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Library Search Help Guide: Advanced Features


Library Search has a range of filters that can be used to refine your search. Refining your search helps to reduce the number of results and make them more relevant.

  • You can filter searches based on resource type, publication date, subject and language by using the filters on the left-hand side.
  • These filters are also available in Advanced Search.


Advanced Search enables you to create a more targeted search by:

  • Searching a field, such as title or author.
  • Applying search filters.
  • Searching for keywords or an exact match. E.g. you can use an exact match search when you know the exact title.


You can save individual items by clicking on the Pin icon to the right of the result. These items will sit in a favourite folder that is located in the top right of the page. These items will stay saved and accessible as long as you are logged in to your account, even in future sessions.


You can recall previous searches from within your browser session by clicking the Pin icon and selecting the "Search History" tab. 

To save your searches beyond your browser session, log into your account and locate the chosen search in your search history. Check the box beside the chosen search, and click the pin icon to the right of the search record. You can check as many records as you like to save multiple searches to your account. 


Library Search can provide citations for resources.

  • To view a preview of your citation, click citation option in the item's search result record, marked by the quotation mark icon.
  • Select your referencing style from the list on the left of the item record pop-up. 
  • You can also export the citation to citation management software by clicking on Export RIS (for EndNote, Mendeley, etc) or Export BibTex.


You can add results beyond your library's collection by marking the box at the top of the results list. For items that are not available through the library, details will be provided that will allow you to request them from another library.