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EndNote X9:  Saving, Syncing and Sharing

Manage your references and create in-text citations and bibliographies

Back up your library

Back up your library

It is essential to regularly make a back up copy of your EndNote library, so that if something goes wrong you will always have a working copy of your library.

There are a number of ways to create a back up:

  • Copy and paste the relevant files to a different folder
  • Create a compressed library
  • Save an exact copy of your library

Follow the instructions in the UON Introduction to EndNote guide to make a back up of your library.

Please Note: EndNote is not compatible with cloud-based services such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Sharepoint, etc.There are synchronisation issues with these services that can corrupt your library if you access/update it directly from the cloud.

Sync your library

Sync your library


To use your EndNote library on more than one computer (e.g. a PC on campus and a Mac at home) you can synchronise the library via EndNote Online. 

Please note:

  • Before syncing your library manually, always empty the Trash folder and back up your EndNote Library.
  • Only one EndNote desktop library can sync to EndNote Online account at a time.
  • Don't edit in both of the libraries during the sync process to avoid any conflict. 
  • All references and groups will sync except smart groups, combination groups, or group sets.

To sync your EndNote Library:

  1. Open your EndNote library and click the Sync icon  in the EndNote toolbar (or via the EndNote menu Tools > Sync)
  1. This will open the EndNote login pop-up.  If you do not have an EndNote Online account, you must click the Sign Up button to create one first. If you have an EndNote Online account, fill in the email and password, and click OK to start the Sync process. The initial sync process may take a long time depending on the size of your library.
  1. On your second computer, create a new empty library, and then click the sync icon from the toolbar to start the sync process. On completion, all references from your EndNote library on your first computer will be synced to the second computer via EndNote Online. 

You can set up your sync preference to automate the sync process.

From the EndNote toolbar, click Edit > Preferences > Sync. Fill in your email address and password. If you tick Sync automatically, your EndNote library will automatically synchronise every 15 minutes. Auto Sync may slow down your computer. Untick it will allow you to sync manually.  

After Sync, you can view the Sync Status in the group area for information on the last Sync operation including any errors, information on the local and online library, and sync limits.


For more details, watch the following video about syncing your EndNote library:

Share your library

Share your entire library or groups


Users of EndNote X8 and later versions can share a library with up to 100 other EndNote users and monitor the status of the shared library with an Activity Feed. 

For more details, watch the following videos about sharing your entire EndNote library or groups: