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University Photographs:  Photos 0797 - 0799

Photographs of people, buildings and events associated with the University of Newcastle, Australia. Most were taken by the University Photographer.

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University Photographs 0797-0799

Christmas cartoon drawing by Ron BlackwellSOURCE - Code 4340 - Publications and publicity officer - (Originally information officer later Media and Marketing) - John Armstrong and Keith Powell, John Miner 1991-1994

P0797 ART

P0797-1 - Christmas cartoon drawing by Ron Blackwell.

P0797-2 - Painting of the 2nd Chancellor, Bede Callaghan.

P0797-3 - Sculpture of a Ned Kelly like figure dragging another man with a chain.

P0797-4 - Sculpture of a vase.

P0797-5 - Sculpture of two horse like figures made out of some form of metal.

P0797-6 - University of Newcastle logo with a drawing of Auchmuty Library in the background.

P797-7 - Janet Brereton pictured with her tapestry, 1983

P0797-8 - Beach setting painting on a vase - Newton-John Award 1983

P0797-9 - Larry Beeston, Ken Gordon, Anne Von Bertouch and Mary Beeston viewing a tapestry work.

P0797-10 - University of Newcastle souvenirs

P0797-11 - Chancellor’s chair

P0797-12 - Wire sculpture

P0797-13 - Exhibition of sculptures created by Architecture II students displayed in the courtyard of the Union Building.

P0797-14 - Photos of art exhibition

P0797-15 - Photos of art exhibition

P0797-16 - Photos of art exhibition

P0797-17 - Wire sculpture of University of Newcastle logo

P0797-18 - Cartoon drawing of 1st Vice Chancellor, J.J. Auchmuty, riding a bearded Seahorse whilst holding a devil like fork and smoking a cigarette By Bolger 8/6/1966.

P0797-19 - Painting of 1st Chancellor Alastair McMullin

P0797-20 - Science fiction sculpture display

P0797-21 - Shots of an art exhibition

P0797-22 - Shots of an art exhibition

P0797-23 - Shots of an art exhibition

P0797-24 - Shots of an art exhibition; Outdoor shot of an obscure sculpture on a pillar.

P0797-25 - Photos of paintings from an art exhibition

P0797-26 - Tom Thompson - Artist in residence - Photo by Andrew Howell by courtesy of “Artemis”.

P0797-27 - Photos of art exhibition

P0797-28 - Proof sheet photos of The Ancient Mariner sculpture by Kristy Walker and the Embraced Fountain by Guy Boyd.

P0797-29 - Wall hanging made from ceramic tiles.

P0797-30 - Fountain by Guy Boyd - Two female figures embraced; 2nd Vice Chancellor Prof. Don George, Mary Calcott, Mr. B. Relf and Mr. D. Morris, Mary was awarded the Newton-John award 1979. The actual award which she holds was executed by Mr. Morris - sculptor.

P0797-31 - Fountain by Guy Boyd - Two female figures embraced.

P0797-32 - Outdoor shot of an obscure sculpture on a pillar.

P0797-33 - Sculpture - “The Ancient Mariner”, by Kristy Walker is part of the University of Newcastle collection.

P0797-34 - Photos of a drawing/painting from an art exhibition; Silver items of value including ceremonial mace.

P0797-35 - Close up photo of drawing/painting taken at an art exhibition; Sculpture made of metal.

P0797-36 - Silver items of value including ceremonial mace.

P0797-37 - Students display from the Newcastle Technical College

P0797-38 - Proof sheet shots of art work from an exhibition; Shot of “The Ancient Mariner” by Kristy Walker, taken outdoors on walkway.

P0797-39 - Close up photo of painting taken from art exhibition; Shot of “The Ancient Mariner” by Kristy Walker, taken outdoors on grass.

P0797-40 - Shot of “The Ancient Mariner” by Kristy Walker taken outdoors on grass; Drawing of a building, photo taken from an art exhibition.

P0797-41 - Fountain by Guy Boyd - Two women figures embraced.

P0797-42 - Sleek sculpture made from wood.

P0797-43 - Sleek sculpture made from wood, shot at various angles.

P0797-44 - J.J. Auchmutys’ Coat of Arms.

P0797-45 - Drawing of the Birdsville Hotel complete with barn in background By H.C 78.

P0797-46 - Ceremonial Mace

P0797-47 - Proof sheet shots of an obscure sculpture made of wood, looking much like a piece of driftwood; Obscure sculpture made from some form of metal.

P0797-48 - J.J. Auchmuty's Coat of Arms

P0797-49 - Rising fog, Sydney Harbour, by G.F. Lawrence 1974.

P0797-50 - Driftwood looking sculpture made from wood.

P0797-51 - Artwork in the form of a plate

P0797-52 - The Student Teacher’s First Billet 1970 by Irvine Homer, photo taken at art exhibition.

P0797-53 - Winning photo from the Union Student Art Exhibition, by Selena Hannan, 1979.

P0797-54 - Driftwood looking sculpture made from wood

P0797-55 - Silver items of value including ceremonial mace

P0797-56 - Silver items of value

P0797-57 - University of Newcastle emblem/logo, “I look ahead”

P0797-58 - Ceremonial Mace; Seahorse award, awarded to Department of Biological Sciences.

P0797-59 - Secretary of the Staff House, Mr. R. Gibberd, Mr. H. Clarke and Treasurer Mr. P. Day with the art works that have been added to the Staff House collection.

P0797-60 - see No. 59

P0797-61 - see No. 59

P0797-62 - Dramatic shot of “The Ancient Mariner”, background has been blackened which gives the sculpture an even more desperate look.

P0797-63 - Small sculpture made from rock, by L. Ware 1980

P0797-64 - Sir Bede Callaghan and Mr. P. Miller pictured together with University Plate, 21/8/80.

P0797-65 - Shot of University Plate

P0797-66 - Small sculpture made from rock, by L. Ware

P0797-67 - Sculpture by L. Ware, April 1981

P0797-68 - Professor D. George, Mr. Alex Young, Mr. B. Relf and Professor B. Newton-John at the Newton-John Awards 1980


P0798-1 - Dancing demonstration during the Oriental festival being held by the Union and the Society for Uniting Nations 24/3/1986; Friends of the University President, Mr. Ken Gordon, officially opens; Friends house, left is Mr. D Morris, right is Dr. A Forsythe, 1986.

P0798-2 - Library extensions, 1986

P0798-3 - Three unidentified people pictured 23/01/1986

P0798-4 - Don Wright and Rhonda Geale

P0798-5 - Don Wright and John Armstrong

P0798-6 - Photo of a brochure from the Newcastle Regional Museum, October 85

P0798-7 - A section of the audience for the launching of the Friends of the University

P0798-8 - TUNRA display on Open Day; Cover shot of a book written by Dr. J Ramsland, Children of the Backlanes; Mr. W. Darby speaking at the launch of the Institute of Coal Research.

P0798-9 - Lecture theatre filled with students; Professor D. George receiving cheque from Chair of Convocation; Professor C. Renwick, also pictured from right are Directors of the Foundation, Mr. J Lambert, Dr. K White, Mr. M Falconer and Mr. R Arvidson.

P0798-10 - Three gentlemen pictured with two students from Singapore, 1985; Professor D. George, Mr. J. Webb, Professor I. Stewart, Dr. T. Wall, Mr. W. Darby, L. Gore and Mr. G. Andrews at the launch of the ICR.

P0798-11 - Chemistry building, University of Newcastle

P0798-12 - Chemistry building; Friends house.

P0798-13 - Library extensions, 1986

P0798-14 - Proof sheet shots of Edwards Hall

P0798-15 - Professor Renwick and Kath Kirby

P0798-16 - Dr. Parson; The interferon research team: (back) Professor Nick Saunders, Ms Susan Gillet, (front) Ms Caroline Princehorn, Dr. Greg Tannock, Professor Richard Barry and Professor Sandy Reid.

P0798-17 - Japanese exchange students; Professor Anthony Quail.

P0798-18 - Dr. Husain and Dr. Quail; Ms Juliet Tan, Tutor in Japanese.

P0798-19 - John Lee of Philosophy and Cheryl Davies; Enrolment day; Dr. H. Craig, Mr. P. Day, Susan Bulbrook, Anne Majandzie and Tom Majandzie.

P0798-20 - Four unidentified people pictured See P796-15.

P0798-21 - Various shots of Security staff

P0798-22 - Irene Adby is enrolling in first year medicine, prior to her new academic pursuits she was a Biology teacher in secondary high school education; Book display - computers and their applications.

P0798-23 - Two gentlemen pictured using high tech microscopic equipment; Chris Craig.

P0798-24 - Rhonda Geale and Don Wright

P0798-25 - Rhonda Geale and Don Wright; Dr. Ashman, Assoc. Prof. Telfer and Mr. Bede Jordon.

P0798-26 - Chris Craig

P0798-27 - Utta Steen pictured with a statue of a head made of Terra Cotta; Godfrey Tanner pictured with a portrait of himself.

P0798-28 - Photos belonging to Professor Ian Plimer

P0798-29 - Prof. D. George with a group of unidentified people being presented with ship replicas.

P0798-30 - Mrs. Voorloop, Jack Sulsters, Anne Dupree and John Mees dressed in Dutch costumes.

P0798-31 - Students attending class being taught by unidentified lecturer.

P0798-32 - Group of people dressed in medieval costume

P0798-33 - Group of unidentified men on location doing fieldwork

P0798-34 - Prof. D. George with a group of unidentified people and their ship replicas in bottles.

P0798-35 - Group of unidentified people being presented with various plaques

P0798-36 - Polish dancing demonstration.

P0798-37 - Drawing of a man kneeling close to fire - some sort of explanation of the human thought process; Photo of a medallion with a mans head and the inscription 1860-1941 H.C. KYPHAKOB.

P0798-38 - Four unidentified people pictured at a social dinner; Bandon Grove Public School.

P0798-39 - Polish dance demonstration; Mrs. Voorloop, Jack Sulsters, Anne Dupree and John Mees dressed in Dutch costumes; Group of people dressed in Medieval costume.

P0798-40 - Three unidentified people pictured with camera equipment; Scene from an unknown movie.

P0798-41 - Second hand book sale

P0798-42 - Three unidentified people pictured with an Apple Macintosh computer possibly on Open Day; Dr. Tim Pedley of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge talks to Dr. Ludwig Engel, of the Westmead Centre of Sydney during a conference in 1981.

P0798-43 - Mr. J. Webb giving a speech at the launch of the Institute of coal research.

P0798-44 - Unidentified Indian Witch Doctor pictured with various woodcarvings and two unknown young girls in costume; Group of children at the 2NUR radio studio, Studio 1.

P0798-45 - Group of unknown people at a barbeque on Uni grounds

P0798-46 - Unknown woman dressed in Polish costume with unknown man

P0798-47 - Group of people on enrolment day

P0798-48 - Pat Flowers pictured with two other ladies preparing for a book fair; Three people dressed in Indian costumes.

P0798-49 - Three people dressed in Indian costumes

P0798-50 - Bill Jones

P0798-51 - Unknown gentleman making a speech; Group of unknown people looking over some German books.

P0798-52 - Alex Young

P0798-53 - Brian Relf; Friends of the University staff preparing for a book fair.

P0798-54 - Dr. White; Unknown council member?

P0798-55 - Professor B. Nashar

P0798-56 - Professor B. Nashar; Sir Zelman Cowan and Sir Bede Callaghan.

P0798-57 - Roy Gilbert pictured with unknown woman at a presentation of the Newton-John award; Dr. Edward Richardson; Margaret Auchmuty.

P0798-58 - Roy Gilbert pictured with unknown woman at a presentation of the Newton-John award; Prof. D. George, Roy Gilbert, pictured together with unknown guests at a presentation of the Newton-John award; Beautiful white building.

P0798-59 - Friends pottery exhibition; Dr. Roy Gilbert and Professor D. George, at a presentation of the Newton-John award.

P0798-60 - Wine glass with University of Newcastle logo

P0798-61 - The famous Castanet Club, which used to be located in Hamilton

P0798-62 - Hunter Theatre

P0798-63 - Mrs S. Morris and Mrs W. Kellerman of the Friends of the University of Newcastle, with a sculpture of a soldier astride his trusty steed, by Peter Lafebre, at a ceramic competition.

P0798-64 - Professor D. George commending the University village project

P0798-65 - Mr T. Waring receiving the Newton-John Award from Mr Brian Relf

P0798-66 - Alderman Morris

P0798-67 - Janet Brereton with her tapestry

P0798-68 - Mr. Mudway is awarded a “long service badge” by the Dean of the Faculty Engineering Professor A. Roberts; History club outing

P0798-69 - Picture of a total eclipse; A group of lazy sea lions taking up residence on a man made float, pictured in the background is an oil rig station.

P0798-70 - Wedding party held at the uni grounds

P0798-71 - Uni book fair 1983

P0798-72 - Kerri Turner new director of childcare centre 1980

P0798-73 - Mr. Shinkichi Endo, the Japanese expert who restored the Verbiest map, explains one of its many panels of Chinese script to Mr. L.E. Phillips, cultural counsellor at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo. Mr. Phillips was responsible for liaison between the National Library of Australia and Mr. Endo during part of the restoration. The photograph supplied by the National Library was taken in Mr. Endo’s Tokyo studio (released 16/2/77).

P0798-74 - Mr. Shinkichi Endo, the Japanese expert who restored the Verbiest Map, makes a final examination of part of the map in his Tokyo studio before returning it to the National Library of Australia (released 16/2/77).

P0798-75 - Mr. Shinkichi Endo stands beside the part of the map showing the eastern hemisphere. The photograph, supplied by the National Library of Australia was taken in Mr. Endo’s Tokyo studio (released 16/2/77).

P0798-76 - This small section of the Verbiest Map shows typical figures, panels of Chinese script and the effects of time on the hand-painted silk, including cracking resulting from having been pasted on stiff paper.

P0798-77 - The two men who first concluded that the rare Manchu dynasty map was a Verbiest original - Mr. Tom Knight, and Mr. S. Wang examine part of the restored map with the National Library’s Assistant Map Curator, Mrs. Gillian Martin. Mr Knight, formerly Map Curator, is now Maps Advisor to the National Library. Mr. Wang is Chief Librarian of the Library’s Orientalia section.

P0798-78 - Mr. S. Wang, Mr. Tom Knight and Mrs. Pauline Fanning, Director of the Australian National Humanities Library, examine part of the Verbiest map.

P0798-79 - Wedding party held at the University of Newcastle

P0798-80 - Don Dunstan, late Premier of S.A. photo taken at Aeropelican Airport

P0798-81 - Unknown staff member at the 2NUR radio studio on campus

P0798-82 - Experimental equipment; Spacious manor of unknown address

P0798-83 - Jazz band

P0798-84 - Dr. Fitzgerald with Mr. Whitlam during talks in July 1976 with Mr. Hua Kuo-feng, then Chinese Premier and, following the death of Chairman Mao, now also Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.

P0798-85 - Dr. Fitzgerald with the Prime Minister, Mr. Fraser, Mrs. Fraser and a group of Chinese on the Great Wall of China in June 1976.

P0798-86 - Mr. Shinkichi Endo, pictured standing along side a part of the Verbiest Map, showing the eastern hemisphere.

P0798-87 - This small section of the Verbiest Map shows typical figures, panels of Chinese script and the effects of time on the hand-painted silk, including cracking resulting from having been pasted on stiff paper.

P0798-88 - Publicity shot for the University of Sydney, Department of Chemical Engineering.

P0798-89 - Publicity shot for the University of Sydney, Department of Chemical Engineering.

P0798-90 - Section of the University Choir

P0798-91 - Friends of the University

P0798-92 - Various proof sheet shots of the Friends of the University

P0798-93 - Various proof sheet shots of the Friends of the University

P0798-94 - Committee on Space Research Reception held at Taurichesky Palace Leningrad, USSR, May 1970; Dr. R.H. Eather with two gentlemen; The chemical sciences building under construction at the Royal Newcastle Hospital.

P0798-95 - Sinter plant centre? BHP

P0798-96 - Sinter plant centre? BHP

P0798-97 - Australian national medal 18 September, 1980

P0798-98 - Colin Cooke

P0798-99 - Colin Cooke


P0799-1 - Professor Ross Deamer and Professor Parker; Dr. Fowkes

P0799-2 - Professor Stephen Leeder

P0799-3 - Professor C. Tisdell; Professor C. Engel; Professor Colin Keay.

P0799-4 - Professor Stephen Leeder; Professor Cantoni.

P0799-5 - Professor Stephen Leeder; Greg Doran and Professor R.S. Laura.

P0799-6 - Professor R. Clancy

P0799-7 - Professor Ken Dutton, Mrs. Auchmuty and Professor Boettcher; Professor D.W. George.

P0799-8 - Professor J. Keats

P0799-9 - Professor Geoffrey Blainey; Professor L.A. Summers.

P0799-10 - Professor R. Clancy; Professor Ken Dutton.

P0799-11 - Gough Whitlam and Professor Ken Dutton; Unidentified professor (?)

P0799-12 - Professor Barry Maitland

P0799-13 - Professor G. Walker; Professor L. Short; Professor Ken Dutton

P0799-14 - Professor J. Plimer and Co.; Professor Richard Kelman

P0799-15 - Professor L. Ellyett, Professor J. Plimer and Professor D. George; Professor J. Plimer and Co.; Professor J. Plimer and Co.

P0799-16 - Professor J. Plimer and Co.; Professor W. Brisley and Professor R. Keats

P0799-17 - Professor Barry Maitland

P0799-18 - Professor A. Roberts; Professor W. Pickering; Professor G. Kellerman

P0799-19 - Professor Ken Dutton; Professor Ken Dutton and friends modelling uni graduation robes; Professor Graham Goodwin, Professor Roger Sargent and Professor Graeme Jameson.

P0799-20 - Professor J.S. Bach

P0799-21 - Dr.A. Ashman and Professor R.S. Laura; Professor R.S. Laura, Department of Education; Professor J. Bach, Department of History.

P0799-22 - Professor Barry Boettcher and Dr. Don Angus; Pictured centre Nancy Kirby on her last day before retiring; Mr. Smith and Professor Barry Maitland; Unidentified [professor]

P0799-23 - Professor I.G. Sharpe, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce

P0799-24 - Professor D. George

P0799-25 - Professor Saxon-White; Professor Godfrey Tanner; Professor D. George.

P0799-26 - Professor G. Jameson, Department of Chemical Engineering

P0799-27 - Professor John Hamilton, Dean of Medicine

P0799-28 - Professor Barry Boettcher

P0799-29 - Professor Tweedie 1980; Sir Bede Callaghan.

P0799-30 - Dr. Cook, Dr. Evans and Professor T. Cantoni with the viable speed AC Drive which they built; Justice Michael Kirby.

P0799-31 - Professor R. Laura, Department of Education

P0799-32 - Mr. Danilov and Professor Ken Dutton; Professor Godfrey Tanner; Professor L. Short.

P0799-33 - Professor J.S. Bach; Professor John Hamilton.

P0799-34 - Mr H. Magosuka interpreter, Professor Tadao Ishikawa President of Keio University, and Professor Ken Dutton; Professor A. Guttman, Department of Mathematics

P0799-35 - Robin Williams

P0799-36 - Professor Graham Goodwin with Peter Stepian

P0799-37 - Professor M.O. Jager

P0799-38 - Professor Curthoys

P0799-39 - Professor R. Keats

P0799-40 - Professor A. Barcan; Professor Godfrey Tanner standing along side a portrait of himself.

P0799-41 - Professor M.O. Jager, Department of Economics

P0799-42 - Professor Ken Dutton; Professor D. George; Professor Ken Dutton.

P0799-43 - Professor W. Brisley and Professor R. Keats

P0799-44 - Professor John Giles

P0799-45 - Professor D. George 1981

P0799-46 - Professor Eric Parker, Department of Architecture

P0799-47 - Professor Burrowes, Department of English and Robin Williams

P0799-48 - Professor G. Jameson, Professor Kwak and Mr. N. Molloy. Professor Kwak visited the University September 18 1980.

P0799-49 - Professor David Frost; John Lambert and Professor L. Short.

P0799-50 - Photograph of a painted portrait of Alister McMullin; Professor Henderson; Professor R. Keats, Department of Mathematics.

P0799-51 - Associate Professor Terry Wall; Allen Oats, Department of Metallurgy; Geoffrey Kellerman.

P0799-52 - Professor Jake Ramsay

P0799-53 - Professor John Burrows, Department of English 1982; Professor Eric Parker, Department of Architecture 1982; Professor A. Barcan, Department of Education 1982.

P0799-54 - Professor R.G. Keats, Department of Mathematics 1982

P0799-55 - Professor John Biggs, Department of Education 1982

P0799-56 - Professor Alan Roberts; Professor R. Laura; Professor Graham Goodwin.

P0799-57 - Professor Ken Dutton; Professor Miller; Professor R. Keats; Professor Godfrey Tanner.

P0799-58 - J. J. Auchmuty; Professor J. Bach.

P0799-59 - J. J. Auchmuty

P0799-60 - Colin Anderson winner of the Newton-John Award 1980 with Professor Newton-John; Professor J. Bach; Professor L. Short.

P0799-61 - Mr. Ken Delforce and Professor Ron Laura

P0799-62 - Proof sheet shots of various lecturers

P0799-63 - Proof sheet shots of Professor W. Brisley and a class of high school student.


P0799B-1 - Professor Eric Parker - Architecture; Professor Robinson - Geography - November 1981.

P0799B-2 - Professor Robinson - Geography - November 1981

P0799B-3 - Professor Cyril Renwick; Professor C. Ellyett

P0799B-4 - Professor Alan Williams

P0799B-5 - Professor Ian Plimer

P0799B-6 - Professor Ian Plimer

P0799B-7 - Professor Ken Dutton; Professor Keedy

P0799B-8 - Professor Emeljanow

P0799B-9 - Professor Emeljanow

P0799B-10 - Professor Emeljanow

P0799B-11 - Professor Sanson-Fisher

P0799B-12 - Professor Beryl Nashar; Professor Ralph Goode

P0799B-13 - Professor Guttman - Mathematics; Professor Ray Walker.

P0799B-14 - Professor Plimer

P0799B-15 - Vice Chancellor Professor D. George officially opens the Credit Unions’ new office

P0799B-16 - Professor B. Nashar

P0799B-17 - Mr Forest Tracy and Mr Curt Hallam with Professor T. Cantoni, 1985; Professor Fraser and Professor Samson, Department of Physics, 1985.

P0799B-18 - See P799B-17

P0799B-19 - Proof sheet shots of Professor Ken Dutton, Professor Short and Professor Robinson.

P0799B-20 - Council of December 1983 University of Newcastle

P0799B-21 - Professor Tony Cantoni; Professor Ray Walker

P0799B-22 - Professor John Hamilton; Father James Bromely, Professor B. Maitland, and Professor D. George.

P0799B-23 - Mr J. Lambert, Mr L. Hewitt, Professor D. George and Mr R. Ware signing a contract with Digital Equipment Australia Pty. Ltd for a new main computing system for the University.

P0799B-24 - Please see P799B-23; Professor G. Curthoys

P0799B-25 - Professor R. Keats - Mathematics; Professor Maddison

P0799B-27 -Unknown [professor]

P0799B-28 - Brian Smith, Jean Talbot, Sybil Smith and Norman Talbot broadcasting a reading of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland from 2NUR, 1979; Professor Anderson.

P0799B-29 - Professor Leiberstein - Mathematics

P0799B-30 - Professor Brian Anderson

P0799B-31 - University Council 1980

P0799B-32 - Three members of the Ford research team discussing results - Professor B. Boettcher, Professor R. Jones and Dr. R. Murdoch; University Council 1980.

P0799B-33 - Professor B. Anderson - English; Professor J. Winsen; Professor Burrows - English.

P0799B-34 - Professor B. Nashar - Geology; Professor R. Keats

P0799B-35 - Professor Summers

P0799B-36 - Professor Norman Talbot - English

P0799B-37 - Professor Tony Vinson; Professor B. Anderson

P0799B-38 - Professor A. Tweedie; Professor Manning-Clarke; Professor L. Short and Mr Max Burnett.

P0799B-39 - Professor Keay - Physics

P0799B-40 - Dan O’Connor (CSR), Mr Ralph Goode, Professor D. George

P0799B-41 - University Council 1980

P0799B-42 - University Council, 25/6/80

P0799B-43 - Professor Summers; Professor Ronald McDonald new Professor of Physics 10/7/80

P0799B-44 - Professor Leiberstein - Mathematics

P0799B-45 - Professor A. Roberts; Professor M. Jager; Professor G. Tanner; Professor Biggs.

P0799B-46 - Professor G. Jameson

P0799B-47 - Professor G. Jameson; Professor J. Sharpe - Economics.

P0799B-48 - Professor Stephen Leeder; Professor Alan Williams; Professor Lindoren; Professor B. Anderson.

P0799B-49 - Professor Goodwin and Professor B. Anderson - English

P0799B-50 - Professor D. Frost

P0799B-51 - John Lambert, Professor L. Short and Mr Max Burnett - 1980; Professor L. Short and Mr Max Burnett.

P0799B-52 - Professor J.J. Auchmuty - 1973

P0799B-53 - Professor C. Hooker - Philosophy, 1981

P0799B-54 - Professor Pickering - Chemistry

P0799B-55 - Professor Burrows - English

P0799B-56 - Cartoon drawing of Professor D. George by McKinnon 81

P0799B-57 - Professor D. George

P0799B-58 - Professor Robinson - Nov 1981; Professor Jager - Commerce 1981; Professor Herzog; Professor A. Roberts.

P0799B-59 - Professor Ken Dutton - Nov 1981; Professor L. Short - Nov 1981.

P0799B-60 - Professor Burrows - English

P0799B-61 - Professor B. Nashar

P0799B-62 - Professor Burrows - English

P0799B-63 - Professor Ken Dutton; Professor L. Short - Nov 1981.

P0799B-64 - Professor Jager

P0799B-65 - Professor Jager - Commerce; Professor Summers.

P0799B-66 - Mr. Ted Flowers and Professor J.J. Auchmuty Re: donation of papers.

P0799B-67 - Professor Laura - Education

P0799B-68 - Visiting Professors from China, Professor Kung and Professor Xu pictured with Professor B. Fenelon - Psychology; Professor Goodwin, Jonathan Peters, and Brett Ninness; Dr. Peter Barrett and Professor Brian Engel.

P0799B-69 - Professor Ken Dutton; Professor Jager.

P0799B/ 70 - See P799B-68 2nd shot; Principal of Muswellbrook High Mr. I. Kinny, Principal of Maitland Girls High, Miss W. Andrew, and deputy Chairman of Senate, Professor Michael Carter. Photo taken before the meeting between school principals and University staff - 1981; Professor Graham Goodwin, Jonathan Peters, and Brett Ninness

P0799B-71 - Professor B. Nashar

P0799B-72 - Professor C. Hooker

P0799B-73 - Professor W. Wallis - Mathematics; Professor Barry Gordon - Economics.

P0799B-74 - Proof sheet shots of Professor D. George; Professor B. Boettcher pictured with experimental fish; Professor W. Wallis - Mathematics.

P0799B-75 - Professor R. Laura - 1980; Presentation of new Lecterns presented to the University by Mr and Mrs Tweedie, accepting them is Sir Bede Callaghan, 1981.

P0799B-76 - See P79B9/75 2nd shot; Professor L. Short and Mr Max Burnett

P0799B-77 - Architecture re-union, pictured are Kevin Snell, Mohamed Esa and Professor Parker.

P0799B-78 - Professor B. Anderson; Professor Fenelon with Dr. Charlotte White and Dr. Carroll White, 1981.

P0799B-79 - Professor Tweedie

P0799B-80 - Professor Ray Walker; Professor Tweedie see P799B-75 2nd shot; Professor Engel and Chris Tobin 21/8/80.P799B-81 - High school competition, Professor Goodwin, 7/8/80

P0799B-82 - Dr. Tampubolon and Professor L. Short 1981

P0799B-83 -Dr. E. Braggett, Mr. Richard Proud, Mr Ken Delforce, Professor R. Laura and Mrs. A. Chapro

P0799B-84 - Professor B. Nashar

P0799B-85 - Professor Rademacher

P0799B-86 - Professor Eric Parker

P0799B-87 - Professor E. Parker and Professor D. George pictured with two unknown people; Professor E. Parker.