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TAFE Students and Staff Ourimbah Library Guide: Children's Services - Curriculum Resource Centre

A guide to Ourimbah Library for Ourimbah TAFE Students and Staff

The Curriculum Resource Centre

The Curriculum Resource Centre (CRC) is located on the ground floor level of the Ourimbah Library and contains a wide range of resources designed to support the research and teaching needs of trainee teachers and TAFE students studying Children's Services.

Students can borrow up to 15 items from the CRC collection. Borrowing loan periods can range from 3 Day loans, 1 week loans and 2 week loans. 3 Day and 1 Week Loan items will have a sticker on the item indicating the loan period.

How to Search the Curriculum Resource Centre



To locate fiction books by a specific topic, for example frogs, use the keywords frogs and juvenile fiction.

Refine your search to the library catalogue only to view the resources available for borrowing from the uon libraries.

For other topics use an alternate keyword e.g. bullying, aboriginal australians etc.


To locate non-fiction material use the keywords frogs and juvenile literature.


To browse all the titles within the fiction or non-fiction collections simply exclude the topic word (e.g. frogs) from your search.

Age specific content

There is no comprehensive way to search for age related or age specific material eg. a book about frogs for a 3 year old. As material for primary and high school can be divided into many categories and sub categories it is not possible to have one search strategy which finds all of these.

Be aware that guided readers may be catalogued differently and therefore excluded from this search. Click on the Reading Scheme pages for further help.

Locating Resources in the CRC

Fiction and non-fiction children's books

The CRC has both fiction and non-fiction titles for children. Fiction title are organised by author surname and non-fiction titles are organised by call number. Books (excl. big books and books that are part of a kit) are located on the shelves in the CRC.


The CRC has a collection of audio CDs for loan, which includes books on tape and music.These items are located on the white display shelf near the toys. Some CDs/Cassettes are included in the kits (usually accompanying a teacher/student book etc.)


Ourimbah CRC contains a collection of fiction and non fiction kits for loan.These kits may contain any combination of a range of items which include: book(s), big books, CD/cassettes, teachers notes, DVDs, teachers guides, cards, small posters or information sheets. These items are located on the hanging racks within the CRC area.

Big books

The CRC has a Big Book collection housed on metal display stands which are located next to the hanging kit resources.There are both fiction and non fiction titles.Some big books will also be included in the CRC kits.

Pictures / Posters

Pictures (posters) are available in the CRC as single pictures or picture kits which contain multiple posters.The pictures (posters) are located in the poster stand in the CRC and are organised by call number.


The CRC has a large collection of toys, puzzles, maths resources, musical instruments and other hands-on realia.The Toy collection includes both single items and multiple part items.The Toy and Realia collection can be searched in the library catalogue.There are also folders provided in the CRC with pictures and descriptions of all the toys in the collection. See below for information about the toy classification used at Ourimbah library.These items are located on the toy shelves in the CRC.

Other relevant resources

Not all teaching material is located in the Curriculum Resource Centre and will be found in the general book and AV collections.

Teaching resource kits

These are teaching resource kits (including sets containing teachers guides with multiple copies of a children's reader; or lesson plans with multiple titles of children's readers) which are not held in the CRC but are located in the general AV (DVD) collection.


Teacher resources may also be located in the general book collection.