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Virtual Coquun-Hunter River Project Guide: 1861 - 1880

Virtual Coquun-Hunter River Project

Chronological list of descriptive accounts of the Coquun - Hunter River Region: 1861 - 1880

1860s Scott Sisters

Scott, Harriet, 1830-1907. Historical drawings of moths and butterflies / Harriet and Helena Scott ; introduced and selected by Marion Ord. Roseville, N.S.W. : Craftsman House, 1988. AUCH - RB/COLL Q709.94 SCOTV.1-2 Q709.94 SCOTV.1-.2 Hux - Quarto Book Q709.94 SCOTV. 1 and Q758.420994/S1

Illustrations of spiders and insects from Ash Island, ca. 1852-1864 / by Helena Scott and Harriet Scott. [Courtesy of the State Library of New South Wales.]

1863 Rob the Ranter

[Newcastle Chronicle 1863 - Denis to check ]

1866 Ludovic Hébert de Beauvoir

Beauvoir, L. (Ludovic), Marquis de, 1846-1929. Australie : voyage autour du monde. Paris : Plon, 1883 Edition 14th éd. AUCH - RB/COLL 919.4/22

Visit to Newcastle 17th - 22nd October 1866. Being excerpts from Chapter 13 of the 14th Edition (1883) of Australie : voyage autour du monde par le Comte de Beauvoir. Paris : Plon, 1883. Translated from the French by Dr Marie Ramsland, School of Language and Media, University of Newcastle Australia.

1870 Havelock Ellis

Ellis, Havelock, 1859-1939. My life / Havelock Ellis … ; detailed bibliography by Alan Hull Walton. London : Neville Spearman, 1967 3rd ed. Huxley-Book 155.3092 ELLI-1 MYLI 1967 [school teacher at Sparkes Creek- 1870s]

1872 Commodore James Goodenough

Goodenough, J. G. (James Graham), 1830-1875. Memoir of Commodore Goodenough : with extracts from his letters and journals / edited by his widow.
Un-abridged letters/diaries published by his widow. [Visit to Newcastle and Wallsend] [The edition that contains the account is the first unabridged edition.]

1873 John Bingle

Bingle, John, 1796-1882. Past and present records of Newcastle, New South Wales. Newcastle [N.S.W.] : Bayley, Son and Harwood, 1873. AUCH - RB/COL 994.42 BING

1874 Henri Rochefort

Rochefort, Henri, 1831-1913. De Nouméa à Newcastle (Australie) : récit de son évasion, 1874.[Boulogne-Billancourt] : Petite maison, c1997.

Noumea to Newcastle: The Story of an Escape by Henri Rochefort (1831-1913)
Translated from the French by Emeritus Professor Kenneth R. Dutton. Online Version prepared by Gionni di Gravio.

1874 Emigrant and Heathen

The emigrant and the heathen, or, Sketches of missionary life / edited by the Rev. J.J. Halcombe. London : Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, [1874]. pp 1- 184

1875 John Dunmore Lang

Lang, John Dunmore, 1799-1878. An historical and statistical account of New South Wales : from the founding of the colony in 1788 to the present day. 4th ed. Vol. 2, Chapter 2, pp. 85-126. London : Sampson Low, Marston, Low & Searle, 1875. AUCH - RB/COLL ELLIS 994.4/14 B v.1-2

1876 Booth, Edwin Carton

Australia by Edwin Carton Booth, illustrated with drawings by Skinner Prout, N. Chevalier, etc. London : Virtue, [1873-1876]. Rare Books Q994/4 C V.1 and V.2.

Description of Newcastle and Hunter Region Vol. 2 pp.125-132 

1878 The Vagabond Papers

Vagabond, 1843-1896. The Vagabond papers : sketches of Melbourne life, in light and shade. Melbourne : George Robertson, 1876-1878 AUCH - RB/COLL 994.031 VAGA 1877 1st series - 5th series.

Click here for the portion of the Vagabond Papers Vol.5 pp.104 - 167 dealing with Newcastle and the Hunter Valley..

1880 James Inglis

Inglis, James, 1845-1908. Our Australian cousins / by James Inglis ("Maori")
London : Macmillan and Co., 1880. AUCH - RB/COLL 919.404/2 - 2B