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Digital capabilities: Assess yourself

A guide to help you with basic and more advanced digital skills for university learning

Assessing digital capabilities

Use the Digital Capabilities Self-Assessment Tool to find out how capable you are, and how you can upskill if you need to.

The tool was built in 2021 by two Library Student Interns, Dara Tafazoli and Moosa Hassan, and aligns with the Digital Capabilities Framework. It is made up of survey questions for each capability, and your results can be saved in a downloadable file. We do not collect any data, it stays with you.

Once you have your results you can investigate LinkedIn Learning and library resources to help you to learn more about the different digital capabilities.

Have a go and find out how digitally capable you can be!

If you have any feedback please complete our feedback form, or contact the Coordinator, Digital Library Programs.

Terms of Use

This tool is owned by the University of Newcastle (excluding any linked third-party material) and is subject to copyright under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). You may use the tool for your own personal, non-commercial use, or to assist others in identifying their level of digital capability. You may link or embed this tool to enable such use, but this use does not extend to adapting, publishing, or otherwise reproducing content from the tool. If you would like to request permission to make use of the tool or its content outside of the above allowances, please contact the Coordinator, Digital Library Programs
Access to the LinkedIn Learning resources highlighted in the tool requires institutional or subscription access. The University of Newcastle provides access to LinkedIn Learning for its staff and students but is not able to extend this access to any external users of the tool.

Digital capabilities at the University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle has its own Digital Capabilities Framework, listing all of the digital capabilities you need to thrive at university and beyond. Take a look by clicking on the image below:

Cover of the digital capabilities framework at UON