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Aboriginal Dreaming of the Hunter Region: Collections Q - Z

Dreamtime Collections : Q - Z


Corroboree Around a Camp Fire
by Joseph Lycett (ca.1775-1828)

Smith, Mrs Rita


  • Photo album of Aboriginal sacred sites and location of the Darkinoong Tribe and Awabakal Clan. [c1975]


  • Folder containing newsclippings, photocopies and typed notes relating to a variety of topics including Aboriginal rock carvings, cave paintings, Aboriginal culture of the Hunter Region, place names, shields, Tasmanian Aborigines, Awabakal language, vocabulary, Pulbah Island and Australian Bicentennial Stamp issue: The First Australians: Rock Paintings. Feb 1982 - 1988.


  • Folder containing correspondence, photocopies, original colour drawing, handwritten and typed notes relating to native arms and weapons, myths and legends, plant cures, Strehlow, Percy Haslam and Aboriginal art in the Watagan Mountains and photographic collections. [1970s] - Feb 1983.


  • Historical album containing photographs, type written notes and xerox copies entitled "Early Rathmines, the A.A. Company and other places." [c1980s]


  • Folder containing correspondence, newsclippings, original colour drawings, typed notes and photocopies relating to Hunter Region Aboriginal culture, shields, tribal names and areas, trees and woods used by the Aboriginal people, Awabakal myths and legends, Percy Haslam's work and obituary. April 1981 - Aug 1987.


  • Sketchbook containing mounted photocopies and original pencil drawings relating to Aboriginal rock art, implements, weapons, bark paintings, ritual artefacts, shields, ceremonial tablets, Karinog ritual and Groote Island. Dec 1990.


  • Folder containing 3 copies of: "The Aboriginal Hunter" Supplement to The Newcastle Herald Tuesday May 11th 1993.


  • Copy of magazine article: "Discovering Australia's Amazing Secret Valley" by Ken Brass from The Australian Women's Weekly March 10th, 1982.


  • Artefact: Aboriginal Art of Australia tablecloth calendar for 1974.


  • Copy of: "Man In Australia" poster The Sunday Telegraph and Australian Geographic, 1987.


  • Copy of: "Australian Bird Migration" poster The Sunday Telegraph and Australian Geographic, Aug 1990.


  • Typed and handwritten notes, photocopies and photographs relating to Tahlee House, A.A. Company, Sir Edward Parry, Edward Moriarty, Tanilba House and Stroud. [c1980s]


  • Typewritten material and newsclippings relating to Awabakal Aboriginal myths and legends, language, culture compiled by Percy Haslam. 1964 - 1981.


  • Typed notes, newsclippings and xerox copies relating to Aboriginal artifacts in the Percy Haslam Collection, Awabakal tribe, language, songs, sayings and original inhabitants. [1980s]


  • Typed and handwritten notes, clippings and xerox copies relating to Aboriginal place names, Tasmanian Aborigines, Aboriginal history, Newcastle Aborigines, Awabakal tribe's myths, language and legends, Wannarua and Ngamba tribe. [c1900 - 1980s].


  • Copy of: Before the White Man: Aboriginal Life in Prehistoric Australia by P.J. White. [Sydney], 1974.


  • Copy of: From Earlier Fleets: Hemisphere - An Aboriginal Anthology, 1978 [Woden?], 1978.


  • Copy of: From Earlier Fleets 2 : Hemisphere - An Aboriginal Anthology, 1981 Woden, 1981.


  • Copy of: The Aborigines of New South Wales Edited by C. Haigh and W. Goldstein. Reprint from Parks & Wildlife Vol.2 No.5. Sydney, [1978-1980?]


  • Copy of: Aborigines in Australia Today. Canberra, 1981


  • Copy of: Kakadu: Our Land, Our Heritage by Lyn Allen and Chris Harris. McMahons Point, 1987.


  • Copy of: Aboriginal Australia edited by Nancy Sibtain Sydney, 1981 Together with newsclipping "Was Adam an Aussie" by David Leser, Weekend Australian, May 3-4, 1986.


  • Copy of: Australian Reminiscences and Papers of L.E.Threlkeld Missionary to the Aborigines 1824 - 1859. 2 Vols Edited by Niel Gunson. Canberra, 1974.


  • Copy of: The Aborigines by R.M. Gibbs Melbourne, 1979.


  • Copy of: Australian Aboriginal Stone Implements: Including Bone, Shell and Tooth Implements by Frederick D. McCarthy. 2nd ed rev. Sydney, 1976.


  • Copy of: Australian Aboriginal Decorative Art by Frederick D. McCarthy. 8th ed Sydney, 1974.


  • Copy of: Aboriginal Lore of the Western Plains by B. Mullins, T. Cook and J. Gerritsen. Balmain East, 1982.


  • Copy of: The Passing of the Aborigines: A Lifetime Spent Among the Natives of Australia by Daisy Bates. London, 1940.


  • Copy of: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies: List of Publications 1981/1982.


  • Copy of: Australian Aboriginal Culture. Australian National Commission for UNESCO. 2nd ed. Canberra, 1974.


  • Copy of: Stroud and the A.A.Co. Sesqui Centenary Issue. Stroud, 1970.


  • Copy of: Mutooroo: Plant Use By Australia Aboriginal People. Compiled by Glenn Leiper Illustrated by Janet Hauser. [1983]


  • Copy of: "The Port Stephen's Blacks" Recollections of William Scott. Dungog, 1982.


  • Copy of: Aborigines - Towards Dignity and Identity by Keith Cole. 2nd ed. Bendigo, 1981.


  • Copy of: Aboriginal Words of Australia. Sydney, 1969.


  • Copy of: Aboriginal Stories of Australia by A.W. Reed. Frenchs Forest, 1980.


  • Copy of: New South Wales Aboriginal Places and Euphonious Words, with their Meanings Compiled by Frederick D. McCarthy. Sydney, 1943.


  • Copy of: A Place Called Tahlee: A Short Historical Narrative Covering 150 years of the Fascinating History of Tahlee, Port Stephens. [1976]

Stretch, Canon Carlos

Canon John Carlos William Stretch was the son of the first Australian-born bishop of the Anglican Church, Bishop John Francis Stretch, who served as Bishop of Newcastle from 1906 – 1919.

Canon Stretch was educated at Trinity College, Melbourne (1905 – 1907) and St John’s College Armidale. He was ordained Dean in 1909 and Priest in 1911, obtaining his Licentiate of Theology in 1911. Apart from a couple of years as Deacon at Christ Church Adelaide, South Australia (1910-1911), he lived and served most of his time in the Hunter Region. He served as Deacon-in-Charge of West Wallsend (1909-1910) and Merriwa (1911-1912), and as Priest-in-Charge of Toronto (1916-1918) and Weston (1921), before becoming Rector of Dungog (1922-1926), Merriwa (1926-1934) and, finally, St Paul’s Maitland (1934-1953), where he spent the bulk of his career. He became Rural Dean of Maitland in 1943 until his retirement in 1953, as well as Canon of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle from1952-1953.

He was a photographer of note and loved keeping journals of his travels around the countryside in his automobile. He was also greatly interested in Aboriginal culture, especially the native languages, leaving a voluminous collection of word listings, indexes, manuscript notes, newsclippings, as well as a modest library. His correspondence reflected his interests in Aboriginal place names and fascination for the language and culture. In this regard he resembled another clergyman, the Rev L.E. Threlkeld, who, with his Aboriginal advisor, companion and friend, Biraban, recorded the words and soundings of the Awabakal language and other indigenous tongues of the Region.

Canon Stretch’s papers were donated by Mrs Helen Pankhurst, and accessioned by Mrs Josie Stevenson.

For the full listing of all his papers please visit the Canon Carlos Stretch page.


  • Newspaper Clipping relating to Aboriginal Archaeology. Experts find relics in black campsite (Newcastle Herald, 1979).


  • Index book entitled 'Aboriginal Words and Their Meanings'. Includes rough working notes by Carlos Stretch; with Roads map of NSW [c1950?];
  • Letter from W.P. Bluett dated 2nd March 1957;
  • Letter in own writing transcribed in pencil by Canon Stretch, the writer states he cannot read and writes "only by instinct";
  • Letter from H.L. White (National Librarian) dated 28th April 1955;
  • Letter from A.R.Hogg, Chief Assistant, Commonwealth Observatory, Mount Stromlo, Canberra, dated 11th March, 1955;
  • Letter from Thomas H. Halton, Shire Clerk, Lake Macquarie Shire Council, Speers Point, Boolaroo 2N, NSW dated 15th February, 1955 replying to a request on the name "Cary";
  • Reply from Ven. Archdeacon H.Gordon Begbie, St. Michael's Rectory, Wollongong dated 9th June, 1956 re Aboriginal names.


  • Typed index book titled 'Toponomy (sic): Origins and Meanings of Placenames of New South Wales', [c1940s?]


  • Letter and invoice file containing correspondence relating to Carlos Stretch's endeavors in Toponymy, 1946-1948.


  • Copy of offprint 'Aboriginal Religious Practice' by A. Capell M.A. Ph.D. from Mankind: Official Journal of the Anthropological Societies of Australia. Feb. 1950.


  • Copy of Native Legends by David Unaipon , Adelaide, [n.d.] Signed by author Sept 7, 1939


  • Ledger containing "Place names of New South Wales, their origin , meaning and locality, compiled by J.C.W.S. Also contains clippings, notes of place names, map of Sydney area of NSW ; letter from W.J.Goold, President, the Newcastle & Hunter District Historical Society, June 1,1938 (re any St. Paul's publications) ;
  • "English earl's gift to Sydney church" i.e. silver chalice to St. Marks Church Granville from Earl of Granville (1940?) ;
  • Death of Lake Pioneer Mrs. Mary Ann Phillips (nee Marks) (1950?) ;
  • Reprints from The Advocate being articles by Rev. E. Worms about a pamphlet "New deal for the aborigines", an alleged communist attack on Christian Missions, December 14, 21, 1939.


  • Copy of The Boyer Lectures, 1968 After the Dreaming: Black and White Australians - An Anthropologist's View by W.E.H. Stanner. Sydney, 1968.


  • Copy of Aboriginal myths and legends by Roland Robinson. Melbourne, 1966.


  • Copy of The Australasian Anthropological journal, March 31, 1897-August 20, 1908 (bound) Vol. 1, no. 4 - Vol. 10, no. 4. Clipping loose in book - report of aboriginal carvings found by Boy Scouts plus an article by F.D. McCarthy in N.M.H. On reverse a photo of Sister H. Towns (later Matron) of Royal Newcastle Hospital.


  • Copy of An Australian language, as spoken by the Awabakal, the people of Awaba or Lake Macquarie (near Newcastle, New South Wales) being an account of their language, traditions, and customs: by L.E.Threlkeld…edited by John Fraser. 1892.


  • Notebooks, Nos. 1-11, containing listings of aboriginal words and meanings in English, arranged alphabetically. [c1920s]


  • Notebook entitled 'New South Wales Aboriginal Place Names and Their Meanings from W.W. Thorpe's compilation and elsewhere'. [c1903]


  • Notebook with alphabetical tabs. Containing Aboriginal words listed in different dialects/languages;
  • with copy of List of New South Wales Aboriginal Place Names and Their Meanings. Compiled by W.W.Thorpe. 3rd ed. Sydney, 1940. Book includes a loose letter and pages of names, plus a blotter advertisement from Thos. Dimmock Pty Ltd, West Maitland.


  • Six notebooks, Nos. 1-6. Alphabetical listing of aboriginal words. [c1900s]


  • Notebook containing introduction to and listing of Aboriginal place names in the Hunter Valley and around Newcastle. [c1900s].


  • Folder labeled ABO33, 34, 35 containing manuscript materials of "Toponomy or Place Names of New South Wales, Their Origin, Meaning & Locality, Compiled by J.C.S.W.:
  • No. 33
  • "Toponomy or place names of New South Wales, their origin, meaning & locality, compiled by J.C.S.W. A to L." Vol. I.
  • No. 34:
    "Toponomy or Place Names of New South Wales, Their Origin, Meaning & Locality, Compiled by J.C.S.W. M-Z." Vol. 2
  • No. 35:
    File of aboriginal words and meanings. Tabs cut into the pages. Alphabetical. Also contains unused bank passbook, Bank of NSW stamped "Merriwa, NSW, 193-", utilized as a notebook for aboriginal words and meanings.


Folder containing items labeled Nos. ABO 40, 41, 42:-

  • No. 40 - envelope contains
    • clipping (12 copies) of Canon J.C.W.Stretch visiting Lismore [1964?];
    • Lists of place names from various sources in different handwriting; Letter from Sgt. 3/c A. Wellard, Police Station, Mungindi, dated 17.3.1948 re enquiries from Rev. Carlos Stretch about place names e.g. "Murgo";
    • Letter from John A. Ferguson (Justice Ferguson, 81 Glanville Rd, Roseville), Judges' Chambers, Industrial Commission, Sydney. 24.6.1948. Ferguson: Bibliography of Australia;
    • Also 6-page feature on Australian place names, "The Australian Women's weekly", May 13, 1964. Pp. 45-54.
  • No. 41 - envelope containing
    • Notes for a church service;
    • Notes on St. Paul's Church, Maitland, centenary, for an address or publication;
    • Notes for an article on the railways and telegraph centenary in Australia; Invitation (used as notepaper) when Rev. H.E. Evans showed "Life among the Walbiri: a Central Australia Tribe" - films in sound and colour, at the Department of Anthropology, University of Sydney, for the Anthropological Society of NSW;
    • Notes on "Stroud : a Tourist and Historical Mecca" by B. (Boscobel article for Newcastle Morning Herald.);
    • "In and Around Paterson", probably written for publication by Boscobel in N.M.H.);
    • Clipping "Landmark to go at Paterson", by Rona Clarke. [N.M.H.], first hotel built in Paterson to be demolished.
  • No. 42 -
    • File of correspondence relating to place names, 1948;
    • Replies from Shire Clerks from numerous towns to Rev. Carlos Stretch. Many loose notes, on paper, used envelopes, on place names as well as clippings;
    • Copy of Mankind: Official Journal of the Anthropological Societies of Australia. Vol. 3, no. 7 April, 1945. Contains articles by Professor A.P. Elkin and Mr. F.D. McCarthy on aboriginal matters;
    • Circular from Rotary Club of West Maitland, 29 January 1950. Secretary Clarry Lawson. Local men's names appear. Reverse side used as notepaper for NRMA note plus clipping from NRMA advertisement 1939;
    • Typewritten list of Wardens [wartime 1939-1945]. 5 copies. First copy has amendments and additions in pen and ink; Notes on words, meanings, derivations of place names, Aboriginal and English;
    • Letter from William A. Hoare dated 17 August 1946, to Father Stretch, asking for any history of the church at Clarence Town to be used in a booklet. The P.&C. is holding "Back to Clarence Town School" day. [Was booklet published in 1946?]. Pencil note added - May 6, 1858 it was reported that a church was being built at Clarence Town. Note on back [?] consecrated September 1858, nave, chancel, porch & vestry in early English style by E.T. Blacket, Clarence Town dates included St. Johns and Rectory;
    • Letter from [Rev.] Warwick Turvey, The Rectory, Stroud, dated 16th November 1958 to Canon [Stretch]. Invitation to preach and question about St. Barnabas, Booral. Folded with notes of the reply sent November 18;
    • Copy of NSW Motor Traffic Handbook, 1940;
    • Clipping from the Daily Telegraph dated September 6, 1964. "126 Years of History". St. Thomas' Church, Mulgoa by Rolf Boldrewood (author) stayed at Fernhill;
    • "Free sample" - fold out Bible study readings;
    • "Toponomy - List of Place Names, New South Wales A-C" [typewritten manuscript];
    • Copy of Australia. Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Newsletter. Vol. 1, no. 3. January 1964. (2 copies);
    • Copy of Mankind:
    • Official Journal of the Anthropological Societies of Australia. Vol. 6, no. 3, May 1964;
    • Letter from Dr. J.M. Maclean, Trangie to Mr. Stretch re place names. Notes attached of place names (Western NSW);
    • Letter from Ken, Kempsey NSW dated 8/10/1946. Response to request for place names in Kempsey;
    • Letter from H.H. Nicholls, Dubbo NSW dated 20/1/1948 to Rev. Carlos Stretch, noting change of address and referring to list of place names - given on to "an old hand to fix up for me…". Hopeful of returning same soon.
    • Letter from Claude, Will Riley & Son, Funeral Directors, Lismore, Coraki and Woodburn, Lismore dated 30 March 1948, to Mr John Stretch (son of Carlos). Enclosing a letter from Claude to Mr. Walter Page, Aboriginal Settlement, Woodenbong dated 19th June, 1947. Walter responded on Claude's letter giving the meaning of the place name Walla Walla, also describes flooding of in his own handwriting.
    • Letter from Canon C.W.Leavers, The Rectory, Dubbo, dated 24.12.1946 to Rev. C. Stretch, promising to send on any information he can get about aboriginal names "through a local black tracker".
    • Letter from Barwongy = Barkingi, Louth, dated March 1947, to the Editor, Western Grazier, Wilcannia offering aboriginal names.
    • Letter from Constable W.R. McLeod, Court House, Drake, dated 22nd March, Clerk of Petty Sessions, to Rev. C. Stretch. Suggested he try Kyogle Police Police Officer-in-charge as the names may be Richmond River rather than Clarence River dialect. No reason is known for the name of Drake being given when the Post Office was established.
    • Letter from Stan Henry, Albury, dated 24.2.1948, to Rev. Carlos, enclosing file of place names, which may be of assistance.
    • Letter from A.A. Howard, Albury, dated 21/10/1946 to Mr. Harrison, Albury, giving meaning of a name. "Goombargana" is aboriginal and means "big black hill".
    • Letter from R.J. Shipard, "Bona Vista", RMB 98, Walla Walla, dated 12/11/1946, to Mr. Harrison, Dean Petrie's Creek, plus attached list of place names in the Albury district. Printed letterhead of William A. Bayley, J.P., Public School, Castle Hill (crossed out and stamped "Crookwell") NSW, dated August 11, 1947. A thank you note. Printed on letter "life member of Royal Australian Historical Society; Accredited representative of Mitchell Library, Sydney NSW".
    • Typed letter from (unsigned) , "Brightfield", Bowral, NSW, dated 27.6.1946, to Rev. J.C.W.Stretch. Retired clergyman ? "Hon. Parochial etc. Historian" at Bowral. Mentions "Memories of Old Bowral" going back to 1815, and also Bishop Broughton's 1845 journal.
    • Circular The Kings School Old Boys Union, dated 30 August 1947, showing office bearers , 1947-48. 1 p. Copy of The Daily Advertiser, dated Wednesday, January 28, 1948, p.3 and p.5.
    • Articles and photographs - "100 People Living in Squalor at Leeton's Wattle Hill Settlement" by Don Hawton.
    • Letter (typewritten) from Michael Sawtell, Chairman, the Committee for Aboriginal Citizenship, Sydney, to Mr. Stretch. Responding to an aboriginal name enquiry. He mentions Dr. Arthur Capell, Linguist, and Professor Elkin. Pinned to the letter is a list of names and a clipping showing Michael Sawtell, "veteran bushman", and schemes for using water for inland Australia. Letter glued to back of a folder: from Mrs. C. Lean, "Roseleigh", Gleniffer, via Bellingen, to Rev. H.E. Hunt, Coffs Harbour, responding to a request published in the local Bellingen newspaper, about place names. Piece of a letter telling about the naming of "Thora" from "your loving Auntie Anne".


  • File labeled ABO 43-49B Folder containing exercise books and a binder file and an envelope.
  • No. 43 Envelope containing:
    • Copy of Rotary Club of Maitland, Charter No. 3501. In commemoration of Rotary's Golden Anniversary, 1905-1955, 23 February, 1955. Contains an article "Place names around the Hunter Valley" by J. Carlos W. Stretch. This copy presented to Rev. Stretch by the club, as well as Maitland identities and local history;
    • Clipping from Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate, dated Saturday, December 11, 1954, p.5. (6 copies). Article by Boscobel "District place names make fascinating study".
  • No. 44 Exercise book (orange cover) - NE and N of NSW place names and loose maps of NSW.
  • No. 45 Exercise book contains The Gospel according to St. Luke double-spaced handwritten in an aboriginal? language with pencil English language translation
  • No.46 Exercise book (green cover) contains place names in NE of NSW and locations. Partly used book. Also has a loose invitation to Parish Services, St. Luke's, Wallsend Mothering Sunday, March 24th 1963. Bishop Davies was invited.
  • No. 47 Exercise book (green cover), contains place names NE NSW. A- Z. Half-used book.
  • No. 48 Binder file contains "What's in a Name". Manuscript about people's names, derivations and meanings. Also contains copy of Constitution and By-Laws: Rotary Club of West Maitland, February 1941.
  • No. 49A I Exercise book - Duke and Duchess of Kent portraits on cover. Contains place names of NSW with meanings and origins, European and aboriginal, plus lists of place names. A - M.
  • No. 49B II Exercise book - Duke and Duchess of Kent portraits on cover. Contains place names of NSW with meanings and origins, European and aboriginal, plus lists of place names. M - Z.


  • Blue Folder labeled ABO 50, 51, 52, 53 containing:
  • No. 50 [Ledger cover used as a folder to hold correspondence about aboriginal place names and meanings.]
  • Letter from John Stretch, Lismore, dated 24.3.1964 to his father Canon Carlos Stretch. Letter from H.L. Keelan, Town Clerk, Broken Hill re place names.
  • Copy of letter from Canon Stretch to Town Clerk, Broken Hill, January [1964]. List of place names.
  • Letter from W.(William) A. Bayley, Crookwell to Rev. Carlos Stretch, East Maitland giving references to aboriginal names. 7.10.1949.
  • Letter from F.D.McCarthy, Curator of Anthropology, Australian Museum to Rev. Carlos Stretch, Toronto, replying to enquiries about aboriginal names. 31.11.1959.
  • Letter from Mrs. Marjorie Hancock, Deputy Mitchell Librarian, in reply to an enquiry about "Hue Hue", and "Kuranda". 11.3.1960. Christmas gift card for a subscription to Walkabout arranged by Margaret and six (6) others. [n.d.]
  • Letter from Rev. Russell F. Gibson, Mayfield Methodist Church to Mr. Stretch, re Cooma, referring him on to Mr. Dudley Hawkins, Cooma as a better contact. 8.6.1950. List of place names attached.
  • Letter attached from R.Dudley Hawkins, replying to Mr. Stretch. 3.7.1950. Note of a reply to, and letter from Lionel Gilbert, Public School, Wauchope about place names. 19.3.1957.
  • Pencil rough of letter to Mr. Gilbert about place names plus a list of place names and meanings, attached to a letter from L.A. Gilbert, Public School, Wauchope to Rev. Canon Carlos Stretch. 31.1.1957.
  • List of place names . Around Tibooburra…
  • List of place names. Around Menindee….
  • List of place names. Bingeebeebra…
  • List of place names in the Murray Valley of NSW.
  • List of place names. Coonamble…
  • Draft of a letter from Carlos Stretch to a family member.
  • Letter from F.D.McLeay, High School, Muswellbrook to Rev. Canon C. Stretch replying to a request for meanings of place names.
  • No. 52 [Account book used as a record of place names arranged alphabetically. Holds clippings and loose sheets with blotting papers, notes, letters received and rough drafts of letters to send]. Containing:
  • Printed list of "Aboriginal house names" from The Australian Women's Weekly December 20, 1961. pp.28, 29.
  • Clipping from The Australian HOME BEAUTIFUL, May 1956 p.53 - "Aboriginal House Names". (Mrs. W. Onus, Deepdene Vic., offers to supply names information for a search fee.)
  • Australian Aboriginal Words and Their Meanings published by Badenochs Transport, Richmond, S.A. (Removalists). Acknowledgment is made to South Australian Museum Board for approval of this compilation and the H.M. Cooper, Hon. Associate in Anthropology, S.A. Museum.
  • Letter from Fred Innes, Bookookoorara, via Tenterfield to Canon Stretch, Lismore asking for meanings of names.24.8.1964. Meanings are noted on bottom of letter.
  • Letter of W.S. Parker, Shire Clerk, Moulamein, NSW to Rev. Carlos Stretch in response to a letter published in Swan Hill Guardian asking about place names. Attached is another letter from E. Marshall to W.S. Parker with information for Rev. Carlos Stretch. 25.10.1949.
  • Public Library of New South Wales: list of works on Australia, Antarctica, and the Pacific Islands. October 1948. Leaflet "Australian Museum publications" and order form.
  • Rough draft of a letter to the Mitchell Library. Three letters from J.(James) B. Allison, Shire Librarian, Lake Macquarie Shire Public Library, Boolaroo to Rev. Canon C. Stretch. 26.4.1955, 28.4.1955, 29.4.1955 and 22.9.1955, concerning inter-library loans from the Public Library of NSW. Attached also is a letter from P.L.NSW. and the draft letter from Canon C Stretch to the Shire Librarian Boolaroo. 20.5.1955.
  • Five clippings "What's in its name?" Sydney place names. Articles signed "E. Oakes".
  • Letter from John C. Capp, "Windermere", Lochinvar to Carlos about "Dalwood" (place name) and about George Wyndham. On back of the sheet is a rough draught of a reply to John.
  • Letter (10 sheets) from Arthur F. Smith, WYNNUM, E2 to Canon Carlos Stretch telling about the Scone area, "Segenhoe", the story of White's acquisition, Dunbar's Creek, Towarri, Woomula (Woolooma), Rossgole (held by Bragg, Blunt and Tyson names), Glenbawn. He also mentions himself as a Confirmee of Bishop Stretch. 6.3.1958.
  • St. John's College Program "Patronal Pandemonium", the Freshers' review for 1951.Part I, 13 items eg. "The Vicar's Vagaries" and Part II, drama "The Pious Tragedy of Pope Boniface VIII", presented by St. John's Productions Ltd. (St. John's College, Morpeth).
  • Printed sheet. With Compliments slip of Senator the Honourable Sir Alister McMullin, K.C.M.G. President of the Senate, Parliament House, Canberra. Used for notes of addresses on the back.
  • Sketch map of Lochinvar area northern side of the New England Highway showing "Kaludah", "Windermere", "Luskintyre", "Wyndella", "Anambah", "Knockfin" on half of the back of a printed sheet "Grass conditions and pastoral outlook in NSW as at 31st December, 1956".
  • Clipping "Books on Australia". O.U.P. Melbourne. - pasted into back cover.
  • No.53 Folder of aboriginal correspondence containing:
  • Letter from Agnes Barwick, "The Hawthorns", RMB 169, Sparkes Creek, Scone, dated March 9, 1952 to Mr Stretch, about origins of place names "Sparkes" and "Kiernane".
  • Letter from Arthur Cook, St. Albans Church of England, Charlestown to "Dr." (Stretch) re the origin of "Windale". (26/3/1952). The property was owned by Mrs. E.A. Winn of Surprisetown. Her daughter, Mrs. Gore, was postmistress at Windale, and the informant.
  • List of place names in 1.Nyngan area, 2. Gilgandra area. Searl written in pencil.
  • Letter from Rob Webster, Temora to the Rev. Carlos Stretch, St. Pauls Rectory, West Maitland, (19th July, 1954) listing place names in the Ardlethan district, and seeking help in their meanings. Had written a history of Temora and was now writing a history of neighbouring Ardlethan. Note: Ans. (answered) July 26. Attached a list of place names plus their meanings. Attached a second letter (2/8/54) Attached a third letter (25/9/54). Pencil annotations have been added by Carlos Stretch.
  • List of place names Mount Bocolle, Tabrabucca… .
  • Short letter from Jack M. Haigh to "Dear Sir" giving derivation of "Doyalson". Feb (?) 1955.
  • Slip of paper with place names "Koolpinyah" etc.
  • Slip of paper with aboriginal words and meanings "Adno-artina" = large gecko….
  • Sheet of paper Warijagong (Forbes) = ants…
  • Letter from Neil Hutchison, Director of Drama and Features, Australian Broadcasting Commission, Sydney to Rev. Carlos Stretch, St. Pauls Rectory, Maitland NSW, - aboriginal names and meanings used in episode 821 of "Blue Hills". - 4th July, 1952.
  • Pencil draft of a letter of sympathy to Mrs. Campbell - incomplete.
  • Letter from F.D. McCarthy, Curator of Anthropology, The Australian Museum of Sydney to the Rev. Carlos Stretch, St. Pauls Rectory, Maitland, replying to an enquiry about Aboriginal names. Had been in Arnhem Land for nine months - 6th December, 1948. The enquiry was dated 22nd May, 1948.
  • Letter from Carlos Stretch to Mr. McCarthy (of the Australian Museum, Sydney). (22.5.1948).
  • Sheet of paper with aboriginal words and a translation, "Wallee…"
  • Letter from F.S. Colliver, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, SW6 (12th February, 1954) to Rev. Carlos Stretch, Hon. Sec. N.D.C., Jarrett Street, Toronto, NSW, replying about a word BULIMBA - magpie lark …
  • Small notebook "The Gordon memo book" contains a clipping about Rev. Carlos Stretch collecting origins and meanings of place names in the Newcastle district and a pencil quotation inside back cover "Cicero to Atticus do not obtain your slaves from Britain …." " same said of the Australian aborigine."
  • Pinned notepaper "Where are the following ?" Aboriginal place names arranged A-Y. Some meanings are given. (9 pages).
  • Three slips of paper - Gradgery…; Rivers…; Around Broken Hill.
  • Letter from Mrs. R.M.Murrell, Girvan via Stroud, to Mr Stretch, mentioning his brother Mr Cliff Stretch, Minister, whom she knew. Described The Branch of the Karuah River, where a township once stood. Slips of paper with place names. Quarrobylong… Combe - old English valley…
  • Card to invite people to Holy Communion Tinamba… (brief draught of letter written May 8, to Town Clerk at Sale, re aboriginal names in the district.
  • Draft of letter, posted Feb. 5, to Mr F.S. Colliver, c- Geology Department, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, requesting meaning of "Bulimba".
  • Envelope containing letters. Letter and list of place names around Cobar from Carlos Stretch, St. Pauls Rectory, West Maitland, dated Feb 5, 1947 to Miss Corbett [at Cobar]. Pinned to letter from [Miss] P. Corbett, Shearleys, Cobar, dated 7-7-47, to Dr. McLean, Trangie NSW in which she sends on letter from Carlos Stretch.
  • Letter from Dr. J.M. Maclean, Trangie, dated 17th October, 1951, to Mr. Stretch and attaching a letter from Andrew D. Mathews, "Maryantha", Cobar, dated 21.7.1951, addressed to Dr. Maclean and Mr. Carlos Stretch. Gives information about place names in the Cobar district. A contact person was Wal Snelson, President of Cobar Bowls Club. Slip : Taree- Dumaresque, Oxley and Mitchell Islands. (no meanings) Bendolba….wrote to W.J. Ingram, Bendolba, Delegate
  • Clipping from Newcastle Morning Herald, 2/6/1954 - obituary of Mr. A.J. Moate, b. Moate Street, Georgetown, m. Miss Elizabeth Proctor of Stockton, d. Mater Hospital, Waratah, aged 87.
  • Letter from Rev. Canon C. Stretch, Jarrett Street, Toronto NSW dated February 15, 1955 to Mr. White ("Henry V '?') Belltrees, Gundy, requesting help for meanings or origins of place names of NSW enclosing a list of place names. Note: Answered, unable to help. Numbered in pencil "32".
  • Letter to Mr. E. Bernays, Maffra, Cooma, from Carlos Stretch. Pinned to reply from E.K. Bernays, Maffra , Cooma dated 9 August 1955, to Canon Stretch, re information on place names in the Cooma district.

Blue Folder containing items labelled ABO 54,55,56,57,58,59 containing:-

  • No.54
    • Hard-covered exercise book. Lists of place names - Victoria, NSW areas - Gundagai, Yass, Cootamundra, Orange, Armidale, Bowral…Wilcannia. Also inquiries to PP Boards at Armidale, Wentworth;
    • Letter from A.J. McAndrew, Public Relations Officer, dated 31st October 1946 to Rev. C. Stretch, St Paul's Rectory, West Maitland. Folded with Carbon Copy of list of Railway stations and platforms, which would have been sent back to Mr. McAndrew;
    • Slip of paper with NSW place name "Bostobrick "- established as a timber centre 1857;
    • 3 pages pencil - names, district, origin /meaning "Goarra" S.Sutherland = a locust [NSW places.];
    • 3 pages pinned. List 1. North Coast names; 2. Around Cooma; 3. Central Coast, NSW;
    • Reprint of an article "The Aboriginals of Australia" by Archdeacon E.A. North Ash, Home Secretary of the Australian Board of Missions, [1940?];
    • Envelope containing Rotary envelope with pencil notes - place names, surnames of authors;
    • Lists of works on Australia, Antarctica and the Pacific Islands. Public Library of NSW. Country Reference Section, January 1940, and September 1941. (2 copies).
  • No. 55 - Brown envelope labelled "Armistis (sic) Day, Canberra, St.John's" containing:
    • Clippings - "A mood for today" - address to Sydney Rotary Club, Armistice Day, November 11th, 1941 - Rev. E.J.Davidson ;
    • "I vow to thee my country" ; picture + words of S. Basil; The Church Standard , April 5 - May 17, 1946. Various topics and pages;
    • Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate Tuesday April 26, 1949. Article p.4 - Anzac Day on Coalfields…Rev.D.McKinnon , and description of services;
    • Clipping [Maitland Mercury 25 April, 1949] "Anzac Day…"; The Northern Star, Saturday April 16, 1949. (Lismore NSW). p.4 "Easter Church services…Report on different denominations.
  • No. 56
    • Brown envelope, from Walkabout Magazine with special label. "Campanology". Bells change ringing. Bobs. Dodge. 56. Contains instructions for bell ringing. "Plain Bob" 3 copies. "Grandsire Doubles" (2 doubles). (St. Paul's bells, Maitland).
  • No. 57
    • Exercise Book with cover picture "Tank exercises. Australia's Defence" containing Clipping "Choosing new name for New Lambton". Kotara chosen (1950?);
    • Handwritten notes on etymology of place names- Old English onwards;
    • Draft note to Mrs. O (Victorian) re Murray Valley place names;
    • Letter from William A. Bayley, Central School, Crookwell, dated 13th September 1954, to Rev. Carlos Stretch, Toronto, asking for help for a proposed title for a book about Far South Coast of NSW.
  • No. 58
    • Folder containing: typed manuscript of "Origins and meanings of place names of New South Wales". Compiled by J.Carlos W. Stretch. Alphabetical with tabs as far as "C".
  • No. 59 - Cover of ledger containing loose material including:
    • Slips and correspondence about place names including NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. To: Copy - The High Commissioner for Pakistan, Canberra, June 8, 1951. From: The Bishop of Gippsland, Sale, Victoria 16th June 1954;
    • A.T.Latham, Secretary, Historical Society of Victoria, Broken Hill Chambers, 31 Queen Street, Melbourne, 16th May, 1951 and 5th June, 1951 ;
    • J. Ray, Town Clerk, Council Chambers, Sale, Victoria, 11th May, 1951 ;
    • Donald J. Tugby, Ethnologist, National Museum of Victoria, Russell Street, Melbourne, 14th March, 1951 ;
    • 18th June, 1951 ; 4th July, 1950. Also from Jas Jervis (not JARVIS), 5 Florence Avenue, Denistone 27th June, 1951;
    • Herbert J. Rumsey, "Vernham's Dean", 59 Adderton Road, Dundas NSW, 23RD June, 1951;
    • E.M. Vere for Postmaster, Parramatta, 14th October, 1950.;
    • R. Turner, Mayors Secretary, City Hall, Parramatta, 29th June, 1951 ;
    • Dr. J.M.Maclean, Trangie, 23rd March, 1948 ; 16th November, 1949 ; 9th September, 1949 ;
    • R.(Rob) Webster, 114 Asquith Street, Temora, 16th May, 1950, 25th March, 1950, 6th February, 1950 ;
    • Alan H. Morris, High School, Echuca, 13th October [1950] ;
    • H.C.Fenton, Chairman, Public Relations and Betterment Board, Railway Offices, Spencer Street, Melbourne, May 2, 1950, December 5, 1950 ;
    • Alan Norman, Tongala, Victoria, 8th February, 1951. Letter from Dorothy Carroll, Secretary, Linnean Society of NSW, Science Hours, Gloucester Street, Sydney 25th January, 1950. Recommends contacting Miss Cribb (Mavis Cribb), Maitland Public Library for interlibrary loans ;
    • Library regulations Linnean Society of NSW, 1st February, 1950. Letters from E.V.Clarence, Tamworth, 5th May, 1950 ; Norman C. Hewitt, Tweed Heads, 17th January, 1951 ;
    • F. Moriarty(? Signature), Yallaroi Shire Council, Warialda, 3rd June, 1949 ;
    • Joah H. Sugden, Rose Bay, Sydney, 21st September, 1949 - 6th November, 1950 ;
    • A,G, Broad, Shire Clerk, Shire Council, Moss Vale, 22nd April, 1949 ;
    • Thomas H. Webster, Shire Clerk, Shire of Burrangong, Young, NSW, 12th August, 1949.;
    • S.A.West, Auctioneer, Martin Street, Stockinbingal, 9th June, 1949 ;
    • Shire Clerk, Council Chambers, Tumbarumba, 26th August, 1949 ;
    • G.H. Thomas (?) Shire Clerk, Murrumbidgee Shire Council, Darlington Point, South-West Line, NSW, 28th April, 1949 ; M.R.Brown, Field Officer, Hunter Valley Co-operative Dairy Co.Ltd., Hexham, 8th September, 1950 ;
    • WA Bayley, Central School, Crookwell, 8th November, 1954. The King's School Magazine , May 1950 pp. 63-68 "Correspondence" from The Maurice, Wellington, NSW, place names.

Folder labelled ABO 60, 61 containing:

  • No. 60
    Papers on Australian place names, by J.S. Ryan, Dept of University Extension. Richmond-Tweed Area. University of New England. Loose letter inside book "Dear Dad, … from John". i.e. to Carlos Stretch from son John Stretch. Also letterhead paper of Carlos Stretch, Toronto, listing "Coolmaga" (North Lismore), "Coolmanga, Dunoon, Talmora, Talmo", referring to the book - p.49 etc.
  • No. 61 Containing:
    • A ledger book labelled "Place Names in Alphabetical Order, for which I am seeking meanings or origins." [in the hand of Carlos Stretch on cover]. Names are listed alphabetically in the book, with localities then notes.
    • Loose notes, pages, and sheet of blotting paper inserted in the book with 2 clippings pasted on inside back cover concerning "Nowra" and "Mollymoke". Also further listings of areas and their place names, e.g. "…around Maitland and Newcastle".
    • Clipping from a Lismore newspaper - Book Review: Kyogle by Eve Keane. "First Kyogle Settlement 12 Years After Discovery. Shire Preserves History".
    • An article with photographs. Reverse side contains an obituary of Mr. S.B.L. Gates of Lismore. Corner of envelope has 3 addresses noted, for place names Towarri, Rossgole , Glenbawn.
    • File tabs with (alphabetical order) place names, district, meaning and origin. Cover used as notepaper with list of names, animal, and eucalypts. Cover says Address…the First Session…Thirty-First Synod…Diocese of Newcastle on Tuesday, 1st June, 1954 by Francis, Bishop of Newcastle.
    • Account book cover is used to hold "Meanings and origins wanted. - JSCWS". Includes : loose blotting paper advertisement- i.e. Buzacott's, G.P. Pty Ltd.
    • List of New South Wales Aboriginal Place Names and their meanings. Compiled by W.W. Thorpe.
    • Draft of letter from Carlos Stretch to the Headmaster, Parkes High School, June 6 1947, asking for help to collect origins and meanings of place names. List of names around Parkes attached.
    • Slip with place names around Scone and Gundy, and Lismore.
    • Letter draft from Carlos Stretch, St. Pauls, West Maitland, to the Headmaster, Kyogle Intermediate High School, asking for help in finding origins and meanings of place names. List is attached.
    • List of place names around Port Macquarie. Some meanings have been written in a different hand. List of dates.
    • Alphabetical List of the Polling-Places in the Above Named State (as at the 10th October, 1955) New South Wales Sydney, Govt. Printer, 1955.
    • Blotter advertising Ever Ready Co.(Aust.) Pty. Ltd., Sydney. Slip with notes on place names.
    • Clipping "Molong means 'All rocks' " from a Molong newspaper. List of Molong aboriginal names.
    • Page from a Newcastle telephone book - list of exchanges p.1 and p.2 + directions for using automatic telephones and the manual exchanges. [195?] Half page directory information from a Sydney telephone book - listing place names. Page - charges for trunk line calls - Sydney telephone book listing places outside Sydney. (torn in halves).
    • Letter from [Mattock?], Shire Clerk, The Nambucca Shire Council, Bowraville, dated 23/1/1948, to the Rev. Carlos Stretch in response to an enquiry about place names and their meanings. On back of letter a list of Port Stephens names and Gresford names Clipping "Warrumbungle" ( the wallaby), a bright story for children. Newcastle author Harry Hodge. Angus and Robertson, 1950, 10/6.
    • Review by G.G. [NMH?] Aboriginal names - 6 pages pinned together. Handwritten by Carlos Stretch.
    • Letter on letterhead from H.H. Stevenson, Land Agent etc. Tamworth Central Chambers, 351 Peel Street, Tamworth 4N, 19th October, 1950 , to Rev Carlos Stretch, St. Pauls, Maitland. Replying to a request for origins and meanings of place names in the Tamworth area. Note on page - Barrington N.Bourke - fish die in water.
    • Letter from Geo Roberts, The Vicarage, Tambar Springs, 22nd September, 1950 to the Rev. Carlos Stretch, St. Pauls Rectory, Maitland NSW replying to a request for the origins and meanings of place names. (early ballpoint pen was used.) 4pp.
    • Letter from Elsie E. Crew, 17 Rosemary Street, Gunnedah, 25th (September) 9.1950 to the Rev. Carlos Stretch, replying to letter asking for meaning of "Mullenroo". 2 pp.
    • List of place, animal, other aboriginal names with meanings for many added. (remains of old exercise book.)
    • Memo book contains notes about names, followed by list of aboriginal names in the Hunter Valley and around Newcastle, with meanings opposite.
    • Pages from a ledger contain aboriginal names. Heading "Wonnah-ruah Tribe", and "tribe on the Bogan", and meanings for some.
    • Exercise book - front marked ABC (A), has alphabetical arrangement of place names with meanings, also animals, also Timbers. At the opposite end lists of names of various dialects (areas). Loose in book, FAO pamphlet, Feb. 1950, and a page with more names, "Thillaba = cold…"
    • Ledger [E] used for "Kamilaroi Place Names, also List of Queensland aboriginal words". - various lists. Includes clipping "Aboriginal Names of North-West" by Russell McDonagh. North Western Courier. Narrabri, Monday August 11, 1947. (2 copies).
    • "Aboriginal Names of North West" by Russell McDonagh. Clipping glued inside cover. From Gunnedah Independent Advertiser. Monday August 4, 1947. Slip of paper "Where is Warrungen = Boomerang" …
    • Letter from E.K.Lingard, News Editor, Newcastle Morning Herald, Newcastle, (21st August, 1947) to Rev. Carlos Stretch replying to request for assistance about place names, and inviting him to prepare an article for the paper.
    • Cash book labelled "Aboriginal words, various dialects, along the Murray and the Darling, the Barwon, also Wodi Wodi (Wollongong) Wiradjerie".
    • Ledger [8] used for "various dialects". Awabakal, Wiralhuri, Wangerriburra, Ngemba. Loose pages pinned in sections.

A7742 (xvii)
Blue folder labeled ABO 64, 65, 67 containing:

  • No. 64 contains typed sheets of name in alphabetical order with districts and origins. Also lists, starting 1. "Batar" = water, and 2. "Aberdare" - after a mining town in Wales.
  • No. 65 containing pages from Spurs (official organ of 2LM Radio Ranch Club, Lismore) 1953. Contains columns of "NSW Place Names" by "Wirrobullikan".
  • No. 67 Contains:
    • letter from Dr J.M. Maclean, Trangie, 17th September, 1946 to Mr. Stretch;
    • Letter from Dr. J.M. Maclean, Macquarie Hotel, Port Macquarie, 14th August, 1946, to Mr Stretch. List of reference books given;
    • Draft letter by Carlos Stretch to Dr Maclean, Sept 4. Pinned to previous two letters + list of names e.g. "Beamble"…;
    • Slips of aboriginal names and meanings written in the hand of Dr Maclean;
    • Note from Bill Goold (yrs in Rotary) [56 Dumaresq Street, Hamilton] to Mr. Stretch. Offers help in search for aboriginal place names and meanings;
    • Letter from W.J. Enright to Very Rev. Carlos Stretch - 21st August 1946, discussing meanings of aboriginal names;
    • Large envelope containing correspondence from Russell McDonagh, Gunnedah (McDonagh Pty. Ltd. Merchants) September 1947.Holds 3 letters and 2 envelopes. List of aboriginal names from Carlos Stretch to R. McDonagh + reply letter and list with some names and meanings. October 16th 1947;
    • Draft letter from Carlos Stretch to the [Sergeant of Police, Lockhart 3S] asking the meaning of "Tinamba" = (Red of White Stone) or (At Foot of the Hills) ; attached to reply from R.A. Clendenning, Sergeant of Police, Lockhart 3S. 15th June, 1955;
    • Copy of Alphabetical list of the polling-places in the abovenamed state (NSW) (as at the 3rd October, 1961.) Copy of New South Wales Aboriginal Place Names and Euphonious Words, with their Meanings, compiled by Frederick D. McCarthy. 1946. Annotated by Carlos Stretch with localities, in pen;
    • Sheets of names with meanings written in by [?] and returned to Carlos Stretch; Listings of Aboriginal names with meanings. 7 slips;
    • Lists of names - 8 slips pinned together. Names arranged a-z with meanings written in, also some localities shown;
    • Invitation card to Rev. JCW. Stretch and guest to attend the A.G.M. of the Anthropological Society of NSW, Wednesday, 5th Nov, 1947, 8p.m. Dr.A. Capell- address- "The Heart of New Guinea". [Syd, Uni.];
    • Letter from Phillip Beddoes, Shire Clerk, Talbragar Shire Council, Dubbo, 13th July, 1948. Replying to Rev C. Stretch, St Paul's Rectory, West Maitland. Unsuccessful with meanings of place names; A sheet in an unidentified hand entitled "ABORIGINAL PLACE NAMES. Mr. W.A. Bayley supplies us with the following…with meanings Bega = 'a big camping place'; What's in a Name? Surnames from the British Isles, pages 37-50 from WOMAN'S DAY with WOMAN, July 4, 1960.


  • Exercise book cover "Motor trip 1939 - rough notes". Holds items:
    • letter from H.S.Kidner, Acting General Secretary Church Missionary Society, 109a Bathurst Street, Sydney, (17th October, 1935) to Rev. J. C.Stretch, St. Paul's Rectory, West Maitland. Thanks for contribution from the C.E.M.S. - pencilled notes on back ;
    • Clippings from Dungog Chronicle & Gloucester Advertiser, Maitland Mercury, Armidale Diocesan News; about Chichester Dam ; St. Peter's Cathedral, Armidale ; Barrington Tops ; Glenrock Lagoon ; Aboriginal stone tools; Maitland Volunteers ; Cobham Hall.


  • Exercise book "Historical notes" hand-written, indexed in back. Loose items : clippings : Daily Telegraph Saturday, 23rd February, 1924 p.22, notes and design by English Electric Company for Sydney Harbour Bridge (cantilever design). Maitland Mercury 26.1.1949 Wed. "Paintings in caves by Aborigines" by Rene Crouch, includes Wollombi, Millfield, Congewai, Walter J. Enright, and F.J.Lynch (Edward Street, Bolwarra). ;
  • Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate, Friday Nov 9, 1945 - Wangi Powerhouse Scheme ;
  • Thursday Nov 18, 19, 1945 - p.1 Aerial photo of Newcastle Harbour, Lee Wharf shipping showing aftermath of wharf labourers' strike ; aerial photo of "gateway to the port" Newcastle;
  • Map of the New South Wales Railways;
  • N.R.M.A. Newcastle District Road map.
  • Letter from R.S. Johnston, Secretary, Department of Main Roads, New South Wales, (28th Jan. 1955) to Rev. Canon C.Stretch, Toronto - reply to enquiry about bridges and ferries.
  • Clipping Daily Telegraph Sept. 1, 1947, a) BHP Steelworks, Newcastle industries, b) Hawkesbury River Bridges.
  • Letter from K.R.Cramp, Hon. Sec. Royal Australian Historical Society, Bridge St., Sydney, (28th October, 1932) to Rev. Carlos Stretch, The Rectory, Merriwa - reply about John Roper, sole survivor of Dr. Leichhardt's journey 1844-5. Mentions Mr. Caprice Conigrave. Draft letter to C. Price Conigrave, Sydney re John Roper.
  • Invitation card to Rev. Carlos Stretch and Mrs Stretch to attend the official opening of the x-ray plant at the Brentwood Hospital, Muswellbrook, 7th May 1930


The Lycett Album: Drawings of Aborigines and Australian Scenery with commentary by Jeanette Hoorn. National Library of Australia, 1990. (Plates 12, 13 and 17)

An Australian Language as spoken by the Awabakal The People of Awaba or Lake Macquarie (Near Newcastle, New South Wales) being an Account of Their Language, Traditions, and Customs: by L.E. Threlkeld. Re-arranged, condensed, and edited, with an Appendix, by John Fraser, B.A., LL.D., Sydney, 1892. (Engraving of Biraban)

Australian Reminiscences & Papers of L.E.Threlkeld, Missionary to the Aborigines, 1824-1859. 2 vols, ed. Niel Gunson, Canberra, 1974.

Bernard Van Leer Foundation Action Research Project


  • Papers on pre-school centres for Aboriginal and Polynesian children, with reference to the Van Leer Centre near Taree, 1969-1971.