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University Photographs:  Photos 2995

Photographs of people, buildings and events associated with the University of Newcastle, Australia. Most were taken by the University Photographer.

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University Photographs 2995

P2995-1 - Unidentified students in the Spaghetti Bridging Competition, 1989

P2995-2 - University HECS Scholarship winners, 1989: The 10 Hunter Region students were selected as having the highest HSC aggregates of the students enrolling at the University of Newcastle in 1989 - Adrian McCormack, Wesley MacKinnon, Sally Anne Cowling, Joel Nichols and Maxwell Shirley. Front row Jamie Evans Angela Pollicino, Robert Davey, Belinda Werbowyj and Leon Garde

P2995-3 - State Highway 23 construction is being supervised by a graduate of the University of Newcastle, Mr Kevin Hays, 1989

P2995-3a State Highway 23 construction is being supervised by a graduate of the University of Newcastle, Mr Kevin Hays, 1989

P2995-4 - Scott Ellis and Dr Robert Betz - 1989

P2995-5 - Frank Henderson Prize Winners, 1989: ssociate Professor John Fryer (Head of the Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying), Mr David Evans, Mr Gerard Morton, Mr Jon de Angelis, Mr Jason Lewis and Professor Rob Melcher

P2995-6 - Wendy Sheppard (first female graduate in the Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying), 1989: At the time of graduating, Wendy Sheppard was working for the Central Mapping Authority in Bathurst

P2995-7 - Tony Smith is fascinated by an Engineering Open Day experiment involving fluidised beds & quicksand - 1989

P2995-8 - Neil Petherbridge - 1989

P2995-9 - Final Year Architecture Student, Mr Michael Ostwald, the University of Newcastle, Australia - 1989. Mr Michael Ostwald, with his submission for a research centre at the Australian base in the Antarctic. Michael became Head of the School of Architecture around 2005

P2995-10 - Newcastle University Ruby Union First Grade Team

P2995-11 - Galvanisers’ Association of Australia Hot-dip Galvanising Prize: Professor Rob Melchers, Associate Professor John Fryer, Mr Stephen Fityus, Ms Yvonne Cupples and Mr John Robinson, representing Industrial Galvanisers, at the presentation of the Inaugural Prize (called the Galvanisers’ Association of Australia Hot-dip Galvanising Prize), which was awarded to Mr Stephen Fityus, 1989

P2995-12 - Balsa Bridge Competition, 1989: Participating in the Balsa Bridge Competition: Professor Rob Melchers congratulating Mr Ashley Sutcliffe, Mr Jason Harper and Mr Lachlan McKerrow together with Professor Fryer

P2995-13 - Enrolment Day, 1989

P2995-14 - Enrolment Day, 1989

P2995-15 - Enrolment Day, 1989

P2995-16 - Diploma of Conservatorium Music students - Belinda Beijeman, Rebecca Fren, Emma Jones and Ann Hartsuyker, 1989

P2995-17 - Winner of 1988 Newton-John Award, Mr. Kevin Snell - 1989: Mr. Kevin Snell (1988 Newton John Award recipient) with Jillian Snell, Joe Snell and Rob Snell

P2995-18 - Winner of the 1988 Newton-John Award Kevin Snell - 1989: Family (L-R) Ann 9, Mrs Jillian Snell, Joe 10, Kevin Snell & Robb 8

P2995-19 - Mr Paul Broad, upon taking up the position of Hunter District Water Board Executive - 1989: Mr Paul Broad, upon taking up the position of Hunter District Water Board Executive

P2995-20 - Anti-vandalism display posters protesting against vandalism in the Auchmuty Library, 1989

P2995-21 - Sports scholarships awarded to: Ryan Walker, Karl Freeman, Debbie Farmer and Lydia Grogan, District High School - 1989

P2995-22 - Inaugural Convocation Careers Market Day, 1989

P2995-23 - Youngsters learning experience at the Conservatorium of Music, 1989

P2995-24 - An unidentified woman, 1989

P2995-25 - Dr Campbell Witt (Research Scientist), the University of Newcastle, Australia - c.1989

P2995-26 - Dr John Alexander, PhD Student - 1989

P2995-27 - Bill Lang - 1989

P2995-28 - Andrew Sweeney shows his work - 1989

P2995-29 - Unidentified actors from the Drama Department who appeared in "Twelfth Night" - 1989

P2995-30 - Unidentified actors from the Drama Department who appeared in "Twelfth Night" - 1989

P2995-31 - Professor Eric Hall and Mr V. S. Ananthan - 1989

P2995-32 - Students: Andrew Geyl and Jane Suggit with Helen Parker (University Careers Advisor) - 1989

P2995-33 - Heanly Family: Steven, James, Paul and Mark with parents Peter and Hilary - 1988

P2995-34 - (L-R):Ng Hong Ling and Phillip Ellis

P2995-35 - Sabine Hope and Dr Phillip Secombe - 1989

P2995-36 - Jane Henderson (L) and Leesa Withers - 1989

P2995-37 - Unidentified exchange students, 1989

P2995-38 - Unidentified residents of International House in Grounds of their new ‘Home’ - 1989

P2995-39 - Barry Frost, PhD student - 1989

P2995-40 - Ms S. Jones, Ms V. Pratt, & Vice-Chancellor, Professor Keith Morgan with the winners of the $30,000 Post Doctoral Re-entry Fellowships, Dr Wendy Brown and Dr Ruth Lunney - 1989

P2995-41 - Goethe Prize: Judy Heyworth and Andres Kallaur - 1989

P2995-42 - David Yee, Student Representative Council President, 1989

P2995-43 - The Deputy Dean, Faculty of Education: Dr Les Eastcott (second from left) with Industrial technology project participants: (Pictured):Industrial Technology Lecturer, Luke Sally, Vice-Chancellor (Development) Dr Les Eastcott pictured with some of the students involved with the project

P2995-44 - Ray Ward and Herold Mohr with Kelly Bisset - 1989

P2995-45 - Les Eastcott, Peter Collins (NSW Education Minister), Ray Ward and Herold Mohr with Kelly Bissett (mature age student) - 1989

P2995-46 - University Challenge team with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Keith Morgan - 1989

P2995-47 - Elizabeth Sylvester plays violin, Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, c.1987

P2995-48 - Damien Brown - 1989

P2995-49 - Playing rugby union - 1989

P2995-50 - Playing hockey, 1989

P2995-51 - Michael Osborne, Ian Henderson Award Winner - 1989

P2995-52 - David Barrett (second from right) with a group of unidentified Diploma in Education students - 1989

P2995-53 - Jenny Collins -1989

P2995-54 - Geoff See - 1989

P2995-55 - University students playing rugby union - 1989

P2995-56 - Harkness & Associates (graduates from the University of Newcastle, Australia) - 1989: Pictured (L-R): John Bailey, Andrew Tweedie, Hisham Noori, Gabriel Chong, Robert Pullar, An Yap Lan and Ted Harkness with the winning model for the marina at Nelson Bay

P2995-57 - Playing rugby union - 1989

P2995-58 - Winners of the Vice-Chancellors' Regatta with Godfrey Tanner - 1989

P2995-59 - Justin Tamsett - 1989

P2995-60 - Mr Rodney Williams, Honours Student in Chemistry, receives high praise for his presentation of a paper at the 10th Australian Symposium on Analytical Chemistry in Brisbane - 1989

P2995-61 - Blues Dinner - 1989: L-R Greg Reynolds (Hockey Blue), Jane Horsley, (Diving Blue), Peter Sweeney (Hockey Blue)

P2995-62 - Medallion for Performance Winner, Jennifer Hollows - 1989: Medallion for Performance: Miss Jennifer Hollows, final year Bachelor of Commerce student, is winner of a medallion for outstanding performance in Management Accounting Subjects (Miss Hollow is the initial recipient of the award). Pictured: Professor Keith Morgan, Ms Hollow and Ian Smith, Director of the compliance Section of the N.S.W. Officer of State Revenue

P2995-63 - Bill Keir, George Merryman, Vanessa Bates and Jan Hunt from Footlice Comedy Company

P2995-64 - Inter-campus Liaison Officer, Mr Steve Watkins, under pressure from Ms Cherie Kennedy (Secretary), Mr Martin Davies (President) and Mr Patrick Drake-Brockman (Media Officer) , 1990 SRC Executive, 1989

P2995-65 - Mr Ray Paul, pictured with Anne Robinson, Reference Librarian, demonstrating the Kurweil Personal Reader for the blind - 1989

P2996-65 - Mr Chye Tan, an Architecture IV student, is the winner of the $1,500 James Peddle Award - 1989

P2995-67 - Classics Scholarship recipients - 1989: Mr Paul Wilson, Ms Fran Gordon, Professor Godfrey Tanner, Mr Mark Williams, Ms Tiruni Perira, Dr Bernie Curran and Mr David Ardley, 1989

P2995-68 - Goethe Institute Scholarship - 1989: Pictured: Mr George Bondizo, Mr Dirk Brugman (winner), Ms Elenor Guirguis, Ms Irma Vick (President of the Saturday School), and the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Keith Morgan

P2995-69 - Tom Osborn - 1989

P2995-70 - A gift for the Huxley Library – Phil Vaile (left) and Greg Anderson with ‘The Monitor Card System' - 1989

P2995-71 - Rebecca Brandon plays Marsha, Suzanne Adamson plays Olga and Michaela Bolzan plays Irina in the Drama department’s production of "Three Sisters" - 1989

P2995-72 - Winners of new Students Scholarships - 1989: (back row from left): Adrian McCormack, Wesley MacKinnon, Sally Anne Cowling, Joel Nichols and Maxwell Shirley. Front row: Jamie Evans, Angela Pollicino, Robert Davey, Belinda Werbowyj and Leon Garde

P2995-73 - SRC President, Alison Kinder and Colin Keay presents Mr Ken Jolly wiith a cheque - 1989: SRC President, Alison Kinder, presents Mr Ken Jolly with a cheque to help him pay his medical expenses with Associate Professor Colin Keay (representing the Cycleways Movement)

P2995-74 - Chang Smart with an unidentified student and Professor Tim Roberts, 1989

P2995-75 - Unidentified Japanese students in the tearoom - 1989

P2995-76 - Jane Henderson - Miss 1989 Showgirl - 1989

P2995-77 - Adele Buchanan and Tracey Bell (Honours students) - 1989

P2995-78 - University Rugby Union Captain, Scott Goninan, 1989

P2995-79 - Playing hockey - 1989

P2995-80 - Unidentified Chinese students - 1989

P2995-81 - David Wilks, who is a Koala Researcher - 1989

P2995-82 - Playing rugby union - 1989

P2995-83 - Rehearsing a scene Repringham Camp - 1989: Pictured: Angela Davies, Sam George, Troy Johnston, Tony Anthony, Sue Porter and Bill Keir

P2995-84 - Coastal Management Seminar attended by Geography Students - 1989: Pictured: Back – Mathew Edmonds, (with Sam) Lisa Ericsson and James Hill. Front – Liesl Tesch, Stephen Arnold and Louise Deed

P2995-85 - Final year BA (Communications) students, Mark Crossdale, is a journalist for the magazine, "Truck and Bus", with Lecturer in Photography, Mr David Aderman - 1989

P2995-86 - Mavis Stone, 1990

P2995-87 - Central Coast Enrolment Day at the Ourimbah Campus - 1990

P2995-88 - Professor Godfrey Tanner enrolling students at the Central Coast - 1990

P2995-89 - Mr. John Foreman was one of 400 Nescafe Big Break Award Nominees. Mr Foreman named one of six young Australians as winners of the awards - 1990: Mr John Foreman was one of 400 Nescafe Big Break Award nominees judged by a panel of leaders from diverse field such as literature, classical music, rock and roll, theatre, science and inventing sport, dance, film, business, fashion, visual art and community affairs

P2995-90 - Dr Nigel Krauth – Lecturer (Literary Studies) Division of Education and the Arts Gold Coast University College of Griffith University, Australia - 1990

P2995-91 - Fort Rally Team – “The Fort Rally Team” which helped make “Exercise Part of your Day” - 1990

P2995-92 - Ms. Anna Rutherford – a University of Newcastle graduate, who has published a journal on Newcastle, Australia - 1990

P2995-93 - Presentation of $25,000 cheque to the University of Newcastle, by Leightons Contractors for a swimming pool at International House - 1990

P2995-94 - Computing exhibition - 1990

P2995-95 - Computing exhibition - 1990

P2995-96 - University rugby union club, led by Damien Brown - 1990

P2995-97 - Balsa Wood Bridge Competition Winners: Mr Dustin Hansen, Mr Tyronne Smith, Mr Anthony Gray and Professor Rob Melchers - 1990: Pictured with the winners of the competition are (left to right): Mr Dustin Hansen of Swansea, $20; Mr Tyronne Smith of Rankin Park, $40; and Mr Anthony Gray of Singleton, $70 first prize – is professor of Civil Engineering, Professor Rob Melchers

P2995-98 - Secretary of Cricket Club, Mr. Peter Tate (l) with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Keith Morgan - 1990

P2995-99 - 1990 Blues Dinner (L-R): Sportsperson of the Year, Anthony Elsert with University Credit Union Branch Manager, Mr. Paul Cootes, who is presenting the cup & cheque to Anthony

P2995-100 - Blues Dinner 1990. (L–R): Owen Droop, Anthony Elsert, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Keith Morgan, Luke Mahony & Paul Heanly

P2995-101 - Professor John Fryer congratulates the 1990 winners of an unidentified prize - Andrew Daly, Mathew Pike, Mark Masia, Brenton Neuschulz and John Tonkin - 1990

P2995-102 - Mr Bruce King -1990

P2995-103 - Mr Buce King - 1990

P2995-104 - Guy Cotterill and Dr John O’Connor - 1990

P2995-105 - Galvanizers Prize – Student Tim Harrold with Assoc/Professor John Fryer

P2995-106 - L – R: Helen Parker (Careers Advisor), Kate Greminelle students "Essay Writing" - 1991 (copy of P2992-55)

P2995-107 - Liesl – playing basketball in a wheelchair

P2995-108 - Charles Penglase with Professor Walla - 1990

P2995-109 - Handing over the keys to the SRC is former President, Alison Kinder, with new president Martin Davies - 1990

P2995-110 - Vicki Atkins (Business Student) with Steve Dunkley - 1990

P2995-111 - Debra Searles - 1990

P2995-112 - At the launching of the NEWSTEP programme in 1990: Mr Ian Whitson, the teaching co-ordinator, Ms Anita van der Wal (Equity Project), Ms Kylie Forde, Ms Kylie Armstrong, Ms Gail White (Equity Project) and Associate Professor John Ramsland

P2995-113 - Irene Hoetzer and David Scott with Professor Erika Tunner - 1990

P2995-114 - Mr John Turier - 1990

P2995-115 - Ms Fiona Fell - 1990

P2995-116 - Drama rehearsal - 1990

P2995-117 - Jenny Blundell presented with the 1990 Neal J Dickson Award by Professor Barry Hughes - 1990

P2995-118 - Max Shirley – 1990 Neal J. Dickson Award recipient (presented by Professor Barry Hughes)

P2995-119 - Mr John MacMaster winner of "The Boeing Prize" for Excellence in Aviation - 1990

P2995-120 - Mr Brian Suters and Professor Barry Maitland, with Mr Chye Hin Tan, Architecture IV student, who designed a fisherman’s wharf development for Newcastle - 1990

P2995-121 - Adele Buchanan and Dr Wendy Brown - 1990

P2995-122 - SRC Executive Anna Hartee, Chris Toll, Wayne McCrea and Sarah Johnson - 1990

P2995-123 - Unidentified students and lecturer - 1990

P2995-124 - Mrs June Roberts-Thomson - 1990

P2995-125 - Suters Architects: Brian Suters (left) and David Rose (right) present the Architecture Prize to David Boyle - 1990

P2995-126 - A $20,000 research grant for Computing Studies in the Department of Mathematics - 1990: Appearing in this photograph: (L-R) Dr Rod Gover, Dr Eugine Valachynsky, Dr Brailey Sims (seated) and Dr Ian Benn

P2995-127 - Radiography students in the School of Health - 1990

P2995-128 - Carl Boyd - 1990

P2995-129 - An unidentified man - 1990

P2995-130 - Dr Robert Eather (former student). Winner of Convocation Gold Medal - 1990

P2995-131 - Mark Johnson and Ada Staader - 1990

P2995-132 - Architectures student, Mr Chye Tan and his design for an office block which won him the $1500 James Peddle Award - 1990

P2995-133 - Family link helped team to win, six members of University’s fourth grade cricket team - 1990: Messrs John and Peter Fryer, Messrs Graham (captain) and Robert Faraday with Messrs Jeremy and Allan Richardson. The team could be unique in the anals of University Cricket because of the number of father and son links

P2995-134 - Mr Peter Brown with Recreation and Tourism students during an attempt on the world record for sculpture - 1990

P2995-135 - A practice match for the University of Newcastle team before travelling to Hobart to represent Newcastle in the ABC Television programme “University Challenge” - 1990

P2995-136 - University Challenge team (L-R): Mark Priest (Captain), Keith Joseph, Stuart Cooper and Noel Leggett

P2995-137 - Mary Cameron (wheelchair) with Dr Bethia Penglase and Alethea Taylor

P2995-138 - Wildlife illustration artists - Judy McQueeney (r) with an unidentified woman display samples of their work - 1990

P2995-139 - (L-R): Penny Johansen and Genevieve Wallace - 1990

P2995-140 - (L-R): Mark Priest, Keith Joseph, Stuart Cooper, Noel Leggett during a practice match against Professors’ team - 1990

P2995-141 - Central Coast Campus Enrolment at Ourimbah - 1990

P2995-142 - Sally Purcell and Mr Colin Lawson - 1990

P2995-143 - Students on an excursion in the [wetlands] - 1990

P2995-144 - Students on an excursion in the [wetlands] - 1990

P2995-145 - SRC Executive Anna Hartee, Chris Toll, Wayne McCrea and Sarah Johnson - 1990

P2995-146 - Susan Keay - 1990

P2995-147 - Marion Williams - 1990

P2995-148 - Secretary of Rugby Club – Graham Cowan with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Keith Morgan - 1990

P2995-149 - John Towney (Cricket) with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Keith Morgan - 1990

P2995-150 - Perry Clarke (Rugby League) with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Keith Morgan - 1990

P2995-151 - Stephen Hurley (Hockey) with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Keith Morgan - 1990

P2995-152 - Rodney Knight - 1990

P2995-153 - Jane Azeveda - 1990

P2995-154 - John Sutton - 1990

P2995-155 - Christopher Craig - 1990

P2995-156 - Trina Rowland - 1990

P2995-157 - Jennifer Smith and Penny Pryor - 1990: Two students are bound for Japan as a result of having received prestigious awards

P2995-158 - Winner of competition for the ‘Co-operative Professional Development’ logo, Sharon Buckland, pictured with business lecturer, Marcus Hodgson - 1990

P2995-159 - Mr Andrew Philippa - 1990

P2995-160 - Central Coast Campus Enrolment at the Ourimbah Campus - 1990

P2995-161 - Mr Richard Brown, a singer who participated in local opera and concert productions - 1990

P2995-162 - Dr Carol Richards with music students - 1990

P2995-163 - Kent Gillman - 1990

P2995-164 - German Scholarship Winners - Andrea Pulati, Craig Shaw and Theresa Roberts - 1990

P2995-165 - Open Day – Students together with Professor Tim Roberts, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Keith Morgan and Professor Frank Clarke - 1990

P2995-166 - Newcastle Knights player, Ashley Gordon - 1990

P2995-167 - Unidentified Surfriderz club members - 1990

P2995-168 - Courtyard in front of the Auchmuty Library - 1990

P2995-169 - Courtyard in front of the Auchmuty Library

P2995-170 - Courtyard in front of Auchmuty Library - 1990

P2995-171 - Courtyard in front of the Auchmuty Library - 1990

P2995-172 - Ms. Gillard - 1990

P2995-173 - Ms. Gillard - 1990

P2995-174 - Mr Graham Steel (2NUR-FM), 1990

P2995-176 - Dr John Drinan

P2995-177b - Michael Pearson - 1990

P2995-177c - Sailiemanu Lilomaiaua-Nuko - 1990

P2995-177d - Denise Philips - 1990

P2995-177e - Ivan Scale - 1990

P2995-177f - Geoff Widsley - 1990

P2995-177g - Elizabeth Morrison - 1990

P2995-177h - Dr Richard Hill - 1990

P2995-177i - Hok Min Lie - 1990