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University Photographs:  Photos 0800 - 0850

Photographs of people, buildings and events associated with the University of Newcastle, Australia. Most were taken by the University Photographer.


University Photographs 0800 - 0850

Dr John TurnerSOURCE - Code 4340 - Publications and publicity officer - (Originally information officer later Media and Marketing) - John Armstrong and Keith Powell, John Miner1991-1994


P0800-1 - Dr. John Turner presents a lithograph of Newcastle in 1874 to Anissa Lockwood. Anissa and the other children pictured attend the University each week as part of an educational enrichment programme provided by the Department of Education, with support from other departments, April 1980.

P0800-2 - First Samoan student intake - 1980; Dr. Eddie Braggett.

P0800-4 - Mr. David Seargent

P0800-5 - Unknown man

P0800-6 - Kim San (Vincent) Lee, Graduate of Architecture receives the PGH prize from the Head of Architecture, Professor Ross Deamer, 1983.

P0800-7 - Mr. John Birch; Dr. Gerard Guthrie.

P0800-8 - Arthur Johnston; Unknown man

P0800-9 - Noelene Williamson, Dr. Don Wright, Dr. Sandra Grimes; Archivist Denis Rowe.

P0800-10 - Head of Civil Engineering, Dr. F Clarke welcomes Lachlan Squair; Dr. Terry Caelli.

P0800-12 - Merilyn Hey

P0800-13 - Professor Ellyett ? with unknown; Professor Boettcher with unknown.

P0800-14 - Professor D. George, Dr. Dawson and Professor Jean-Claude Redonnet; Noelene Williamson, Dr . Don Wright and Dr. Sandra Grimes.

P0800-15 - Mr Pat Matthews and Mr Bernie O’Doherty; Mr Ted Flowers and Mr Barry Mitcheson.

P0800-16 - University of Newcastle information night, September 1981

P0800-17 - Group of unknown students dressed in Roman attire

P0800-18 - Dr. Saluja and Mr. Byles with the plan of their silicon chip project; Unknown man

P0800-19 - Terry Slevin, president of the 31st SRC; Dr. Tannock.

P0800-20 - Professor ? and his four children

P0800-21 - Frances Summers

P0800-22 - Professor Jager, Heather Dickson and Professor D. George

P0800-23 - Les Andrews at his farewell function

P0800-24 - Professor M. Hayes - Mathematics

P0800-25 - Jazz band performing on Uni grounds for Open Day 1977; Shot of a student dressed as a librarian at a rally to allow children in the Universities libraries; Shot of a group of people pictured in the Union Buildings courtyard participating in a group activity.

P0800-26 - Martina Maxwell, Mary-Jane Connell and Vicki McGregor, students of St. Catherine’s College, Singleton 1978.

P0800-27 - Mr. Ian Blayden and Dr. Graham Ingram; Professor Graham Goodwin & colleagues

P0800-28 - Mrs Elaine Sheehan

P0800-29 - Vicki Lloyd, assistant 2NUR manager

P0800-30 - Artist John Single pictured with one of his paintings

P0800-31 - Keith Russell, winner of scholarship and Professor Maurie Edmonds; Professor Henry Clark - Architecture.

P0800-32 - Miss Ali Ito and Mr Nao Harade; P. Thanabalasingam.

P0800-33 - Father Brock, University Chaplain

P0800-34 - Mrs Joy Hoesli, President of AWEUN; Professor Bradford.

P0800-35 - Apprentice Stuart Gay, John Gubbins and apprentice Grant Wiltshire; Mr Roger Peters, President of APSUN and Mr John Cowley, previous president.

P0800-36 - Kaye Dimmock, 2NUR secretary

P0800-37 - Students rallying in the courtyard of the Union Building regarding children being allowed in the Universities libraries.

P0800-38 - University medallists

P0800-39 - This group of people participated in the international workshop on Electron and Ion Beam techniques, which was conducted by the Department of Physics; Unknown student; Unknown student.

P0800-40 - Enrolment day February 1981, Leanne Jennings of the Secretary’s Division notes the names of students who require transport concessions; Conference delegates; Unknown male student

P0800-41 - Dr. Wibberley; Physics conference delegates

P0800-42 - Carolyn Van Leewarden, staff member of the Auchmuty Library pictured with over 50 bibles on display in the Special Collection room; Chris Wilkinson, Erica Rowley and Morton Rawlin, three of the Medical students who went overseas to gain experience, 1981; Mr. T Earle, Mr. H Buchan, Mr. F Hambly and Mr. P Alexander, attending a National Conference of senior administrative staff, May 1981.

P0800-43 - Dr J. Ewans; Man playing a guitar in the courtyard of the union building; SRC stand display on enrolment day.

P0800-44 - Bruce Cook and colleague at the Blood Bank, Royal Newcastle Hospital.

P0800-45 - Unidentified woman; Unidentified man; Professor Anthony Quail; 10th A.G.M of the Staff Credit Union

P0800-46 - Joan Odgers, Noel Rutherford, Pran Chopra, Doug Mudway, John Armstrong, Darryl Doherty and Maurie Edmonds; Dr. Matthews.

P0800-47 - Scholarship winner, Susan Wright - 16/10/80; Elected president of the students association, Margaret Kavangah 2/10/80; Israeli student, Electrical Engineering, Hiam Weissus - 2/10/80.

P0800-48 - Alcan sponsorship - Phillip Miller, Tim Bovell and Jim Camerford 30/10/80.

P0800-49 - Professor Tweedie; Graduate employment prospects (press conference) - Professor Carter 7/8/80.

P0800-50 - Group of students attending High School Open Day, May 30th 1978.

P0800-51 - Three unknown women pictured at a sports field

P0800-52 - John Lambert - October 1980; Mr. M Edmonds, Mr. R Richardson, Mr. L McLardy and Mr. H Gennette 2/10/80; Rotary team visiting from Norway, Mr. Per Arne Saeter, Fin O. Johannessen, Einar Kjell Lilleby, Mr. Hector Duncan and Geoff Butler.

P0800-53 - Head of Geomathematics section of Geological Survey of Canada, Dr. Frits Agterberg, 2/10/80; 2NUR FM station manager, Mr. A Donker, 30/10/80

P0800-54 - Market day held at the Union Building

P0800-55 - Rally being held in the courtyard of the Union Building

P0800-56 - See P0800-39; Graduation being held in The Great Hall; Orchestra performing in front of a group of students at the Great Hall.

P0800-57 - Newcastle Ecology Centre information booth shot of inside the Union Building.

P0800-58 - Dr. Paul Kavanagh, lecturer in English; Dr. Michael Ewans has been appointed acting Head of the Department of Drama.

P0800-59 - Beverley Angus; Beverley Angus and Dr. T Roberts; Dr. T Roberts pictured at an art exhibition.

P0800-60 - Mr. J Armstrong and Dr. T Roberts - Art display at the Staff House

P0800-61 - Mary Ann Spiropoulos, 1981

P0800-63 - Unknown men

P0800-64 - Unknown man [Don Wright?]; Professor Eric Andrews, Department of History; Unknown group

P0800-65 - Sculpture courtesy of Architecture being displayed in the courtyard of the Auchmuty Library.

P0800-66 - Unidentified male student

P0800-67 - See P0800-43 2nd shot

P0800-68 - Man playing a guitar in the courtyard of the Union building

P0800-69 - Unknown man and woman

P0800-70 - Band playing in Union courtyard

P0800-71 - Band playing in Union courtyard; Unknown group

P0800-72 - Band playing in Union courtyard

P0800-73 - Student protest

P0800-74 - Student protest; Professor Anthony Quail

P0801 - P0849 to be used

P0850-1 - Writer in residence - Percy Haslam. Denis Rowe (3 copies)

P0850-2 - Medical students Mohammed Kakimi (indonesia), Niphon Poungvarin (Thailand), Maryanne Lansang (Phillipines), Amarin Leelarasamee (Thailand) (UniNews vol 9 no 2 and Gazette vol 15), 1983. 2 photos (different shots)

P0850-3 - Dr Rogelio Lozano-Leal (UniNews vol 10 no 4) (2 photos)

P0850-4 - Dr Peter Bird, Scottish visitor (UniNews vol 10 no 5); Friends pottery exhibition and sale (1 photo); Girl with pottery (UniNews vol 10 no 4)

P0850-5 - Rick Billinghurst, guest drama director (UniNews vol 8 no 12 (3 photos); Unknown oriental gentleman.

P0850-6 - 3 men: 2 Asian, one Caucasion; Ken Dutton with international visitors

P0850-7 - 2 women one man unknown; Professsor Kinoshita (UniNews vol.9 no 2), 1983

P0850-8 - Unknown man and woman, 1983

P0850-9 - Dr Norman Swan (UniNews vol 10 no 5) 1983

P0850-10 - Roy Gilbert -Newton John winner 1983; Unknown man

P0850-11 - Professor Eltaher, Saudi Arabia, 1983

P0850-12 - Information officers conference 1983; Photo of 8 people.

P0850-13 - University Council meeting 1980

P0850-14 - 2 men, one woman unknown ca. 1980; Group of 9 men unknown ca.1980

P0850-15 - Large group of men unknown ca. 1980

P0850-16 - Professor Eltaher, Saudi Arabia (UniNews vol 9 no 20); Caroline Went, Shane Cooper (UniNews vol 9 no 17)

P0850-17 - Universities Council Sept 6/7 (UniNews vol 9 no 16); Aust computer symposium reps (UniNews vol 9 no 15)

P0850-18 - 1 - Bishop Holland, Bishop Clarke, Rev Barrett (UniNews vol 9 no 17); 2. Mr Fairleigh(wall HS) Prof Carter Vol.9 school principals' visit.

P0850A-1 - Writer in Residence - Percy Haslam with Denis Rowe and unidentified man

P0850A-2 - International medical students

P0850A-3 - Dr Rogelio Lozano-Leal

P0850A-4 - Dr Peter Bird, Scottish visitor; Friends of the University of Newcastle pottery exhibition and sale - girl with pottery

P0850A-5 - Rick Billinghurst, guest drama director; Unknown oriental gentleman

P0850A-6 - Ken Dutton with international visitors

P0850A-7 - Unknown group; Professor Kinoshita

P0850A-8 - Unknown man and woman

P0850A-9 - Dr Norman Swan

P0850A-10 - Roy Gilbert receiving the Newton-John Award; Professor Eltaher from Saudi Arabia, 1983

P0850A-11 - Unknown man

P0850A-12 - Information Officers' Conference - 1983; Unknown representative attending the International Officers Conference - 1983

P0850A-13 - University of Newcastle Council meeting

P0850A-14 - Unknown group; Group of 9 unknown men

P0850A-15 - Large group outside the Auchmuty Library

P0850A-16 - Professor Eltaher from Saudi Arabia; Caroline Went, Shane Cooper

P0850A-17 - [University of Newcastle] Council representatives; Australian Computer Symposium representatives

P0850A-18 - Bishop Alfred Holland, Bishop Clarke, Reverend Barrett

P0850A-19 - Eugene Kamenko (UniNews vol 9 no 15); Group of 5 people unidentified people; Shane Cooper (UniNews vol 9 no 17); Caroline Went (UniNews vol 9 no 17).

P0850A-20 - Senator Susan Ryan; Group of 5 people unidentified people; Same as above.

P0850A-21 - Eugene Kamenko; Bishop Holland, Bishop Clarke, Rev Barrett (UniNews vol 9 no 17)

P0850A-22 - 1 - Electrical and computer engineering- Modern control course Sept 1983 - 28 men one woman; 2 - Professor Carter at high school principals' meeting 1983.

P0850A-23 - Nabuaki Nishioka, Rikako Momosaki and Hioshi Yamashita (UniNews vol 10 no 3); Prof Peter Martini (Canada) (UniNews vol 10 no 3).

P0850A-24 - David Long and Laurie Henderson (UniNews vol 10 no 3); Fabien Anselmet (UniNews vol 10 no 3)

P0850A-25 - Robin Williams

P0850A-26 - Senator Neville Bonner (UniNews Vol. 9 No. 14); David Newell

P0850A-27 - As above in 26; Senator Neville Bonner (UniNews vol 9 no 14)

P0850A-28 - Robin Williams

P0850A-29 - Broadmeadow High at secondary schools music festival (UniNews, Vol 9 no 10)

P0850A-30 - Mrs Yuko Nishimura and Professor Carter (UniNews vol 9, no 2)

P0850A-31 - Senator Susan Ryan (UniNews vol 9 no 9; Prof Rademacher. (UniNews vol 9 no 11).

P0850A-33 - Coal Technology course (UniNews vol 9 no 9); Cuban Consul-general, Seandntilde;or Zamora and his Idania (UniNews vol 9 no 9)

P0850A-34 - Architecture students display at the Water Board (UniNews vol 0 no 11)

P0850A-35 - Architecture students display at the Water Board (UniNews vol 0 no 11)

P0850A-36 - Secondary Schools Music Festival - Broadmeadow High

P0850A-37 - Secondary Schools Music Festival

P0850A-38 - Dr Alan Hewson (UniNews Vol.9 No.5); Professors Trevor Waring and Ken Dutton

P0850A-39 - Unknown man

P0850A-40 - Unknown man

P0850A-41 - Alison Ziller, EEO Director; Group of children in aboriginal garb.

P0850A-42 - Erosion conference - Prof F Oldfeild, Prof. De Ploey, Dr Henry and Mrs Henry, Dr D Walling (UniNews Vol 10 no 8)

P0850A-43 - Mrs Maddison with picture of her late husband

P0850A-44 - Unknown man; Group of children in aboriginal garb

P0850A-45 - Dr Art Van Bell, Biological Sciences; Dr Luc Dugard; Professor Trevor Waring

P0850A-46 - Dr Art Van Bell, Biological Sciences; Unknown man; 1 photo group of people unknown

P0850A-47 - Dr R S Azad; Professor University of Manitoba Winnipeg Canada

P0850A-48 - Maryville Jazz band

P0850A-49 - Richard and Susan Shaw - University of Stirling, Scotland; Les Murray - poet; Alison Ziller Director EEO.

P0850A-50 - Unknown group of men; John Krummel.

P0850A-51 - Unknown group; unknown group; inside Great Hall.

P0850A-52 - Mrs Yoko Nishimura, visiting fellow Vol 8 No 3; Japanese Donation (UniNews Vol 8 No 5)

P0850A-53 - Journalists from China daily - Mrs Reeves, Mr Ziang Huimin Mrs song Guozhen Mr Wang Yuni.

P0850A-54 - The Shaws; Unknown man

P0850A-55 - Mechanical engineers conference (UniNews vol 8 no 8; The Australian Mathematical Olympic Team (UniNews Vol 8 No 8).

P0850A-56 - Japanese exchange students; Rotary exchange students; as above

P0850A-57 - The Australian Mathematical Olympic Team; Les Murray, visiting Fellow

P0850A-58 - Pauline Walker NBN 3

P0850A-59 - Dr Tony Short, Visiting Fellow

P0850A-60 - Unknown man; Dorothy Hewitt, Writer in Residence

P0850A-61 - Peter Shaunessy

P0850A-62 - Mr R J Hardin

P0850A-63 - Mr Errol Hodge Oct 1973

P0850A-64 - Mr Errol Hodge n.d.

P0850A-65 - 4 Japanese girls in traditional dress; Unknown man

P0850A-66 - Ken Booth M.L.A

P0850A-67 - Xavier Herbert, Writer in Residence; Unknown man and woman

P0850A-68 - Cr T. Callcott, Bruce Kirkwood, Rhys Roberts, Prof Sam Luxton

P0850A-69 - Brian Relf - past Warden; Dorothy Hewitt - Writer in Residence.

P0850A-70 - The Premier of NSW - Mr Wran 1980

P0850A-71 - Denise Otter

P0850A-72 - Laurie Bowd

P0850A-73 - Professor George, Sir Bede Callaghan, Sir Roden Cutler, Justice Kirby; Unknown man

P0850A-74 - 2 unknown men

P0850A-75 - 2 unknown men

P0850A-76 - Former Lord Mayor of Newcastle D. McDougall

P0850A-77 - Sir Bede Callaghan, Brian Relf; Unknown man

P0850A-78 - Unknown man; Mary Callcott Newton - John Award recipient.

P0850A-79 - Christina Stead (Novellist) 1976

P0850A-80 - John Turnball director of wood street theatre

P0850A-81 - Japanese visitors

P0850A-82 - Morning tea staff house 10/7/80; Professor Katherine Heinrich visiting uni ex graduate and medal winner.

P0850A-83 - Dorothy Hewitt 6/6/77

P0850A-84 - University Council 25/6/80

P0850A-85 - University council 25/6/80

P0850A-86 - School visit 1980

P0850A-87 - School visit 1980

P0850A-88 - School visit 1980

P0850A-89 - School visit 1980 2 photos

P0850A-90 - Group of unknown people

P0850A-91 - Group of unknown people

P0850A-92 - Group of Professors

P0850A-93 - Unknown female; John Romeril Writer-in-Residence 24/7/80

P0850A-94 - Professor C Birch Newcastle

P0850A-95 - Sir Roden Cutler visits campus

P0850A-96 - Sir Bede Callaghan Feb 24th [n.y]

P0850A-97 - 4 unknown men

P0850A-98 - Don Dunstan

P0850A-99 - Don Dunstan

P0850A-100 - Don Dunstan

P0850A-101 -Don Dunstan

P0850A-102 - Don Dunstan

P0850A-103 - Don Dunstan

P0850A-104 - Unknown man

P0850A-105 - Unknown man

P0850A-106 - Professor Russell, 1978

P0850A-107 - Professor Asher Casdan, August, 1978

P0850A-108 - Professor Neal Miller, August, 1978

P0850A-109 - Don Dunstan

P0850A-110 - Jim Comerford, ex Miners’ Association President, Convocation Scholar.

P0850A-111 - Lord Casey, former Governor General visiting Newcastle in 1967

P0850A-112 - Prof McKellar; Professor Street

P0850A-113 - Justice Staples; Phillip Miller, Athol D'Ombrain, Professor George

P0850A-114 - Lord Mayor Joy Cummings; Prof McKellar

P0850A-115 - Mulbring Fossils, 7 August, 1980

P0850A-116 - Dr Minton Louis Bland Cultural Attaché (UniNews vol 7 no 11)

P0850A-117 - Rotary exchange students visit from 8 countries (UniNews vol 7 no 5)

P0850A-118 - Professor Brian Hennen- Kellogg Fellow Medicine (UniNews vol 7 no 12)

P0850A-119 - Mr J C Risby Ex-General Manager, BHP Steelworks

P0850A-120 - Visiting Norwegian Rotary exchange (UniNews vol 7 no 4)

P0850A-121 -Mr Vic Grieve - bandmaster

P0850A-122 - School visits day May 1981; Admin. Conference at Newcastle

P0850A-123 -Richard Landis and family, Fulbright Scholar (UniNews vol 7 no 16) ; Prof. Epstein (UniNews vol 7 no 16); Professor Enzo Dalle Mese and wife Yianna.

P0850A-124 - School visits day 1981

P0850A-125 - Sir Bede Callaghan and Sir James Rowland

P0850A-126 - Dr Frank Purdue; Dr Frank Purdue, Don George and unknown man

P0850A-127 - Bede Callaghan & James Rowland

P0850A-128 - Norman Millan

P0850A-129 - Judith Wright - poet and conservationist

P0850A-130 - Chancellor of Deakin University, Peter Thwaites; Deputy Chancellor of Deakin University, Mr Neil Davidson

P0850A-131- Michio Ihara, Architect and sculptor

P0850A-132 - Unknown man

P0850A-133 - ABC television crew, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

P0850A-134 - Godfrey Tanner and unknown man

P0850B-1 - Woman with map

P0850B-1a - Woman with map

P0850B-1b - Woman with map

P0850B-2 - Woman with Tawny Frogmouth owl; An unknown clergyman; Unknown man

P0850B-3 - Miss Julie Klien; Anthony Tate receiving grant from Mr Cole of Albany National Pty Ltd

P0850B-4 - Penelope Nelson; Peter Kuch; Christopher Pollnitz

P0850B-5 - 3 people around computer; students in lecture room

P0850B-6 - John Lambert and colleagues celebrating new Computer Centre extensions; Owen Hanson

P0850B-7 - Vicki Schofield; Anne Wormald, Samuel Wormald & Dr Nick Wormald

P0850B-8 - The Rumculls

P0850B-9 - Coral Bayley-Jones, Commonwealth Scholar 16 October, 1980; Alison McLeod 4 September, 1980 - Higher Degree Report.

P0850B-10 - Group of school children; Pim Van Tilberg; school boys; Bruce Lane, Peter Stepien & Murray Macpherson

P0850B-11 - Shirley Byron retires (UniNews vol 8 no 1); Credit union amalgamation; Overseas visitors (UniNews vol 8 no 3)

P0850B-12 - Schoolboys 1981; Bruce Lane, Peter Stepien, Murray Macpherson receiving science awards

P0850B-13 - Margaret Kavanagh & Sharon Ryan handing out SRC bags - 1982; People on lawn; 3 men outside uni building [Edwards Hall?]

P0850B-14 - Unknown man

P0850B-15 - Margert Chenery receiving award from Dr G Pagenstert and Robert Raupach

P0850B-16 - New Chaplain Carroll

P0850B-16a - Miss Maitland Showgirl - Kim Collins, Maitland, Australia

P0850B-17 - Enrolment Day at the Great Hall - 1982

P0850B-17a - Enrolment Day at Great Hall - 1982

P0850B-17b - Enrolment Day at the Great Hall, at the University of Newcastle, Australia - 1982

P0850B-18 - Professor Peter Dodwell from Queens University, Department of Psychology

P0850B-18a - Professor Peter Dodwell from Queens University, Deptartment of Psychology

P0850B-18b - Professor Peter Dodwell from Queens University, Department of Psychology

P0850B-18c - Miss Showgirl at the Newcastle Show, Australia - c.1982

P0850B-18d- Sharon Ryan and Margaret Kavanagh handing out Student Representative bags

P0850B-19 - Philip Drew

P0850B-19a - Philip Drew

P0850B-20 - Christopher Pollnitz from the Department of English

P0850B-20a - Christopher Pollnitz from the Department of English

P0850B-20b - Tony Hassall

P0850B-20c - Russell Craig

P0850B-20d - Russell Craig

P0850B-21 - Dr David Dockrill and Dr Don Wright

P0850B-21a - Mr R. Donaldson with labyrinth mazes during student lecture

P0850B-21b - Three Japanese exchange students - Satoro Kuwahara, Ms Kahako Fuchigami & Ms Kiyomi Sakai

P0850B-22 - Dr Howard Bridgman

P0850B-22a - Russell Craig

P0850B-22b - Maurice Edmonds

P0850B-22c - Russell Craig

P0850B-22d - Mary Rabbit

P0850B-23 - Professor Felix Rademacher

P0850B-23a - Brian O'Shea

P0850B-23b - Brian O'Shea

P0850-24 - Dr Terry Caelli

P0850B-24a - Geraldine McKenzie & Orie Muta

P0850B-24b - Geraldine McKenzie & Orie Muta

P0850B-24c - Geraldine McKenzie & Orie Muta

P0850B-25 - Dr John Smart

P0850B-25a - John Ramsland from the Department of Education

P0850B-25b - Father James Bromley

P0850B-26 - Unknown man

P0850b-26a - Ross Deamer (Architect)

P0850B-26b - William van Tilbury

P0850B-26c - Russell Craig

P0850B-27 - Norm Allen

P0850B-27a - Owen Hanson

P0850B-27b - Pat Middleton

P0850B-27c- Peter Cummins

P0850B-28 - Ray Watterson

P0850B-28a - Ray Watterson

P0850B-29 - Unknown [academic?]

P0850B-29a - Jillian Patterson from Community Programs

P0850B-30 - Unknown man

P0850B-30a - Unknown women

P0850B-31 - Margaret Raszeja

P0850B-31a - Unknown [academic?]

P0850b-31b - Unknown woman

P0850B-32 - John Burn

P0850B-32a - Unknown man

P0850b-32b - Unknown man

P0850B-33 - Unknown man

P0850B-33a - Unknown woman sitting at table

P0850B-33b - Unknown group

P0850B-34 - Dr Tim Roberts

P0850B-35 - Unknown man, Newcastle, Australia

P0850B-35a - Unknown group [Engineering?]

P0850B-36 - School children at a University Open Day

P0850B-36a - Professor C.F.K Diessel

P0850B-37 - Unknown man

P0850B-37a - Unknown men

P0850B-37b - Philip Seccombe

P0850B-37c - John Reid - Secretary's Division

P0850B-38 - John Wlodarczky

P0850B-38a - Philip Seccombe

P0850B-39 - Professor C.F.K Diessel

P0850B-39a - Peter Bamford from the Counselling Unit

P0850B-39b - Sumanaratne Kahagalle

P0850B-40 - Chris Lingley - Union Activities Officer

P0850B-41 - Unknown man

P0850B-41a - Two people at a Function

P085B-42 - Marion Magee

P0850B-42a - Kazi Mohiuddin Ahmed

P0850B-42b - Chris Tingley & John Wlodarczky

P0850B-43 - Don Wright

P0850B-43a - Don Wright

P0850B-43b - Don Wright

P0850B-44 - Christine Claydon

P0850B-45 - Unknown [academic?]

P0850B-45a - Unknown [academic]

P0850B-46 - Stephen Date

P0850B-46a - Stephen Date

P0850B-46b - Stephen Date

P0850B-47 - Unknown man

P0850B-47a - Unknown clergyman

P0850B-47b - Unknown man

P0850B-48 - Unknown [academic?]

P0850B-48a - Unknown man

P0850B-48b - Unknown woman

P0850B-49 - Unknown women

P0850B-49a - Unknown man

P0850B-49b - Joyce Morgan (Newcastle Herald) reporter

P0850B-50 - Unknown man

P0850B-50a - Ms Leslie Scanlon, Tutor in History

P0850B-51 - Unknown student

P0850B-51a - Unknown student

P0850B-51b - Unknown woman

P0850B-52 - Unknown woman

P0850B-52a - Unknown women

P0850B-53 - Mr Pat Mathews - Commonwealth Bank Manager

P0850B-53a - Mr Pat Mathews - Commonwealth Bank Manager

P0850B-54 - Giles Martin from the Auchmuty Library

P0850B-54a - Giles Martin, the Auchmuty Library

P0850B-55 - Maurice Edmonds

P0850B-56 - Unknown man

P0850B-56a - Mr Pat Mathews - Commonwealth Bank Manager

P0850B-56b - Darryl Doherty

P0850B-56c - Maurice Edmonds

P0850B-57 - Unknown man

P0850B-57a - Father James Bromley

P0850B-57b - Unknown woman

P0850B-58 - Dr Ira Jager M.D, Department of Medicine

P0850B-58a - Dr Desmond Storer

P0850B-59 - Dr Peter Hempenstall from History Department

P0850B-59a - Unknown men

P0850B-59b - Unknown man

P0850B-60 - Kath Dacey from Amenities

P0850B-60a - Phil Emerton & Betty operating the switchboard

P0850B-61 - Dr Tim Roberts from Biological Sciences

P0850B-61a - Arthur Johnston from Engineering

P0850B-62 - Bob Cowdroy

P0850B-62a - Neil Keats

P0850B-62b - Unknown man

P0850B-63a - Kath Dacey from Amenities

P0850B-63 - David Ray from Biological Sciences

P0850B-63b - Peter Bamford from Counselling

P0850B-63c - Peter Bamford from Counselling

P0850B-64 - Ms Leslie Scanlon, Tutor in History

P0850B-64a - John Armstrong - Secretary's Division

P0850B-65 - Dr C. Stall from Economics

P0850B-65a - Bill Sheehan from Economics

P0850B-65b - Dr Fred Guilhaus with his wife - Department of Commerce

P0850B-66 - Barbara Cook in the Auchmuty Library

P0850B-67 - Graeme McIntyre

P0850B-67a - Graeme McIntyre

P0850B-68 - Calligraphy display by Hitoshi Motomura from Kumamoto University, Japan

P0850B-68a - Calligraphy display - Hitoshi Motomura from Kumamoto University, Japan

P0850B-69 - Dr Boulton - Foundation Chair of Paediatrics (School of Medicine)

P0850B-70 - Godfrey Tanner with unknown group

P0850B-71 - Union Bookshop - Pat Bradshaw and Richard Stern 2 August 1980

P0850B-71a - Union Bookshop - Pat Bradshaw and Richard Stern - 2 August 1980

P0850B-71b - Dr Donald Laycock

P0850B-72 - Library staff - Anne Smith & Alison Gates - 18 September 1980

P0850B-72a - Anne Smith & Alison Gates labelling books in Auchmuty Library - 18 September 1980

P0850B-72b - John Lambert

P0850B-73 - Retirement of Nancy Kirby

P0850B-74 - Graham Beverly - Overseas study in Japan, 16 Oct. 1980

P0850B-74a - Graham Beverly - Overseas study in Japan, 16 Oct. 1980

P0850B-74b - Dr Nick Wormald - Mathematics

P0850B-75 - Reverend R.K Williamson

P0850B-75a - W.G Warren

P0850B-76 - Felix Rademacher

P0850B-76a - Historic photograph of James Fuller (Railway Builder - Newcastle), featured in UniNews - 6 Aug 1981

P0850B-76b - Laurie Short

P0850B-77 - Alex Young

P0850B-77a - W.G Warren

P0850B-79 - Two students

P0850B-80 - University Open Day in the Student Union Building

P0850B-80a - University Open Day in the Student Union Building

P0850B-81 - Student entertainment in Union Courtyard

P0850B-82 - Unknown student in McMullin Building

P0850B-83 - Student Union Cafeteria

P0850B-83a - Student Union Building

P0850B-84 - Student Health Scheme

P0850B-84a - PhD Student from the University of Manitoba

P0850B-84b - Mr. R. Donaldson - Specialist in building construction

P0850B-85 - Dr Robert Bitmead

P0850B-85a - Professor Felix Rademacher

P0850B-85b - N.T. Hung

P0850B-85c - Peter Moutoudis

P0850B-86 - Mementos from Dr Ono's trip to Kumamato University in Japan

P0850B-87 - First year enrolment in the Great Hall

P0850B-88 - Students studying in the Auchmuty Library

P0850B-89 - Margaret Kavanagh and Loretta O'Donnell

P0850B-90 - "Education For All Not Just the Rich" - student protest march

P0850B-90a - "Education For All Not Just the Rich" - student protest march

P0850B-90b - "Education For All Not Just the Rich" - student protest march

P0850B-91 - Students studying in the Auchmuty Library

P0850B-91a - Auchmuty Library interior

P0850B-91b - Student Union Cafeteria

P0850B-92 - Students studying

P0850B-93 - Jean Ley's retirement

P0850B-93a - Jean Ley's retirement

P0850B-93b - Bob Mackie

P0850B-94 - Student entertainment in Union Courtyard

P0850B-95 - John Armstrong inspecting new Sports Pavilion Bar facilities

P0850B-95a - John Armstrong inspecting new Sports Pavilion Bar facilities

P0850B-95b - John Armstrong inspecting new Sports Pavilion Bar facilities

P0850B-96 - Primary school students inspecting skeleton parts and diagram

P0850B-97 - Japanese ambassador visits the Unversity of Newcastle to discuss Kumamato University visit

P0850B-97a - Japanese Ambassador at the University of Newcastle, Australia as part of the Kumamato University visit

P0850B-97b - Japanese ambassador visits the University of Newcastle, Australia to discuss Kumamato University visit

P0850B-97c - Professor Don George, Dr Ono and Japanese ambassador - Kumamato University visit

P0850B-98 - Enrolment Day, 1981

P0850B-99 - Administration conference at the University of Newcastle, Australia - T.R Earle, H.F Buchan, F.S Hambly and P.O Alexander

P0850B-99a - Karl Flowers - embarking on overseas working holiday

P0850B-99b - Loretta O'Donnell, Students' Union Board President

P0850B-100 - Jess Dyce, Newton-John Award winner - 1982

P0850B-100a - Jess Dyce, Newton-John Award winner - 1982

P0850B-100b - Jess Dyce, Newton-John Award winner - 1982

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