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Aboriginal Dreaming of the Hunter Region: Haslam Collection

Dreamtime : Collections A - H

The Percy Haslam Collection

The Percy Haslam Collection, which forms the foundation of our Aboriginal research collections, arrived in 1977 when Percy had been appointed the University of Newcastle's visiting convocation scholar in residence researching Aboriginal dreaming, history, culture and language.

He had come to the University after retiring from the Newcastle Herald, where he had worked for forty four years as its industrial and political roundsman and associate editor. In May 1984, in recognition of his wonderful work in indigenous culture and language, he was presented with the Honorary degree of Master of Arts, honoris causa. Percy Haslam died on September 17th 1987 leaving a body of work reflecting his love and passion for Aboriginal culture.

Since Percy's death, the Collection has been of enormous interest for people researching the native culture of the region. The Collection comprises his research papers, notes, photographs, books and artefacts. They are a personal record of his investigations. He spoke to many people, white and black, and recorded what he learned from them. Percy's investigations into the native languages of the region has recently inspired and spawned at least five independent researches into the native tongues of the region, meaning that there is a chance that in future we may see our native Aboriginal tongues of this region taught in schools along with english. This was one of Percy's dreams.

The collection of artefacts including many weapons has recently been placed on exhibition at the Regional Museum's Mixed Mobs display. The collection has also acted as a catalyst in allowing for the deposit of other collections to the University including the Laut Family Collection of artefacts, to be eventually housed in the new Umulliko Centre.

Aboriginal myths and legends and other material relating to the Aborigines of Eastern New South Wales [Typescripts], 1977-1979.

Xerox copy of above Pioneer reminiscences - based on the writings and reminiscences of Mr A.W.S. MacKay who died in 1957, aged 90.Typescript by Mr P.A. Haslam relating to mid - North Coast Tribal History, 1978.

Letter seal of Imperial Russian Consulate, Sydney.

Newcastle, 1938 [Typescript]

Teaching Aboriginal History as a Basic Subject in Secondary School. [A submission to the New South Wales Premier, with correspondence, June 20th 1978.] [Typescript]

Typed information on Boomerang (A5416) and the site where the Boomerang was found in the Wallanbah district near Gloucester.

Newspaper article "History preserved in Photographic Collection." from Port Macquarie News March 23rd, 1981. [Refers to Thomas Dick Collection of Photographs located at B8879.]

Xerox copy of The History of Bulga near Singleton N.S.W. from 1820 to 1921 by A.N.Feather, and a description of the last combined Bora ceremony on the family property in 1852. See also A6719A for 7 colour slides of Aboriginal cut trees from the Grahamstown Area.

Hunter District Water Board Journal, 1978 containing article "Preserving the past nature's way" by Percy Haslam.

Xerox copies of The Australasian Anthropological Journal, March 31st 1897 and April 30th, 1897.

Deflecting Shield [transferred to A5416]

Awabakal Newsletter [January? and March] 1979.

Lake Macquarie Community Gallery invitations to an exhibition "The Art of the Aboriginal People " Sept. 12th,1980.

List of weapons and artifacts [in boxes A5411-A5412]

Artwork of Aboriginal Children, exhibits supplied by the Newcastle Awabakal Culture Class conducted by the Aboriginal Co-operative Society.


Certificate of Merit, Lake Macquarie Herald Aboriginal Essay Competition, October 1975, to mark 150th Anniversary of settlement at Belmont.

Haslam Photographic Collection List of Photographs [Collection located at B8879b, B8876, B8879, B8878, B8879a, B8877].

A5411-A5412 , A5416
Aboriginal Weapons:

  1. Hand Shield (Kori-el/ Hylliman) - Hind Wood - Awabakal
  2. Woomera (Yummeri)
    - Myrtle - Awabakal
  3. Woman’s Digging Stick (Wy-Yong-Toong) - Myrtle Awabakal
  4. Combined Hunting and Fighting Club (Bun-Bula- Barn/Nulla)- Black Wattle - Awabakal and Wonarua.
  5. Gooseneck Throwing Club (Kot-ir-ra or Kyrlie) - River or Water Gum - Awabakal.
  6. Killing Stick (Barakung/ Bundi)
    - River of Water Gum - Wonarua.
  7. Hunting Boomerang (Tummara-Ta-Tetti)
    - Ring Gidgee - Awabakal.
  8. Hunting Boomerang (Bara-Barkun-Ong) - River or Water Gum - Wonarua.
  9. Ceremonial Boomerang (Tummara-Koa-Yirri)
    - Myrtle - Awabakal.
  10. Returning Boomerang (Tummara-Ka-Oowarlin) - River or Gum - Awabakal.
  11. Ceremonial Spear (Wairai/Kirri)
    - (Spear) Onyx Stone. [Skin of animal bound with clay and wattle gum underneath Onyx stone then Cane handle].

"All articles, except those marked with W (Wonarua) are of the Awabakal tribe, mainly from the western side of Lake Macquarie. These are black in colour, compared with the reddish wood used by the Wonarua tribe. Woods are preserved by being rubbed with Possum or Wallaby fat. River or Water Gum is light in colour when young, but turns red when matured. Myrtle is a very heavy wood. Hind wood is a very hard wood. River and Water Gum (Triftania Laurina) Black Wattle (Acacia Decurrens). Note Ring Gidgee (Cambagei)
gives off a nasty ordour when damp or wet."

The Budget and Singleton Advertiser April 25th, 1904 [Miniature Edition] and The Budget …September 19th, 1919 [Gold Leaf Edition] Miniature edition, September 15th, 1919.

Pamphlets including:

  • Hunter Valley Herald [Supplement to The Newcastle Morning Herald..] containing "Valley" and "gold" and "paper" by P.A.Haslam May 8th, 1975. [Refers to the miniature edition and gold leaf edition of The Budget …May 8th, 1975].
  • Hunter Valley Herald containing "Muswellbrook: a town with two names" by P.A.Haslam June 6th, 1974.
  • Hunter Valley Herald with photograph and article on remains of Raymond Terrace Dairy Company.

Pamphlets, copies of documents , plans and photograph, relating to Newcastle and Sydney transport history including:

  • Main railway development Homebush to Waratah [ca1875- ca1955].
  • Chronological history of Newcastle and District Tramway and Omnibus Services 1887-1967.
  • Development of transport services operated by the Department of Government Transport, New South Wales 1861-1968.
  • Development of [Sydney] transport services 1879-1931.
  • Tramfleet [Sydney] June 30th, 1948.
  • Tramcars operating in Sydney 1861-1961.
  • Sydney tramways 1921 [map]
  • Sydney tramways 1950 [map]
  • Photograph: Milton Morris [Minister for transport 1973] in last Mayfield tram, [Photo taken in Sydney].

Pamphlets including:

  • Rules of the Newcastle District Trades Hall Council and Eight Hour Demonstration Committee, July 15th, 1937.
  • The October Revolution and the Trade Unions, by A. Abolin [n.d.]
  • The Threat to Democracy, by Kenneth Gee July 1939.
  • Russian Medical Aid and Comforts Committee Report of Activities July 23rd, 1941- January 31st 1942.
  • Labor's Voice November 20th, 1952.

Newcastle and Northern District "Shopkeepers" Association Annual Report 1956.

Ancient Order of Foresters [Friendly Society of English origin] typescript of history by P.A.Haslam. See also Minute Book 1867-1877 at A5414(vi).

Photographs: Australian and New Zealand soldiers at Gallipoli, 1915. [Enlarged from film found on the beach at Gallipoli, made available to the Gallipoli League of Anzacs at Hamilton].

(a) Duckenfield Park House and Wallalong House, 1975.


  • The concrete foundations of Pulbah Island Wharf, 1973.
  • Belmont Railway Station and five unidentified children, 1974-1975
  • Entrance to an old coalmine at Catherine Hill Bay, 1975.
  • Photograph of the first page of the Belmont Monthly; Vol.1 No.1 October 3rd, 1925.

May Day 1958 [Leaflet includes "The Origin of May Day"]


  • Photograph of a sailing regatta on Newcastle Harbour Ca.1880.
  • Photographs of engravings and descriptive notes including:
  • Shipping Coal at Bullock Island 1886-1892.
  • Hunter Street, Newcastle looking west from Watt Street, 1886.
  • Newcastle, Hunters' River, New South Wales, 1821.
  • A view of Newcastle issued as a supplement to the Illustrated Sydney News, 1875.
  • A view of Hunters' River, Newcastle 1821.

Charlestown Centenary 1876-1976 [Pamplet].

The Clarion: the journalists' newspaper May 23rd, 1980, and June 6th,1980.

Newspaper advertising posters July-October, 1980

Tomago News, November 1982. Contains articles on Tomago Aboriginal History, Tomago, Tomago aluminium smelter and the Year of the Tree.


Puleeta: a journal of Aboriginal inmates of Cessnock Corrective Centre, December 1985 Issue 1, December 1986, Issue 2.

Newcastle Morning Herald proofs Ca.1974-1975

Belmont Ladies Rowing Club [Photograph] ca.1929


  • Tom Bestwick and Keith Walker core sampling for coal at Arrowfield vineyard, 1974.
  • Four photographs of Vales Point power plant construction, 1974.
  • Tram Museum, Sydney 1974.
  • Milton Morris in old Mayfield tram, 1974 [Loftus tram museum].
  • Windale road works, 1974.
  • Wallsend old Council Chambers, April 1974 [Now Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall].
  • Oak Butter Factory Hexham, 1974.
  • Interior of the old courthouse at Denman.
  • Flooding at Jewell's Crossing Lake Macquarie, 1975.

Aboriginal records:

  • Printed material, including place names, 1974-1984.
  • Specimens of a dialect of the Aborigines of New South Wale; …by L.E.Threlkeld, 1827.
  • Aborigines of the Hunter Region [A kit of printed material and colour slides compiled by Percy Haslam and others, for educational purposes. Published by the Department of Education Hunter Region, Hunter Social Studies Association, Ministry for Aboriginal Affairs, N.S.W. ca.1985].

Printed material and typescripts:

  • Printed material and typescripts on Land rights and Aboriginal affairs, employment, education, health, including Parliamentary reports and the impact of mining on Aborigines,1976-1986.
  • Law and Aboriginal rights. History of treatment of Aborigines by white Australians..Act relating to Torres Strait Islanders. Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1976.

Second report from the Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly upon Aborigines, 1981.

Ngali: School of Australian Linguistics Darwin Institute of Technology Newsletter, June 1985.

Aboriginal Hostels Limited, Annual Report, 1979

Manuscript and typescript notes on Aboriginal languages.

Awabakal language including radio lessons and primer 1985-1986, including Gateshead High School Course.

Radio language class, 1982-1984.

Five manuscript notebooks on Awabakal language for Gatehead class [n.d.]

Kattang Language notes, 1979-1980.

Dungatti Language, 1986.

Kamilaroi Language, 1980-1985.

Gringhai Language, 1983.

Thanghatti Language

Wanarua, Worimi Lanuages, 1980.

An Attempt Towards a Comparative Grammar of Two Australian languages, by N.M.Holmer [Katang and Thangatti languages].

Tribal Society and Language, Address by P.A.Haslam at Raymond Terrace High School, 1983.

Bundjaluna Picture Book

Ngamba Language

Aboriginal place names

Aboriginal poetry

Aboriginal mathematics

Aboriginal languages - general.

Aboriginal sites: reports, surveys and correspondence, 1982-1986. [Includes surveys of proposed development at Tea Gardens and Kerrabee Dam near Muswellbrook, 1982]

Myths, legends and ceremonies.

Aboriginal History and Culture

Awabakal, includes Old Margaret of Swansea, Awabakal Co-op.

Wonarua Tribe

Kamilaroi Tribe

Aborigines of the Hunter Region

General history of Aborigines

Denman Rotary Club address, April 1984.

Aboriginal mathematics [Typescript] Transfer to A6709(xiii)

Notes on Natives in Newcastle 1842-1858.

The Kattang (Kuthung) or Worimi: an Aboriginal Tribe by W.J.Enright [Xerox copy from"Native Tribes of South East Australia", 1932].

Aborigines of Port Stephens and Great Lakes Area.

The Australasian Anthropological Journal, April 30th 1897 [Xerox copy]

The Earliest Inhabitants: Aboriginal Tribes of Dungog, Port Stephens and Gresford, by Gordon Bennett.

Papers relating to Aboriginal art and artifacts 1981-1987

  • Cutting stones
  • The Prehistoric Arts, manufactures, works, weapons, etc of the Aborigines of Australia …, by Thomas Worsnop, 1897 [copy].
  • Aboriginal rock paintings at Wollombi, by W.J.Enwright, 1934 [Reprint from "Mankind", October 1934].

Facsimile of London Chronicle, July 20th 1771, Supplement to Daily Mirror April 1969,

Press clippings on Aborigines and Hunter Valley history 1975-1986, Press clippings on Threlkeld, Newcastle shipwrecks, St Clements Church of England Gloucester and Bishop Tyrrell.

Manuscript notes on Aborigines and Hunter Valley history.

Papers relating to Aboriginal Studies

Address to Singleton Historical Society, 1980 "History and Atonement". Address by Roy Nichols, Chairman NAC October, 12th, 1980 [on Aboriginal History].

Maps and Plans [most undated]

  • Eastern New South Wales including Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Tomago, Hunter valley, Kerribee Dam, Mangrove Creek dam, Barrington Tops, Proposed airport - Aero Pelican.
  • Aboriginal sites and tribal territories
  • New South Wales and Australian Railways
  • Land utilisation - Great Britain 1960-1963

Photographs of New South Wales Aborigines

Glass slides of tree cuts in the Grahamstown Area

Notes on the photographic collection

Album of prints from the Thomas Dick Collection of Aboriginal photographs [Transferred from albums B8876-9a]

Correspondence 1938-1987.

Records relating to the history of Lake Macquarie 1828-198's [includes listing of early land grants].

"Transplanting monkey glands" by Dr. Jones at Morisset Hospital 1919 [Typescript].

Records relating to Murray’s Run [Near Wollombi].

Records relating to the journals of Lady Isabella Louisa Parry, 1828-1983, and photographs of Charles, Edward and Isabella Parry.

History of Newcastle Thesis [Typescript n.d.]

Newcastle and Suburban Co-operative Society "The Store" [Typescript history, 1948].

Sulphide Corporation Pty Ltd, Cockle Creek N.S.W. [Brochure] 1979
[Transferred to A6725(v)].

McKenzie Family genealogy, by Stewart McKenzie, 1976.

Biography of William Sacheverell Coke of Derbyshire, 1805-1896.

"The Early History of Newcastle and the Progress of the Coal Industry" address by J.Fallins, November 27th 1948.


Family photographs

Photographs during Hunter Valley tour, August 1974: Miss Rowan Dorrell - Old Stone house restoration; New winery site, Arrowfield; Singleton Army Camp Museum; Gloucester Valley, 1977; Sandy Hollow Tunnel; Stud Farm, Segenhoe

Lake Macquarie Photographs

Buildings: Wallsend Ambulance Station, Hannans House, Maitland, Royal Hotel Denman, Newcastle Railway Station, Muswellbrook R.S.L.Club, Original Hospital East Maitland, Collieries: Wallabadah, South Waratah Colliery, Charlestown, (Raspberry Gully), Buildings on the way to Colo Caves[n.d.], Unidentified wooden church and brick church.

Group photographs: Wedding; C.A.Brown Villiage; two unidentified men holding shakles; rowing groups; The Lawrence family; East Gresford; East Gresford School 1904; Swansea School pre -1920; Glen William School 1897; Raymond Terrace School ca.1900; Singleton High School students at Hunter Valley Aboriginal site; Bolton Street Newcastle School 1919;Unidentified cricket team; Distinguished Colonists of NSW, Unidentified group outsode wooden building ca.1890’s; P.Haslam and Aborigines.

Ships: Rose 1842; Lady Nelson 1803; Hunter II [n.d.]; Newcastle; Sophia Jane 1831; SS Archer [n.d.]; Adolphe on oyster bank, with Katoomba and Glamang [n.d.].

Portrait photographs: John Dick; Cletus Taylor; Ivor David Peebles; John Wilkinson shoots dead Joe Governor [dead]; unidentified child [negative].

Early Newcastle photographs [n.d.];Cohen's Fire; Coach and Draft Horses; Raymond Terrace in flood [n.d.]; War Office photographs 1945; unidentified grave; Threlkeld; metal object.

Printed material:

  • "Toronto Lake Macquarie N.S.W. The Pictorial Story" compiled by Lake Macquarie and District Historical Society, 1979.
  • The Teralba Collieries Agreement 1912.
  • Blue Gum Flat to Budgewoi … by Charles Swancott, 1963.
  • The Mountain Speaks: a Folk History of Bulga Plateau by Helen Hannah, 1979.
  • Mulbring and the Andrews Family - prepared for the Andrews Family Reunion,1984 by B.J.Andrews.
  • The Promiced Land: a Summary of Early Settlement in the Shire of Scone, by Nancy Gray (Scone Historical Monograph No.3).
  • Swansea Post Office history [n.d.]
  • A History of Singleton 1801-1963 , by Ella Whitelow, B.A.
  • Wangi Point Reserve: Development and Management Plan, compiled by Leif Lemke, 1986.
  • People and Places: Extracts from the History of Wauchope and Hastings River District and hellip;, compiled by Mrs H.R.Young Vol.III, 1977.
  • Brothers George and Joseph Gorton Pioneer Cattlemen, by George Thomas Gorton Irwin and Joyce MayClarke, 1977.
  • How the A.A.Company was formed, by Astley Pulver.
  • Stroud and the A.A.Company, 1976 [Published by Stroud Shire Council].
  • "A.A.Company White Inhabitants"; - from Colonial Census 1828.
  • Wollombi Valley: booklet for Wollombi Tour [organised by The Workers Club].
  • Wollombi Valley: Description and History, by Wollombi Progress Association, 1979.
  • Historic Paterson, Pamphlet by Paterson Historical Society, prepared by A.C.Archer.
  • Coaltown: a social survey of Cessnock, N.S.W. by Alan Walker.
  • History of Merewether (Chapters 1 and 2)[Photocopy].
  • Working coal under the River Hunter, The Pacific Ocean and its tidal waters near Newcastle …, by A.A.Atkinson c.1902 (The Geological Survey of New South Wales).
  • Coal: The magazine of the mining industry June 1954, April 1955.
  • Copies of information on coal mining at Warkworth and Ellalong.
  • Drayton coal (Pamphlet c.1979).
  • Joint Coal Board 12th Annual report …1958-1959
  • Statement by the Joint Coal Board on New South Wales coal resources, 1974-1976.
  • Interesting facts in connection with the iron and steelworks of the Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited, Newcastle.
  • Bendigo. Pamphlet issued by Bendigo Mines Ltd., April 1935.
  • The University of Newcastle information 1976.
  • May Day May 4th,1959 (Containing: The Origin of May Day).
  • The Members of the orchestra and other poems by Geoff Dutton and others, edited by Paul Kavanagh. The University of Newcastle, 1981 [Autographed copy].
  • Instructions for honey ants and other poems and hellip; Edited by Paul Kavanagh, 1983 [Autographed copy].
  • Kirra 1916-1966.
  • The world in 20 years: 1000 letters about the future, Novosti Press Agency Questionnare, 1962.
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service Annual Report 1983-1984.
  • Cecil Peak Station, Collins Bay Queenstown.
  • Elementary typography, by Bernard Rogers, 1944.
  • Stamp catalogue, 1978.
  • Lodge meeting notice, 1983.


  • Papers presented at the Symposium on the development and impact of coal mining in the upper Hunter, Singleton New South Wales, August 1977.
  • Singleton coping with growth: papers at a public discussion on projected impacts of the development of coal mining in the Shire of Singleton, 1978.
  • Manufacturing in Newcastle 1801-1900, by J.W.Turner (Newcastle History Monographs No.8).
  • Plains Indians by Ben Burt and Canada: Indian Land Rights [Typescript n.d.]
  • The Founding of the A.I.M. [Australian Inland Mission] in Australia by Retla Dixon [First meeting August 1st, 1905].
  • "The Rev. G.A.Middleton and other early colonial chaplains in the lower Hunter." Chapter IV Morpeth and I. [Xerox copy].
  • Newcastle Morning Herald;An historical survey 1856-1956 [History of the Newcastle Chronical and Hunter River News, Miners Advocate, 1873 and the Herald 1876, includes a survey of the Hunter Region by E.R.Woolmington M.A. of the University of New England.
  • The Singleton Budget, September 13th 1926, containing historical photographs of Singleton.
  • Pulbah Island by Paul Brown.
  • Surveying the Hunter, edited by John Fryer [Xerox copy] 1980.
  • Territory of Christmas Island report for 1961-1962.
  • Press clipping relating to wartime air crash at Laguna.
  • The History of Bulga, N.S.W. 1820-1921 by Alexander Eather [Transcript and copy of manuscript].
  • City of Greater Cessnock Historical Society Endeavour, November 1983.
  • Conference and ergativity in Warrungu discourse Tsunoda, Tasaku, University of Nagoya [Paper presented ca.1985].
  • Burwood Beach ocean outfall, Hunter District Waterboard leaflet, 1985.
  • The Truth about Anzac and the Middle East, by L.P.Fox, 1936.
  • Watagan Forest drive [Brochure].
  • National Highway for the Lower Hunter..[Pamphlet, 1984].

Manuscript and typescript notes on Hunter Valley History

Scabs in West Wallsend: non unionist used to break strike 1888 by Richard Thomas.

The Tomago Aluminium smelter [1984].

Historical research concerning the Newcastle region : list of research projects compiled by The Newcastle Public Library, November 1971.

Transcript of an interview with Mr Rod Harden, General Manager of B.H.P. on the future of the steel industry in Newcastle [n.d.].


  • Scone Shire Council information leaflet [n.d.].
  • Early Wallsend history [by a pioneer descendant at Glendor n.d.]
  • Press clipping : Wallsend Presbyterian Church and Ken Hazelton.
  • Sulphide Corporation Pty. Ltd. : our history, 1895-1968
  • Naming of Maitland [Typescript n.d.].
  • Cooranbong Post Office, 1878-1881.
  • Centenary of Methodism in Newcastle [Typescript and manuscript notes] [1844-1944?].


  • Notes on finances of J.& A. Brown, Abermain Seaham Collieries 1955-1972 [Typescript].
  • Typescript on J.& A. Brown 1839-1857.
  • Nord's Wharf Public School-Notes for The Hon. J.B.Simpson M.L.A. 1893-1954 [Typescript].
  • Newcastle history 1796-1903. [Undated anonymous typescript].
  • Newcastle 1938 [Typescript].
  • The State Dockyard 1941-1950's.
  • Curriculum vitae
    • Arthur John Donne, Manager Stockrington No.2 Colliery, 1940-1962.
    • George Heany, Inspector of Collieries, Department of Mines 1935-1970.

Historical snippets of Hunter Valley history [Typescript] [n.d.].

Secret Societies: Druidism [Typescript n.d.][with comparison to Aboriginal customs].

The Coreei Cornflour Mill - Dungog. Extract from the Maitland Mercury, July 1878.

Australia in the 80’s and the future, by Harold C.Wells [Typescript].

Typescripts and papers:

  • Typescript on the writing of Aboriginal history, with references to The Singelton Budget, Melville and Harry, Kate Beresford, Hunter Valley Aborigines, Cooranbong and Seventh Day Adventists [n.d.].
  • Kate Beresford [Typescript].
  • The life and history of James Swales Clark and his Elizabeth McDonald, by E.C.Collins, 1914 [and Clark Family (Bulga) history][Typescript].
  • Melville and Harry, by William Collins. Submitted to The Budget, 1895.
  • The Valley of the winds: a story of the Coolah District, N.S.W. by Oswald l. Ziegler.
  • Tocal [Brochure n.d.]
  • Manuscript and printed material on the writing of Australian history, 1954, 1959.

Newcastle Mines Rescue Station presentation of Silver medallions 1971 programme and list of recipients, May 1971.

Shipbuilding at Eagleton (near Raymond Terrace N.S.W. and William McPherson and family history. At least 30 vessels were built).[Manuscript n.d.]1799-1886.

Typescripts of interviews and reminiscences:

  • Mr Ray Dick of Port Macquarie [Transcript n.d.].
  • Coming of animal tribes as told to Ray Northey of Wallsend in December 1965.
  • J. Bain Memoirs per Mrs Hazel Suters
  • Pioneer reminiscences by A.W.S MacKay [Ngamba and Ngaku Tribes].
  • John Batman
  • "Dr" Joh Allan: extracts from an interview 1913, at Wingham.
  • "Around Newcastle on foot", 1842 [Photocopy from the Letters of F.W.Ludwig Leichardt, edited by M. Aurousseau Vol.2 Cambridge, 1968.
  • Early colonial racing [Typescript n.d.].

Reprints on early Britains, cultures and artifacts.


  • Manuscript notes on "Palmer's Pub"[ Near Wakefield and Toronto Roads] 25th June 1960.
  • Pioneer reminiscences.
  • An account of a voyage to New South Wales with dedication and preface by George Barrington [n.d.]
  • Prince of pickpockets: typescript on George Barrington [From Tales of Old Australia by Bill Beaty].
  • Sorena Mary Elizabeth Radcliffe Freeman
  • "A Selection of crimes and punishments under the criminal law in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries". [Appendix from The Foundation of Australia, by Eris O";Brien].
  • The Convict system: 1788-1862 [Department of Education correspondence course on Australian History, Lectures].

Brochures and typescripts:

  • Chronological table of Australian history 1769-1901.
  • Water: The Board year by year. Water supply manuscript notes from Pipelines and People, by John Armstrong, 1877-1964.
  • Man and water [Brochure].
  • Simpson's track, 1969 [Typescript, includes description of the Great North Road].
  • Correspondence relating to the 150th Anniversary of Newcastle East Public School, May 1816 - May 1966.
  • Threlkeld [Typescript notes].
  • Early history - connection with the Cliffords. [Typescript].
  • Press clipping on Knobby's Island, by W.J.Gould.
  • [Alexander Munro first Mayor of Singleton and memorial fountain, xerox copy of press clipping, 1960].[Singleton Argus July 6th, 1960].

Newcastle and suburbs free newspapers [Typescript notes 1963].


  • Barrington Tops forest drive [Brochure n.d.].
  • Notes on a visit to Carrington, Port Stephens 1984.
  • Blackbutt Reserve [Brochure] 1963-1979.
  • Renewing of the dreaming newsletter, May 1983.
  • Nelson Bay part one [n.d.].
  • Preserving the past nature';s way. [Relating to Port Stephens area].
  • Excursion to Botany Bay, La Perouse, Bare Island, by Newcastle and District Historical Society, 1983.
  • "Change equals a multicultural society" by P.A.Haslam [?]
  • Certificate of education of Percy Jepson 1898.

Papers relating to L.E.Threlkeld and Threlkeld Family 1788-1859.

Personal papers including a biography of P.A.Haslam.

Recommendations for the development of oil and gas resources and gas from coal. [n.d.].


Archives No.


First Date

Last Date


Manuscript notes and xerox copies relating to the letters of F.W Ludwig Leichhardt.




Class notes and material relating to Aboriginal words and Translation of Lord's Prayer into Awabakal Language.

June 1981

Nov 1981


Manuscript hand-written and typescript notes relating to Aboriginal legends, initiation ceremonies, the Bora, the Defloration of girls, Worimi Initiation Ceremony, Western Australian Aboriginal Culture, Hastings River District, "The White Waratah legend and the Awabakal and Sport.




Typescript notes on Teaching Aboriginal History in Primary and Secondary Schools and Aboriginal Reincarnation beliefs.




Correspondence, typescript and hand written notes relating to Aboriginal Languages, Wonarua Tribe, Charles Murray of Wauchope, Hastings District Port Macquarie, The Platypus Legend, the Bora, The Dick Family and the "Swansea Dig"




Correspondence and typescript notes relating to Hunter Valley Aborigines and Scenes, Detribalisation, copy of Hastings District Historical Society Occasional Paper 1977/7 "The Port Macquarie Conquest: A Casual Study of Conflicting Cultures." Prepared by Mr R. Howell.




Correspondence, typescript and manuscript notes relating to Aboriginal legends and mythology, the boomerang, Biraban, birdlife, language and customs.




Artefact -; Two small bones labelled Hunt: Newcastle Scientific 4/5/1979




VHS Video Tape: Political Decision Making.
Duration "12-40"

March 1985























Artefacts from Burwood Beach -; flints, ochre and graved stone.




Artefact -; Shell




Artefacts - from Norah Head



Artefacts - "Mustlebrook"(sic)







Artefacts collected from Swansea Heads Beach January 1984 and Belmont South 31st May 1984

Jan 1984

May 1984


Artefacts collected from Wilson River "Stone Nest" Dec 1977

Dec 1977



Artefacts from Dayles Creek Denman Area collected 12th April 1984

April 1984



Artefacts from "Mt Archer No. 1 Site Lake Macquarie"collected 10th March 1986

March 1986



Artefacts collected from Port Macquarie




Artefacts collected from Burra Gurra Cave
















Artefacts from Burra Gurra Cave and artefact from [Mongrani Strictione?] 23rd Feb 1979



Artefacts from Denhman (sic)




Artefacts from Denhan (sic)




Various artefacts unknown locations



Photograph (c.1980) and letter relating to Yellow Ochre hand painting.

Kodak Photographic Paper Box containing slides and box of photographs of Aborigines and Aboriginal sacred sites ca.1900 -1980s. Typed slide index by Percy Haslam reads as follows:

  1. Warrior of the Ngamba tribe at [text missing] which is called BANG-O-COO-BEEBAH.
  2. Louise and Charles Murray, children [text missing] of Hastings District tribe on beach near Port Macquarie.
  3. [Text Missing] Many years later. Peter Wright, Neil [M…] and Charles Murray using spears to [ ]. Neil Morcom is buried in the aboriginal (Yeppin) cemetery at Wauchope. Charles Murray, now a very old man, lives quietly at Wauchope. I met him at Xmas [text missing] (1977).
  4. [Text missing] […rl] with collection of pippies, a staple marine food, on beach near Port Macquarie. This type of shellfish was plentiful, but not gathered in winter for breeding reasons. Marine and shell food formed part of the basic diet of coastal aborigines. Mostly the shellfish were roasted near middens (kitchens).
  5. Dad ensures a meal for dinner. Porcupine is a delicacy (I can vouch). It is perhaps a little fatty, and in tribal state days was often reserved, as were young dingoes, for elderly men.
  6. A tribal elder cuts a sacred symbol pattern on a tree. Very little is known of the sacred cuts of any tribe. They were explained in secrecy during the Bora ceremonies.
  7. A man of high degree (fully initiated to the fourth degree) - garundah - gives to two initiands, who has passed through the initiation of the first stage - Ghill khill - a lesson on the kangaroo totem. Other degrees: Morowen, Woolangrah and garundah (six months in bush).
  8. Among some North Coast Tribes eating part of a snake (mostly carpet) was part of the initiation ceremony. Here, in the bush, a tribal elder demonstrates to two young initiands.
  9. A rare picture. A medicine man, or sorcerer, curing a patient close to the sacred tree by extracting the cause of the complaint - a stone. The doctors were good at sleight of hand. Sometimes bones were diagnised (sic) as the cause.
  10. Making a bark canoe. The bark has been stripped from a tree and fired use to strengthen it. This picture shows natives ready to join each end.
  11. Two ceremonial trees, long since disappeared, having a European value of 5 pounds each.
  12. Climbing a tree, either for possum or honey. Generally, women were sent up to get honey.
  13. Ngamba warriors prepare for the hunt. Note the killing boomerang, which did not return, and the flat type of shield used on the North Coast.
  14. Flaking tips for spears and tools on the beach.
  15. A similar scene at a midden on the beach near Lake Catai. This was also the site of fulgurites, of which we have a few samples of the small type and which have been the subject of some research by Dr Bashar. These were first found 65 years ago in a pocket of thin white sand in the midden area. Some fulgurites had soft roots in white milky substances. Scientific explanation is that fulguraties were fisioned together when lightning struck wet sand. We hand samples of sand taken 65 years ago and in December 1977. The site has changed but little in appearance. There is still flaking material there, plus wood and bramble charcoal found at a depth of two feet.
  16. The same midden site photographed 65 years ago.
  17. Old timber cutters from the Watagans of the 1850s and 1860s. They knew the Awabakal, Wonarua and Darkinoong, and possibly for few intruding Kamilaroi in their period of detribalisation. Descendants of some of these pioneers still work the Watagans. Such families have been a valuable source of material.
  18. One of a number of cut trees in a Bora instruction a limb cutting (human) site near Broke. These trees are in line with sacred paintings and stencils.
  19. An information in the same area painting by Wonarua. It says: There are rock wallabies around here, fish in Wollombi Brook, as well as goanna and turtle, but beware: This is bad snake country.
  20. Also in the same area: cave with charcoal stencils. Close by is rock platform with toe line where karardjees stood to address boombits (initiands) below. [missing]
  21. Mr Lyle ("Snow")
    Brickman, of Paynes Crossing with Wonarua killing stick he found in a sandy cave near his farming property. He has also unearthed stone artifacts while ploughing. This is regarded as a perfect example of Wonarua craft.
  22. The "Boambee" cave at Milbrodale. Magnificent figure in red ochre, representing"guardian of the valley" The stencils are first class and in the small ones confirm that this was one area where women were initiated as young girls.


  1. "Nayantinla" - the all seeing eye often found at approaches to sacred sites.
  1. Cedar Creek paintings. Note variety of work and large painted hands, with ceremonial significance.
  2. A typical scene of the sand-clogged Wollombi Brook when in low water, with rising mountains in the distance that contain sacred overhangs and paintings.
  3. Mr Joe Sansome on his Gloucester property with a honey tree preserved by his family containing cut toe holds aborigines used to ascend. His grandfather could recall when local natives (Gringhai or Worimi)
    climbed the tree for honey.
  4. A red ochre flying possum painting in a sacred cave at Mount Manning. Other animals portrayed in this site are the dingo and wombat. Darkinoong country, with probable intrusion by Durak people.
  5. A sacred site area on the Watagan Mountains. This leads to rare mud paintings of the Awabakal (largely vandalised) and a military outpost, where weapons were sharpened in grooves. The Watagans, so little explored, holds many sacred site areas and could be the most productive in the years ahead.
  6. A section of the punishment scene at Burra Gurra (Devils Rock).
  1. (A) How a picture can be distorted by a camera - a warning on the need to get everything into proper focus when using a camera for this work.
  2. Mr Mel Jurd, of Wollombi - family had been settlers in this area for about 150 years - steps on a huge carved footprint said to have been the path of the sky spirit when he came to earth.
  3. Notes on this full penal scene. Interpretation still requires more study.
  4. One of some carvings found on a beach between Nobbys and Redhead.
  5. One of many horseshoe structures in Port Stephens area.
  6. Rock Platform approach to a larger structure.
  7. One [are arc?], which reveals itself after rain, similar to the ring at Singleton Army camp, of the ring surrounded by these structures. Data still classified.
  8. Rocks at the base of trees that are [an] one approach (eastern) to the structures: similar pattern used for trees [nears] the stone nests at Wilson River and Crescent Head.

Copy of The Port Stephens Blacks: The Recollections of William Scott [1929]

A7771 (iv)
Four National Parks and Wildlife Service booklets on the Aborigines of New South Wales entitled "Coastal People" "Murray People", "Mountain People" and "People of the Plains". [n.d.]

Copy of 1980 Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Land Rights and Sacred and Significant sites Report.

Copy of Puleeta Cessnock Corrective Centre Issue 2 Dec. 1986

1 folder of news clippings relating to Aboriginal cave paintings, Eric Taggart of Broke, Kamilaroi, Tom Dillon grave at Sandgate Cemetery (last full blood Aborigine of the Hawkesbury River Tribe, the Darook) and typescript signed by Percy Haslam entitled "Darkinoong Defloration of maidens at Murray's Run. At site of Ceremonial cave with symbolical paintings in charcoal." [c.1975].