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Open Research: Publishing Open Access

Reproducible Research

Reproducible research has many benefits including:

  • Ensuring documentation of how and why research was performed is recorded
  • Enabling researches to modify analysis
  • Enabling research to be reconfigured to and adapted to new projects

'9 Reproducible Research Things' developed by Griffith University Library and eReseach Services, is a checklist for researchers to help ensure research is reproducible. It outlines elements of a researcher lifecycle such as backing up, file naming conventions, security and de-identification that need to be considered during a research project.

Predatory Publishers

Predatory publishers often disguise themselves as credible publishers with fast turn arounds, quick peer reviews and offer incentives.

Look for the warning signs

  • Journal website is difficult to locate, hard to navigate, or unprofessional (spelling & grammatical errors, broken links)
  • Journal scope note is missing or vague, content of articles varies from the stated scope of the journal
  • Editorial board members are not from the discipline, or not listed at all
  • The publisher uses aggressive direct marketing
  • Promises of short peer review
  • Publishing schedule is not adhered to
  • Information on peer review & copyright missing
  • Articles in the same issue have repeat lead authors
  • A single publisher releases large number of journals at the one time
  • Emails that want to publish your thesis as an open access book and join editorial boards

For information on choosing quality journals and evaluation methods, visit Think,Check.Submit and our strategic publishing guide.

How to publish OA without paying APCs

Locate Open Access Publishers

The following resources provide you with lists of journals and books that are open access and will help you determine where to publish. 

For information on NOVA, APC discounts, read and publish agreements and University of Newcastle hosted journals, see the Open Access at Newcastle page.