award was presented by Professor Smith.
            [but not] The professor gave an interesting speech.

•    names of specific buildings and structures
            They visited the Australian Museum
            [but not]  They visited the museum.

•    names of specific streets
            The house is in Hunter Street
             [but not] This is a long street.

•    names of cities, states and countries
           Brisbane is the capital of Queensland.
           Wellington is the capital of New Zealand.

•    names of organisations and institutions
            She was transferred to the head office of the United Nations.
•    days of the week and  months of the year, but not the seasons
            The lecture is scheduled for Tuesday.
            They are expected to arrive in late April.
            The summer was particularly humid this year.

•    public holidays, religious days and public events
             Anzac Day, Christmas Day, Ramadan, Passover, Olympic Games, World Cup

•    words that identify nationalities and other specific groups of people
             Australians, Indigenous, Indonesians, Europeans,

•    names of religions and languages
             Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism,
             English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic

•    names of policies and acts
              Anti-discrimination Act

•    names of ships
           ‘Sarah’, ‘Queen Elizabeth II’