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Digital capabilities: LinkedIn Learning

A guide to help you with basic and more advanced digital skills for university learning

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is now available – free! - to all staff and students at the University of Newcastle.  You don't need a LinkedIn profile to access it. 

It provides you with a way to learn from thousands of courses, delivered by real-world industry experts from around the world. Choose courses from the fields of ‘Business’, Technology’ and ‘Creativity’ as well as professional and personal development.  New courses are added every week.
You can enhance your employability and complement your university studies by learning at your own pace with courses delivered in a variety of ways, including bite-size videos for ‘learning in the moment’.

Personalise your recommendations so you can find the courses just right for you.  And while you're taking a course it's interactive – you can talk to experts, colleagues and others taking the same course.

If you do have a LinkedIn profile, you can add your certificates of completion to it easily.

Accessing and logging in to LinkedIn Learning

If you are new to LinkedIn Learning, simply go to  You have now activated the UON Enterprise License for LinkedIn Learning.

Alternatively, you can access LinkedIn Learning easily through the myUni app – also through LinkedIn (if you have a profile, but as mentioned above, not necessary) and the Library databases by title.

If you are a student and haven't used LinkedIn Learning before, click on the link below for instructions:

Student login 


Need help?

For students and staff who need help to navigate the platform and within courses, please contact Ruth Cameron (Library) at, or watch the LinkedIn Learning course on this page.

And of course for Library help - ask the Library.

For staff who want to know how to embed LinkedIn Learning content into Canvas courses, follow these instructions:

Embedding a LinkedIn Learning video – a case study 

Let’s say that you need your students to be able to use basic Excel functions for their next tutorial, and you don’t have the time to take them through it beforehand.   

  1. Search for ‘Excel’ in your LinkedIn Learning search bar 
  2. Click on ‘Microsoft Excel’ in the drop-down results 
  3. Click on ‘Level’ at the top of the page, limit to ‘Beginner’ and click ‘show results’ 
  4. Click on the course title which looks most relevant, e.g. ‘Excel Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365)’ 
  5. Scan the Contents (on the left hand side of your screen) to choose the content which is most appropriate (for example, ‘Using the Quick Access Toolbar and ribbon menu’) 
  6. Click on the ‘Share’ icon in the top right-hand corner of the course screen, and choose ‘Embed’ 
  7. Copy the embed code 
  8. Navigate to the relevant point in your course in Canvas, and click on the ‘Edit’ icon 
  9. Add a content block 
  10. Click on the ‘embed’ (cloud) icon in your Canvas editing menu 
  11. Paste the embed code and click ‘Submit’ 
  12. Hit ‘Save’ at the bottom of your screen 
  13. Watch as the video appears in the correct part of your course! 

How to use LinkedIn Learning

Your first LinkedIn Learning course is below! Watch to find out tips and tricks for using LinkedIn Learning to its full potential.  Once you complete the course you'll have a certificate of completion that can be downloaded.

Advance your skills with LinkedIn Learning from How to Use LinkedIn Learning by LinkedIn Learning Staff Instructor and Oliver Schinkten

Finding and saving content


At the left of the LinkedIn Learning home page, you will find a ‘Browse’ button. Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top of the page.   

  • ‘Browse’ takes you to the list of categories and subjects.   
  • If you type search terms (e.g. “Office 365” or “communication skills”) into the search bar, LinkedIn Learning will provide you with a list of content, which you can filter by type (course, video, learning path), content creator platform, time to complete, and/or level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). 


Save learning content by either clicking on the course you want and clicking on the bookmark icon in the top right-hand corner, or by clicking the 'Save' icon in your search results.​ 

If you find a number of courses and/or videos that you think will be useful, you can create a collection.  This is a grouping of content around a topic area, created by you, which can be shared with learners.  Learners can access the content in a non-linear fashion, using what they need at particular points in time. 

Click on ‘My Learning’ in the left hand menu on the home screen to access everything you’re learning at the moment (‘In Progress’), all of the content you have saved, any collections you might have created, and any content that has been recommended to you (‘Recommended by University of Newcastle’).