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Data Management:  Publishing Data


Publish Your Datasets

ownCloud and CRATEit

The Library can assist you to publish your research datasets, e.g. for data underpinning a research publication. There is currently a data publishing process on UON ownCloud storage using the CRATEit publishing tool. When you login to you can upload your data files and then use the CrateIT tool to pick, package and publish the files for your dataset. The CRATEit tool is available on ownCloud under the File menu (see image below). A notification for a published dataset is then sent to the Library.

The Library will contact you to finalise the publishing of your dataset, i.e. to select a Creative Commons license to apply to your data and to provide a DOI if required for data citation.

  • An immutable copy of the data is archived on UON storage
  • A dataset record describing the data is published in the NOVA open access repository which provides access to the data
  • A persistent URL is provided for the dataset and a DOI if also required
  • A dataset record will also be published to the Research Data Australia web portal

For large datasets the above ownCloud and CRATEit process may not be suitable in which case the library will facilitate alternative processes to assist in publishing any larger datasets.

Further information and advice on publishing datasets is available from the library. In mid 2020 a new automated online service, a Data Management Dashboard, will be available.

CRATEit tool


What is ownCloud?

ownCloud is a service provided by UON for researchers to store and work collaboratively on research data and documents. 

What can i use ownCloud for?

  • Storing research data - both initial/master copies and working copies. (Refer to Limitations table)
  • Information that is confidential such as non de-identified data
  • Information that, for ethical or privacy governance reasons, needs to be maintained on University owned and managed computing infrastructure physically located on campus
  • Instrument generated data files
  • Sharing selected data both within and externally to the University

What are the benefits of ownCloud?

Access your data


Store your data, files and folders on the UON's ownCloud server. 
Access them from your mobile device, desktop or a web browser - from wherever you are, whenever you need it.  


Share your data


Share your data securely with others.                          
Give them access to the information you want them to see, with or without passwords or time limits.


Publish your data


Publish your data by using CRATEit  tool on ownCloud.



How do i request access to ownCloud?

The University's ownCloud service is available to all University research staff and RHD students on request.

To request access, log a service request with the IT Service Desk. A member of the IT Services' ARCS team will contact you, confirm your research requirements and arrange an ownCloud user induction.



What is CRATEit?

CRATEit enables a researcher to archive and publish research data as well to add metadata about the data, i.e. descriptive information about the data, the data creators/owners and associated grants under which the data was produced. 

Features of CRATEit include:

  • Add information about your data, i.e. metadata
  • Crates includes both the data and the metadata
  • Crates can be downloaded, archived and published
  • Helps you meet the requirements of funding agencies
  • A README.html document provides a manifest for each crate
  • Developed for on the ownCloud environment (

Help to Publish Your Datasets

Contact the Library for assistance to publish your research datasets. Email

Dashboard coming soon

Data Management Dashboard

The Data Management Dashboard is an online tool for your Data Management Plans (DMPs), your Data Archival records (tell the university about your data and its locaiton at the end of your project) and online services to publish your datasets.

Help to Publish your Data