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Digital capabilities: Communicate, collaborate, create and store

A guide to help you with basic and more advanced digital skills for university learning


Click the link for official video tutorials on how to use Office 365 applications to communicate and collaborate.



Staff and Students


Zoom is a collaborative tool like Skype.  You can hold meetings or one-on-one conversations using your own device.  

For support to use Zoom for meetings, study groups, or just a chat, click on the relevant link below: 



Partners or external users

Documents and spreadsheets

Click for information for students on how to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint through Office 365, and downloading a free version of the software.

For official Microsoft tutorials on how to use Office 365 tools, click on the relevant link below:

Using Word to create, edit and collaborate on documents.

Using Excel to create spreadsheets and charts.

Using PowerPoint to create presentations.

Store files and information


Use OneDrive to store your files and information safely in the Cloud.  Click for information and instructions on using OneDrive.



Click for information and help with using SharePoint to share news and files.


Staff and HDR Students

Find further information for staff and HDR students on what tools to use, and when.