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University Photographs:  Photos 0100 - 0199

Photographs of people, buildings and events associated with the University of Newcastle, Australia. Most were taken by the University Photographer.

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University Photographs 0100 - 0199


P0100 - [Unidentified] academic procession at Tighes Hill, showing Lord Mayor C.K. Jones, Mr. Basden, Professor Baxter.

P0101 - Platform party, possibly March, 1957, Sir Earle Page, Chancellor of New England, Wallace Wurth, Chancellor, University of New South Wales, Mr. Heffron.

P0102 - Photographs of Vice-Chancellor Auchmuty - With Professor David Maddison, smoking a cigar. In the Library with Mr. McClarty and Professor Newton-John (at piano).

P0103 - Opening of Administration Building showing - (2nd row) Professors Nashar, Ritchie, Stewart, Tweedie? Ellyett.

P0104 - Visit of Arnold Toynbee, historian, [early 60s], showing him with Vice Chancellor/Warden Auchmuty and Lord Mayor McDougall.

P0105 - Professors Auchmuty and E. Parker receiving Honorary Degrees in 1974.

P0106 - Professor Auchmuty shortly before his retirement at the end of 1974.

P0107 - Vice-Principal Professor Tweedie, c. 1977.

P0108. Graduation ceremony, 1975 or 1976 : a graduate congratulated by his lecturer, Mr. Paul Sherwood - An overseas graduate with the Vice-Chancellor and Professor Parker.

P0109 - Mr. Dan Martin, former Liaison Officer for TUNRA. In 1978, Chairman of the Newcastle Gas Company.

P0110 - Associate Professor Jim Staines of Psychology Department, retired c. 1976.

P0111 - Professor Alex. Carmichael, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, who resigned to become President of Hunter District Water Board.

P0112 - The former Chancellor, Sir Alister McMullin.

P0113. Visit to the University by industrial officers, the BHP, State Dockyard, Shortland County Council, Australian Fluoride Chemicals. Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Professor A. Roberts on right.

P0114 - Professor Charles Birch, the second "Newcastle Lecturer".

P0115 - Associate Professor Brian Fraser (Physics) and representative of CSIRO with equipment used in measuring micro-pulsations from other planets.

P0116 - Associate Professor Geyl, Geography, who retired early in 1978.

P0117 - Early portrait of Professor Ken Dutton, Professor of French, former Deputy Chairman of Senate, former President of the Australian University Graduate Conference, former Warden of Convocation, and (1978) Acting Dean of the Faculty of Architecture. Probably taken about 1968, after leaving an academic post at Macquarie University.

P0118 - Presentation of "The English Experience" collection of books by Convocation, represented by the then Warden, Professor K. Dutton.

P0119 - Professor Beryl Nashar.

P0120 - Professor J. Keats and Mrs. Rosemary Ramsay at the first Newton-John Presentation Dinner in 1975.

P0121 - Associate Professor Jim Staines shortly before retirement.

P0122 - Sir Alister McMullin, Chancellor, presenting a testamur.

P0123 - Mathematics Summer School, Professor Horadam? of New England lecturing to final year high school students.

P0124 - Graeme Inson's portrait of Sir Alister McMullin.

P0125 - Professor B. Newton-John.

P0126 - Mr. McLaughlin, professional officer in Physics.

P0127 - Indian physicist who spent some weeks in 1975 at the Physics Department, Professor Srirama Rao.

P0128 - Presentation of cheque for law books for the Auchmuty Library. Vice-Chancellor George, University Librarian Flowers, representative of the Law Society and Professor K. Lindgren.

P0129 - Professor Alex. Carmichael.

P0130 - Mace bearer precedes Vice-Chancellor Auchmuty into the Great Hall before he was presented with an Honorary Degree, 1974.

P0131 - Early work on the Medical Sciences Building. Shows Professor D. George and C.E. Engel.

P0132 - Associate Professor Kevin Collis of Department of Education, who left to take up a Chair in Education in the University of Tasmania, 1976.

P0133. Emeritus Professor Ian Stewart, Foundation Professor of Chemical Engineering, who retired in 1977.

P0134 - Professor J. Allan, former Head of Chemistry, and former Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

P0135 - Professor B. Boettcher of Biological Sciences and post-graduate student, with a wall hanging made by her and given to the Department.

P0136 - Mr. Vic. Bridgewater, former Secretary-Manager of the Union, trying out one of the Union bicycles.

P0137 - Publicity Officer's Secretary, Mrs. P. O'Neil, photographed near the old Wallsend railway cutting (c. 1860) in the University grounds.

P0138 - Ms Leslie Scanlon, Tutor in History, before leaving to study in China.

P0139 - Mr. Peter Bamford, Student Counsellor.

P0140 - Installation of new equipment in the Computing Centre.

P0141 - Mr. Frank Hawkins, Faculty Secretary, congratulating the winner of the Economics Prize at graduation ceremony in 1976.

P0142 - Inauguration of the Conn electronic organ in the Great Hall. Shows Professor Auchmuty, Professor Newton-John, Dr. Brian Smith, and representatives of the Novocastrian Piano Company which supplied the organ.

P0143 - Miss Barbara Cook, Assistant University Librarian (Acquisitions).

P0144-1 - Professor Auchmuty and Professor Maddison on the day Professor Maddison's appointment as Dean in Medicine was announced.

P0144-2 - Jean Paul Delamotte, Tutor in French, with his wife Monique.

P0145 - Fred Guilhaus, Commerce Department, with his wife Carol Bacchi, Tutor in History.

P0146 - Vicky Lloyd, secretary in Student Counselling, and later in Architecture.

P0147 - John Vile, a foundation University patrol man.

P0148 - Professor Clive Hart, Professor of English in the 1960s.

P0149 - Chef at Edwards Hall, Albert Zoschg.

P0150 - Anniversary Dinner of the University Rugby Club : Brian O'Shea and Vice-Chancellor George.

P0151 - Anniversary Dinner of the University Rugby Club : Brian O'Shea.

P0152 - Helen Van der Porten, Tutor in English.

P0153 - Peter McNabb of Physics with a representative of CSIRO.

P0154 - Ken Bridger, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, who retired at the end of 1977.

P0155 - Mike Sherwood, Systems Librarian, Auchmuty Library.

P0156 - Associate Professor Warren Brisley of Mathematics addressing final year high school students at a Mathematics Summer School.

P0157 - Dr. Trevor Reese, formerly of our History Department, and wife Hilary (Chalker) shortly before his death.

P0158 - Biological Sciences Conference on Human Infertility and Reproduction, held in vacation 1977. The Conference attracted world wide attendance.

P0159 - Visit to University by Mr. K. Beazley, Minister for Education, 1975: Mr. D. D. Morris, Acting Planner, Mrs. D.W. George, and Mrs. Beazley.

P0160 - Research work in Psychology Department.

P0161 - Open Day at the University in the mid 1960s. May have been taken in the Department of Physics.

P0162-1 - Foundations of Behavioural Science Building being prepared, [1976?].

P0162-2 - Temporary huts next to Economics/Commerce Building, [1976?].

P0163 - Foundation Day Dinner, Tighes Hill, July 1962.

P0164 - Premier R.W. Askin, opening the Engineering Complex, 1970.

P0165 - Construction work on the Great Hall, 1972.

P0166 - Construction of the Union Building.

P0167 - Great Hall Appeal, at Newcastle City Hall, showing Sir A. McMullin, Mr. R. Coulton, Dr. G.A. Edwards.

P0168 - Work on the Arts Building, March 1965. [Main lecture theatre 1301 on left].

P0169 - Great Hall Appeal, Newcastle City Hall : Ald. F. Purdue, Mr. R. Coulton.

P0170 - Construction work on the Great Hall, 1972.

P0171 - Beginning work on the Great Hall : Vice-Chancellor Auchmuty and Professor E.C. Parker - Planner.

P0172 - Beginning work on the Great Hall : Vice-Chancellor Auchmuty and Professor E.C. Parker - Planner.

P0173 - Great Hall Appeal Dinner City Hall: Mr. W. Fife, Mr. R. Coulton, Dr. G. Edwards, Bishop Toohey, Sir Alister McMullin, Lord Mayor McDougall.

P0174 - Ald. F. Purdue, Great Hall Appeal Dinner, City Hall.

P0175 - Construction of the Great Hall, 1972.

P0176 - Lord Casey on Shortland Campus, 1967.

P0177 - Graduation [in ? Architecture].

P0178 - Premier McGirr speaking at the opening of Newcastle University College, December 3, 1951.

P0179 - Spectators at the opening of Newcastle University College, December 3, 1951.

P0180 - The Students' Union, Shortland, c. 1976.

P0181 - Graduation, City Hall, 1966? Dr. G. Edwards and graduate [D.G. Shaw?].

P0182 - Academic procession, c. 1967.

P0183 - Graduation procession in the Great Hall.

P0184 - Presentation of mace? : Dr. G. Edwards and Dr. Corlette?

P0185 - Graduation ceremony, Newcastle City Hall, 1966. Chancellor McMullin and Brigadier Corlette.

P0186 - Graduation at City Hall, 1966? Dr. Edwards on left.

P0187 - Graduates near City Hall, c. 1970?

P0188 - Academic procession preceding opening of Library, 1968.


P0189 - Aerial view of University of Newcastle Campus, July 1965.

P0190 - Inflatable dam, TUNRA (The University of Newcastle Research Associates), 1970s.

P0191 - Engineering Complex, c. 1973 - 1974.

P0192 - The Corlette Fountain adjacent to the Engineering Complex, 1970s.

P0193 - NBN3/University of Newcastle environmental measurement unit, 1970s.

P0194 - Engineering complex, 1970s.

P0195 - Engineering computer operations, 1970s.

P0196 - Engineering computer operations, 1970s.

P0197 - Coal conveyor, 1970s.

P0198 - Material testing, 1970s.

P0199 - NBN3/University of Newcastle environmental measurement unit, 1970s.