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Exams: Exam strategies for exams without memory aids

Tips and strategies for preparing for, and sitting, an exam

Exam strategies for exams without memory aids

                    read it dump it time it

Read it: 

  • In the examination room, when you are told to begin, read all of the questions. 
  • You have 10 minutes to read the paper so do so carefully and make a mental note of the marks allocated to each question.

Dump it:

  • Dump the information you want to remember on the blank side of the exam booklet. 
    • Essay plans
      Topic sentences
  • By doing this you free up valuable thinking space by writing down the things you want to remember at the beginning of the exam.

Time it:

  • Make a note of how much time you have to answer each question.
  • Record how much time you have allocated and STICK TO IT. 
  • Move on once you have used your allocated time. 
  • It is easier to gain marks for starting a question than finishing it. Two half-answered questions will normally gain more marks than one which is finished.
  • If you are running out of time, start writing dot points to show what information you would have expanded on if you had time. 
  • If you haven’t finished that question, leave plenty of space in the exam booklet and go back to it later, if you have time.