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Annotated Bibliography: Examples

This guide is designed to help students create an annotated bibliography

Examples of annotated bibliographies

Business and Law

Burchfield, A. (2015). International human rights law: A selected annotated bibliography. Reference Reviews, 29(6), 2-8.

Deal, J. J., Peterson, K., & Gailor-Loflin, H. (2001). Emerging leaders an annotated bibliography  

Douglas, C. A., & Morley, W. H. (2000). Executive coaching an annotated bibliography  ‚Äč

Fines, B. G., & Levit, N. (2015). Ethics and matrimonial representation annotated bibliography. Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 27(2), 499-551.

Jarvis, R. M., & Chaney, M. F. (2016). "The living, the dead, the undecided": An annotated bibliography of law review articles dealing with the law of absentees and returnees. International Journal of Legal Information, 44(2), 178-207.

Mayer, P. S. (2000). The human side of knowledge management an annotated bibliography  

McKenny, A. F. (2014). Research in social entrepreneurship: An annotated bibliography. In D. J. Ketchen & J. Short Jr. (Eds.), Social entrepreneurship and research methods (pp. 265-293).

Schlicht, E. (2013). Voter identification laws: An annotated bibliography. Legal Reference Services Quarterly, 32(3), 202-213.

Southey, G. (2011). The theories of reasoned action and planned behaviour applied to business decisions: A selective annotated bibliography. Journal of New Business Ideas & Trends, 9(1), 43-50.


Education and Arts

Bassett, J. E. (2009). William Faulkner an annotated bibliography of criticism since 1988

Esch, B. E., & Forbes, H. J. (2017). An annotated bibliography of articles in the Journal of Speech and Language Pathology-Applied Behavior Analysis. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 1-19 available via Springer Link Journals

International Labour Office. (2003). Annotated bibliography on child labour

Kroeber, G. (2015). Art, urbanism, and landscape: An annotated bibliography. Art Journal, 74(4), 58-61.

Lengel, E. G. (2004). World War I memories: An annotated bibliography of personal accounts published in English since 1919. Lanham, Md.; Oxford: Scarecrow Press.

Ouditt, S. (2000). Women writers of the First World War: An annotated bibliography

Roth, B. (1985). An annotated bibliography of Jane Austen studies, 1973-83. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia.

Walden, G. R. (2008). Focus groups: A selective annotated bibliography

Ward, M. (2002). Voices from the margins: An annotated bibliography of fiction on disabilities and differences for young people  

Zoller, C., & Langworth, R. M. (2015). Annotated bibliography of works about Sir Winston S. Churchill


Engineering and Built Environment

Austbø, B., Løvseth, S. W., & Gundersen, T. (2014). Annotated bibliography: Use of optimization in LNG process design and operation. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 71, 391-414.

Basseville, M. (2013). Divergence measures for statistical data processing: An annotated bibliography. Signal Processing, 93(4), 621-633.

Heilig, L., & Voß, S. (2017). Inter-terminal transportation: An annotated bibliography and research agenda. Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, 29(1),35-63



Clamp, C. G. L., Gough, S., & Land, L. (2004). Resources for nursing research: An annotated bibliography (4th ed.). London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications.

Montano, M. F., Mehdi, H., & Nash, D. B. (2016). Annotated bibliography: Understanding ambulatory care practices in the context of patient safety and quality improvement. American Journal of Medical Quality, 31(2_suppl), 29S-43S.

Siddiqui, F. R. (2014). Annotated bibliography on participatory consultations to help aid the inclusion of marginalized perspectives in setting policy agendas. International Journal for Equity in Health, 13(1), 158-181.

Swan, J. T., Giouroukakis, M., Shank, B. R., Crona, D. J., Berger, K., & Wombwell, E. (2014). The value of pharmacy residency training for health systems: An annotated bibliography. Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 27(4), 399-411.

Tenner, L. L., & Helft, P. R. (2013). Ethics in oncology: An annotated bibliography of important literature. Journal of Oncology Practice, 9(4), e145-e153.

White Jr, R. P., Fisher, E. L., Magraw, C. B. L., Phero, J., Abdelbaky, O., Sherwood, C., & Nelson, B. (2016). Special contribution: Third molar clinical trials annotated bibliography. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 74(1), 4-12.


Science and IT

Lechago, S. A., & Phillips, L. A. (2016). An annotated bibliography of verbal behavior articles published outside of the Analysis of Verbal Behavior: 2015. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 32(1), 60-68.

Roeckelein, J. E. (2000). The concept of time in psychology: A resource book and annotated bibliography. London: Greenwood Press.

Roeckelein, J. E. (2002). The psychology of humor: A reference guide and annotated bibliography

Szabo, J. F. (2010). Death and dying: An annotated bibliography of the thanatological literature. Lanham: Scarecrow Press.