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Effective reading skills: Effective reading skills

Find ways to make notes for researching

Effective reading and note making

Reading and Research

Making effective notes is an important skill of research. Making notes as you read and research will help you understand and recall information you can use when completing assignments or revising for exams. There are many different approaches to making notes, so it's a good idea to try various strategies and styles to develop a system that suits your purposes.

Why make notes?

  • Helps you to understand what you have read

  • Makes recalling information easier 

  • Saves you having to reread everything because you have made notes on the important information you need 

What do you need to include in your notes?
Referencing details
•    Summaries of ideas and arguments in your own words
•    Information relevant to the question.
•    Quotes 

 There is no need to write down everything about a topic - focus on the parts of the
text you have highlighted, and make notes using the annotations or comments you have already made in the margins.