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eBooks: ProQuest Ebook Central

An independent scholarly press publishing books

Proquest Ebook Central


Accessing Proquest Ebook Central books

To borrow or download an ebook you will be required to login using your standard UON log-in

i.e. the same as you would use for Blackboard, MyHub, etc.

You will then be able to access the Proquest Ebook Central title you wish to read.

  • Access ebooks by searching the Library catalogue, Library Search
  • More than one person can access an ebook at a time
  • Read Online is usually the best option.
    • After 5 minutes of browsing you may be asked to create a loan. Choose yes if prompted to do so.  If you need to continue accessing an ebook after the loan has expired, you can simply create another loan, there is no limit to the number of times you can access a Proquest Central ebook. Note these loans are not counted as part of your Library borrowing and will not be listed in MyLibrary.
  • Choosing Download 
    • From a laptop
      • you will be required to download/use Adobe Digital Editions
    • From an iOs or Android device
      •  you will be required to download Bluefire Reader
  • You have 5 minutes browsing online before you are asked to borrow. Click the Details tab to see the loan period.
  • Once you borrow the ebook you can log in from anywhere to read it online.
  • When you log in again after you have borrowed it, the duration of your loan period will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Downloading Proquest Ebook Central books

This option is only available for those ebooks the Library has purchased, and you will need to have Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader (Bluefire reader is used on MACs) installed on your computer. You can download in PDF or ePUB format.

The option to download allows you to receive the ebook content, it does not allow you to save the book

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is software designed for reading and managing eBooks in EPUB or PDF format that are protected by DRM. It is needed to download ebooks from many of our ebook collections. It is not compatible with Apple devices - see Bluefire Reader below.

  • Create an Adobe ID when prompted. An Adobe ID allows you to use protected books on multiple computers and mobile devices. You can authorise up 6 computers and devices. Authorise each of your compatible machines with your Adobe ID to access all your available books and documents. See Digital Editions Supported Devices to check compatibility. 

Bluefire Reader

Bluefire reader is available for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Android devices.

Install Bluefire Reader for Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Install Bluefire Reader for Android

When you next download a book on that device, Bluefire Reader will ask you to enter your Adobe ID. If you do not have one, you can create an Adobe ID here.

Copying Proquest Ebook Central books

Proquest Ebook Central ebooks have strict limits regarding the number of pages that can be copied

Proquest Ebook Central presents the book pages as PDF images, rather than text.

You can still copy some text, and you have two ways to do it:

  1. Simply select words on a page, and a contextual menu will pop up with five icons (copy, 3 highlighter colors, take notes); select the Copy icon on the left.
  2. You also can choose the Copy function from the upper toolbar. This copies the entire page, by default.

In both cases citations will automatically be appended to the copied text.

Printing Proquest Ebook Central books

Proquest Ebook Central ebooks have strict limits regarding the number of pages that can be printed

  • Click on the Print button at the top of the screen inside the ebook

  • Alternatively, type in the number of pages you want to print, or select the chapter. Choosing Print gives you the option to download a locked PDF of the pages selected. On the Print page you can see how many pages you are allowed to print from that ebook. The Copyright Act states 10% of the book or one chapter. You can then select to print the Current page, a range of pages, or a whole chapter.











The video below provides a quick overview and information on how to search for books in Ebook Central.

Limited User eBooks

Once you've found your book in ProQuest Ebook Central, you may see that there is a limit to the number of "copies" we can access. On the book's detail page, look for the following:

This means that only 3 users can access the book at a time. If this is the case, you should use the book as follows:

  • Using the "Read Online" function, browse the book to find the portion of the book you would like to access. 
  • Once you've located the portion of the book you need, use the "Print to PDF" function to download the portion you need as a pdf file. Save this portion to your computer. (Note, varying download allowances apply).
  • Close the browser.  This will ensure the book is still available for others to use. 

Wherever possible, try not to loan yourself the book, or download the book in its entirety. This may stop other library users from being able to access it.