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Digital capabilities: Assignment help

A guide to help you with basic and more advanced digital skills for university learning

Study and Library Skills

You can find most of the information on this page, and additional assistance, on our Study Skills page (created by the library and Academic Learning Support).

Information research skills

Find the library's basic, intermediate and advanced tutorials on finding information, evaluating information and referencing.

Work through them at your own pace, whenever you want, as many times as you need.

Start your assignment

These pages have been put together by the library, and take you through the steps of finding information and resources for your assignments.  Click on the relevant link to find the information you need:

APA 7 tip

There is a short-cut for creating a hanging indent for an APA 7 reference list! Place your cursor within the citation in your reference list, and then hit  'Alt+T'. Sit and watch the magic happen!

Support for academic skills

Click to find support for academic skills, like independent study skills, writing, critical reading and problem solving/logical thinking.


Turnitin is the University's text matching software. This academic support tool gives students and staff the ability to submit assignments and view an originality report.

Turnitin compares papers against:

  • information on the internet
  • papers submitted to Turnitin by other students
  • proquest online journal collection databases

It doesn't match text against subscription based academic journals or textbooks unless they are already included in the Turnitin database.

It is a condition of enrolment that students accept that electronic text-matching software may be used to check their work. 

Click the link for information on submitting an assignment.