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Find statistics: Finding Statistics

Find key sources of Australian and international statistics and data.

Using statistics

Using statistics in your assignments can strengthen your argument by providing supporting evidence for your work.

To find statistics, identify who might have collected the statistics you are looking for (e.g. government departments, companies, organisations, etc) and search their web pages for relevant data and publications.

The resources in this guide will provide a great starting point to find relevant statistics by geographical location or topic.

Finding statistics - key points to remember

Tips for searching for statistics

  • Include the term 'statistics' with other keywords you are using
  • Look for Government departments responsible for collecting and reporting on statistics e.g. the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Statistics may not always be available for the data you are looking for. Why?
    • It takes time to collect and publish statistical data
    • The data may have never been collected
    • The data may be held privately and not available to the public

Where can I find statistics? 

  • Statistical data is not always easy to locate as there is no one single source for this type of information. Be prepared to use multiple sources.
  • Most statistics are published by national or state government agencies.
  • Scholarly journals, reports, websites, books, databases, magazines and newspapers provide access to a range of statistical data.

*Not all statistical data will be available to download for free.

Help and Information

Statistics software

The University supports a range of statistical software including;

JMP (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

SAS (Windows, MacOS)

SPSS (Annual cost applicable)

Visit the UON IT Software and tools support site for more information.