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Data Management:  Finding Data

Data Archives and Repositories

Finding Data

There are various sources available to find data, some of these include:


  • Government web sites
  • Subject or discipline based repositories or archives
  • Data centres
  • Research centres or research groups
  • Institutional repositories
  • Internet via search engines
  • Asking your Librarian

Some Examples is a is a global registry of research data repositories from different academic disciplines. Access at

The Open Access Directory is a wiki developed and maintained by the open access community:





DRYAD - Recently Published Data

DRYAD Data Repository

Find biosciences data published in DRYAD

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Open Government Data is a global list of open data portals. - Australian government publicly available datasets.


Open Literature

Projects include Open Shakespeare and Open Correspondence. The aim of these projects are to open up the data within literature that exists within the public domain.