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Researcher Skills Toolkit


This module considers the importance of good practice when managing research data. It documents the planning, organisation, analysis, archiving, sharing, and reusing of data via a research data lifecycle.

After working through this module you will be able to: 

  • Understand what research data is and the common formats for data 

  • Explain the importance of good practice in managing data 

  • Recognise the unique perspectives and challenges of Indigenous research data 

  • Identify the key stages of the research data lifecycle and the activities that take place at each stage  

  • Identify University of Newcastle, government, and funder requirements in relation to research data  

  • Consider data storage, backup, security, and archival requirements 

  • Understand what open research data is, and the benefits of sharing data.

Manage data

In this video University of Newcastle researchers discuss their recommendations for best practice when managing research data.
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