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Researcher Skills Toolkit

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Plan for research

This module provides an overview of the key factors to consider when planning a research project, and how the Library's services and resources can assist you.

Help and site map

Find information

This module provides an overview of how to develop a robust and comprehensive search strategy for all types of reviews that require a systematic approach to find relevant research for your topic. It covers the types of scholarly resources available and how to effectively locate, evaluate and manage search results.

  1. Develop an effective search strategy
  2. Determine the type of information
  3. Identify where to search
  4. Search and manage results
  5. Locate and evaluate
  6. Keep up-to-date

Manage data

This module considers the importance of good practice when managing research data. It documents the planning, organisation, analysis, archiving, sharing, and reusing of data via a research data lifecycle. 

  1. Plan and design
  2. Organise and manage
  3. Store and archive
  4. Share and publish
  5. Access, reuse and cite

Publish and share

Publishing and sharing research outputs is a key activity within the research lifecycle. This module provides an overview of scholarly publishing and sharing and promoting research.

Research metrics

This module will provide an overview of how to measure and visualise the impact of publications using a range of metrics and tools.