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South Maitland Railways Archives:  Summary of series

A researchers' guide to the South Maitland Railways archives.

Archives : SMR


Summary of Series

  1. Directors' minutes and related records
  2. Legal and industrial records
  3. Passenger and coal traffic records
  4. Records relating to employees
  5. Financial and accounting records
  6. Company correspondence
  7. Other Company records
  8. Drawing book and maps
  9. Printed material &c.
  10. Photographs
  11. Office artifacts
  12. Master drawings of locomotives
  13. Other drawings of locomotives
  14. Rolling stock drawings
  15. Permanent way and track drawings
  16. Interlocking and signals drawings
  17. Property and building plans
  18. Workshop tools and equipment drawings
  19. Services drawings
  20. Lifting equipment drawings
  21. Miscellaneous drawings
  22. Test certificates/correspondence
  23. X-rays and industrial artifacts
  24. Hunter Valley Training Company plans
  25. Richmond Vale Railway Museum plans
  26. Penrith Electricity Commission plans

Image of train

1. Directors' Minutes and Related Records

B9369 Directors' minute book 1932-1934
B9370 Directors' minute book 1935-1936
B9371 Directors' minute book 1936-1937
B9372 Directors' minute book 1938-1939
B9373 Directors' minute book 1940-1941
B9374 Directors' minute book 1942-1943
B9375 Directors' minute book 1943-1944
B9376 Directors' minute book 1945-1947
B9377 Directors' minute book 1947-1949
B9378 Directors' minute book 1949-1951
B9379 Directors' minute book 1951-1953
B9380 Directors' minute book 1953-1954
A5563(i) Directors' minutes, papers and correspondence 1942-1955
A5563(i) Minutes of shareholders' meetings 1943, 1944
A5563(ii) Directors' and inspectors' reports 1934-1948
A5564(i) Directors' correspondence and papers [1854] 1901-1954
A5564(ii) Directors' correspondence and papers 1945-1946
A6158 Directors' agendas, minutes and correspondence [including financial statements] Jan.1957 - Nov.1959


Nov.1959 - Nov.1961


Nov.1961 - Jun.1966


A6161(ii) Directors' agendas, minutes and correspondence [including financial statements]
[Includes Memorandum of Association 1936 and Companies Act resolutions 1958]
A6161(iii) Directors' agendas, minutes and correspondence [including financial statements] 1966


A6162(i) Correspondence relating to Directors' fees, agendas and minutes 1956
A6162(i) Letter from John Webb relating to leave and directors' fees Nov. 1947

2. Legal and Industrial Records

A5547 Legal and industrial records, including:  
A5547(i) Memorandum and Articles of Association of South Maitland Railways Limited [1918 and reprint 1937].  
A5547(ii) An Act to enable the Great Northern Coal Company Ltd…to construct a railway from Kalinga Estate in the Parish of Aellalong…to a line constructed by the Aberdare Collieries…1908.  
A5547(iia) Memo relating to long service leave Jan.18, 1954
A5547(iii) Copies of Conveyances 1920-1923
A5547(iiia) Memo relating to right of entry [n.d.]
A5547(iv) Miscellaneous notes relating to the estate of Flora Newburn DeVere 1951
A5547(v) South Maitland Railways Ltd , Copy of Resolutions passed at an extraordinary general meeting, January 26, 1937 and a copy of Resolutions, 1958.  
A5547(vi) Draft of Wayleave Agreement 1923
A5547(vii) Agreements 1903-1940 including:  
A5547(vii) Aberdare Collieries and Edward Northcote Apr. 8, 1903
A5547(vii) Australian Agricultural Company with East Greta Coal Mining Company Mar. 8, 1911
A5547(vii) South Maitland Railways and Greta Main Collieries, and related correspondence Nov. 1923
A5547(vii) With New Redhead Estate and Coal Co. Ltd 1925
A5547(vii) Draft of Agreement between South Maitland Railways and Hetton Coal Co. 1925
A5547(vii) With J. & A. Brown May 19, 1936
A5547(viia) Memoranda of Agreements 1925-1933
A5547(viia) Agreements relating to property 1938-1940
A5547(viii) Arbitration and Conciliation Judgement on dispute between The Australian Railways Union and South Maitland Railways [and others] 1924
A5547(viii) Judgement on a dispute between Australian Railways Union [and others] Feb. 24, 1917
A5547(ix) Australian Railways Union Log of Claims for wages, salaries and working conditions [1924]
A5547(x) A.R.U. Federal Award…Traffic Branch [Pam.] April 1943
A5547(xa) A.R.U. Job Specifications and Award hearings [papers and correspondence] 1948-1949
A5547(xa) Application for stand down February, 1956 relating to Waterside Workers General Strike.  
A5547(xi) Legal opinions [c.1943-c.1951] relating to:  
A5547(xi) Land at Kurri Kurri.
South Maitland Railways and Federated Engine Drivers and Firemans Association.
Glen Main Mines Ltd.
Railway Guards.
A5547(xii) Papers relating to stopwork meetings 1944
A5547(xiii) Metal Traders Employers' Association
Clerks Award
July, 1940
A5548 Officers' Association arbitration papers
and correspondence




A5551 Railway Employees Association - Wages Division papers and correspondence 1931-1948












A5554(ii) Salaried Division Awards 1950, 1951
A5555(i) Federated Engine Drivers and Firemans Association papers and correspondence 1919-1937














A6156(i) Memorandum and Articles of Association of South Maitland Railways Limited 1918
A6156(ii) Private Railway Acts 1889, 1892
1894, 1901
By Laws of South Maitland Railways 1919
A6156(iii) Agreements and correspondence relating to appointments of directors 1923, 1931
1947, 1951
1961, 1962
A6156(iv) Agreements, conveyances and leases 1903-1962
A6156(v) Share certificates and correspondence 1932-1962
A6156(vi) Correspondence relating to Power of Attorney 1931-1932
A6156(vii) West Maitland-Cessnock passenger train service Workers Compensation Policy and correspondence. Jan. 1931
A6156(vii) Undertaking by Bank of New South Wales to cover bank guarantees. 1931
A6156(vii) Correspondence relating to deposit on loan with G.E. Crane 1965-1966
A6156(viii) New South Wales Government Railways Rules and Regulations 1925
A6156(ix) New South Wales Department of Railways local appendix to working timetable and instructions June, 1951
A6157 Industrial relations file 1919-1935
A6157 A summary of submissions to The Commonwealth Arbitration Commission during the 1968 National Wage Case… 1968

3. Passenger and Coal Traffic Records

B9385 Coal tonnage book 1917-1929
B9386 Coal tonnage book 1931-1956
B9386a Coal tonnage book 1956-1957
B9387 Comparative returns of goods tonnage carried 1941-1956
B9388 Returns of goods carried 1942-1954
B9389 Half-yearly comparative goods and coaching figures 1948-1955
B9390 Registers of passengers carried 1946-1953
B9391 Half-yearly comparative returns of passengers 1936-1955
B9392 Revenue from passengers 1940-1954
B9393 Train run book 1918-1921
B9394 Train run book 1921-1923
B9395 Train run book 1923-1929
B9396 Train run book 1929-1934
B9397 Train run book 1937-1941
B9398 Train run book 1941-1945
B9399 Train run book 1952-1954
A6163(iv) Coal haulage statements 1955, 1957
1960, 1963
A6164(ii) Passenger and freight statements 1960-1963

4. Records Relating to Employees

B9381 Register of employees [restricted access] 1903-1953
B9382 Register of employees [restricted access] 1905-1946
B9383 Register of employees [restricted access] 1909-1955
B9384 Workers Compensation register [restricted access] 1942-1955
A5565(i) Correspondence relating to appointment of Secretary/Accountant [restricted access] 1955

Notebook of employees records of service [restricted access]

A5578(xi) Memo to General Manager, South Maitland Railways relating to a junior porter, and hours and duties of junior porters [restricted access]. 1967
A5578(xii) A list of 21 employees with occupation and years of service [typed].[restricted access] [n.d.]
A5578(xiiia) Employees' history book and index to employees' history book [n.d.]. [Deposited by J. Delaney]. [restricted access] 1900-1968

5. Financial and Accounting Records

B9404 Share register and transfer journal 1917-1919
B9405 Journal 1918-1926
B9406 Journal 1926-1936
B9407 Journal 1935-1946
B9408 Journal 1946-1952
B9409 Journal 1952-1961
B9410 Account book 1944-1951
B9411 Account book 1952-1955
B9412 Cash book 1918-1920
B9413 Cash book 1921-1922
B9414 Cash book 1922-1924
B9415 Cash book 1924-1926
B9416 Cash book 1926-1928
B9417 Cash book 1929-1931
B9418 Cash book 1931-1934
B9419 Cash book 1934-1937
B9420 Cash book 1937-1942
B9421 Cash book 1942-1945
B9422 Cash book 1945-1948
B9423 Cash book 1948-1953
B9424 Cash book 1953-1955
B9425 Receipt book 1948-1949
B9426 Receipt book 1950-1951
B9427 Receipt book 1954-1955
B9428 Receipt book Jan.-Feb. 1955
B9429 Receipt book Mar.-June 1955
B9430 Receipt book June-Aug.1955
B9431 Receipt book Aug.-Oct.1955
B9432 Receipt book Oct.-Nov.1955
B9433 Receipt book 1955-1956
B9434 Payment book 1954-1955
B9435 Payment book 1955
B9436 Bank book 1936-1938
B9437 Bank book 1952-1953
B9438 Bank book 1954-1955
B9439 Bank book 1955
B9440 Bank book 1955
A5568(i) Stock book 1937-1948
A5568(ii) Inventory of SMR assets 1919-1921
A5569 Stores stock sheets 1946-1955
A5570 Financial reports and balance sheets 1919-1940
A5571 Financial reports and balance sheets 1941-1950
A5572 Financial reports and balance sheets 1951-1956
A5573 Journal entries 1949-1951
A5574 Journal entries 1952-1955
A5575 Pay sheets 1948-1950
A5576 Pay sheets 1951-1954
A5577(i) Fortnightly costings 1954-1956
A5577(ii) Pages from cheque register 1949-1954
A5577(iii) Receipts for loan of brake van 1954-1958
A5577(iv) Notebook containing particulars of salaries, and wages tax deductions for officers and Newcastle Office staff 1936-1937
A6163(i) Budget  
A6163(ii) File of miscellaneous expenses for half-year ending June 1963
A6163(iii) Depreciation accounts 1922-1941

6. Company Correspondence

A5559 Papers and correspondence relating to coal haulage rates 1919-1954

Papers and correspondence relating to coal haulage rates

A5560(ii) Papers and correspondence relating to small coal rates 1939
A5561(i) Papers and correspondence relating to the Commonwealth Bureau of Statistics and Census. 1919-1955
A5561(ii) Papers and correspondence relating to taxation. 1910-1952
A5564(iii) General correspondence 1915-1959
A5565(ii) Correspondence with Valuer General and valuation notices 1942-1947
A5565(iii) Correspondence relating to shares and shareholders 1921-1954
A5565(iii) Correspondence with The Factory Welfare Board 1946-1953
A5565(iv) Correspondence relating to locomotives 1926-1941
A5565(v) Correspondence relating to C. Quinton [restricted access] 1947
A5565(vi) Correspondence relating to United Australia Party 1934-1935
A5565(vii) Correspondence relating to derailments and accidents 1953-1955
A5566A(i) Correspondence relating to investments 1935-1957
A5566B(i) Correspondence relating to floods and coal haulage 1950-1955
A5566B(ii) Correspondence relating to an electrician [restricted access] 1953
A5566B(iii) Correspondence relating to coal haulage, Caledonian Collieries and Spur lines 1903-1942
A6162(ii) Hunter District Water Board correspondence - water supplied for locomotives 1956-1960
A6162(iii) Freight rates correspondence 1959
A6162(iv) Dividend correspondence and receipts 1948-1967
A6163(iv) Correspondence relating to haulage rates 1959
A6164(i) Correspondence relating to haulage rates 1968-1969
A6164(iii) Correspondence relating to telephone lines
Memo to stockholders
Memo to General Manager on derailment at Bellbird Colliery
Nov. 1966

May 26, 1967
A6164(iii) Memo to General Manager relating to surplus equipment Sept. 1968

7. Other Company Records

B9400 Collieries idle book 1939-1942
B9401 Collieries idle book 1942-1945
B9042 Collieries idle book 1945-1947
B9043 Collieries idle book 1946-1948
B9403a Report and specifications relating to diesel electric locomotives 1952
A5562 Papers relating to insurance including superannuation and accidents 1920-1944
A5567 Papers relating to operations including:  
A5567(i) Station masters' rosters 1953
A5567(ii) Timetables 1955
A5567(iii) Papers relating to coal traffic reorganisation 1954
A5567(iv) Two coal record books 1956
A5567(v) Station reports 1945
A6164(iii) South Maitland Railways train timetable
Complimentary slips
1956, 1960

8. Drawing Book and Maps

Drawing book with original drawings of South Maitland Railway line. Included are:

  1. Map of East Greta Coal Mining Company's Railway, East Greta Junction to Stanford Merthyr, 1918.
  2. South Maitland Railways Ltd - lengths of railway platforms
  3. South Maitland Railways Ltd - Circular No. 284. Instructions to Works Manager…

[These are held in SMR Plan Drawers along with technical drawings referred to at Series 20-26.]

M13 Wangi Wangi 1955
M14 Parish of Heddon-Maitland, Kurri 1943
M1202- M1204 Coal resources Maitland-Greta-Cessnock 1927
M1205 Seaham No. 2 Colliery (c.1932)
M1206- M1208 South Maitland Railways 1972
M1209 Cessnock 1942
M1210-M1211a Parish of Stanford 1937
M1212- M1216 Newcastle and suburbs 1955
M1217 Beresfield 1955
M1218- M1219 Branxton 1955
M1220 Raymond Terrace 1955

9. Printed Material &c.

B9441 New South Wales Department of Railways - General appendix to the book of rules and regulations and to the working timetables from the 1st October, 1944, part II.  
B9442 Local appendix to the working timetable [and] Newcastle District coal traffic local appendix from 1st June, 1951.  
A5578(i) Brief history of the railway now known as South Maitland Railways, by John W. Delaney. [typescript and copy].

Copy of resolutions…passed at an extraordinary general meeting of South Maitland Railways, March 28, 1958.

By Laws of South Maitland Railways Limited [1919].
South Maitland Railways Limited, 13 November, 1939
[typescript listing directors 1918-1959].

Letter relating to Kurri industrial area proposed rail service, December 23, 1964.
A5578(ii) Draft copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association and printed copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association of South Maitland Railways, 1918 and reprint 1937.  
A5578(iii) The Chartered Institute of Secretaries…
Annual report
, 1962.
A5578(iv) Annual free pass, December 31, 1965.
Travelling concession cards.
A5578(v) Review of coal supplies for proposed power station at Wangi or Hexham made by the Electric Supply Department Greater Newcastle [typescript (n.d.)].  
A5578(vi) Cessnock - its size and potentialities [typescript (n.d.)].  
A5578(vii) Sugar Workers' Union working conditions [n.d.].  
A5578(viii) Department of Transport, New South Wales Government Railways weekly notice No. 43.  
A5578(ix) New South Wales Government Railways classification for station masters, night officers and clerks. 1924-1925
A5578(x) Press clipping "Maitland District Warden's Court" [relating to Andrew Holland and mining leases, n.d.].  
A5578(xi) Department of Railways, New South Wales, Staff and Duty Sheet for Strathfield signal box
[1946] [typescript].

Central Electric Station : particulars of duties to be performed [n.d.].
A6164(iv) Press clippings 1966

10. Photographs

A5578(xiii) Photographs of floods 1955 and locomotives.
A6164(v) Photographs [donated by H. Reynolds].
A6164(v) Carriage sheds burned down, March, 1930
A6164(v) Coal wagon
A6164(v) Derailment
A6164(v) East Greta Junction Station, March, 1955
A6164(v) South Maitland Railway, flooded, March, 1955
A6164(v) Coal wagons
A6164(v) Train
A6164(v) Caledonia Signal Box
A6164(v) Passenger service
A6164(v) Last run of St. Cam's loco, June 10, 1983
A6164(v) Jack and Allen Skinner, George Jenner,
Bob and Colin Ellicott
A6164(v) Diesel crew trainees

11. Office Artifacts

A5578(xiv) Pocket calculator.
A5578(xv) Recording disc for use on dictaphone.
A5579 Dictaphone.

12. Master Drawings of Locomotives

The master collection (still in current use in 1998) consists of 36 drawings and plans in the following categories:

1-1 10 Class Locos (14 drawings)

1-2 10 Class Boilers (13)

1-3 Passenger Class Locos (1)

1-4 Passenger Class Boilers (5)

1-6 10 Class Boilers - Welded Design (2)

1-1 10 Class Locos

A1-1-162 Electric light arrangement
A1-1-163 Slide bar bracket
B1-1-166 Trailing bogie axle box complete
A1-1-179 Electric light arrangement
B1-1-181 Trailing
B1-1-182 Leading and Intermediate axle box
A1-1-188 Connecting rod little end
A1-1-191 Outline of locomotive
B1-1-289 Pipe arrangements for sand gear
B1-1-1165 Electric headlights-steam turbine for generator
B1-1-1166 Details of steam turbine for headlight generator
A1-1-1790 Loco cylinder - port face liner detail
A1-1-1838 Automatic coupling attachment - front and rear view

1-2 10 Class Boilers

B1-2-170 Smoke box tube plate stay
A1-2-187 Fire hole door ring
A1-2-189 Boiler and firebox - no 25 class loco
A1-2-192 Backplate
B1-2-193 Smoke box tube plate
B1-2-195 Details of dome - no 25 class loco
B1-2-198 Foundation ring and lap for corners - loco boiler no 17
B1-2-199 Seats etc. for various attachments - loco boiler no 17
B1-2-200 Blower valve and gauge column
B1-2-202 Arrangement of injector and blower pipes - no 17 class loco
B1-2-1021 Standard washout plugs, fusible plugs and mudhole door
A1-2-1030 Construction jig
B1-2-1512 Modified dome construction

1-3 Passenger Class Locos

B1-3-132 L.H. sand box for no 16 class loco

1-4 Passenger Class Boilers

B1-4-131 Automatic blow off cock
A1-4-227 Boiler barrel for no 16 loco - developed plan
A1-4-228 Boiler
A1-4-229 Boiler, firebox and smoke box for locomotive no 16
B1-4-230 Lubricator

1-6 10 Class Boilers Welded Design

B1-6-1662 Outer shell
B1-6-1665 General arrangement

13. Other Drawings of Locomotives


1-1 10 Class Locos see Appendix Section A1-1
1-2 10 Class Boilers see Appendix Section A1-2
1-3 Passenger Class Locos see Appendix Section A1-3
1-4 Passenger Class Boilers see Appendix Section A1-4
1-5 Diesel Locomotives  
1-6 10 Class Boilers - Welded Design see Appendix Section A1-6
1-7 9mm Vertical Injectors see Appendix Section A1-7
1-8 Richmond Vale Railways Boiler see Appendix Section A1-8
1-9 Westinghouse Pumps 10/10 5/8 see Appendix Section A1-9

14. Rolling Stock Drawings


2-1 Brake Vans see Appendix Section B2-1
2-2 D Waggons 2 items
2-3 Water Tank  
2-4 Poison Tank  
2-5 Fettlers Trolleys see Appendix Section B2-5
2-6 Hand Trikes - Fettlers  
2-7 Motor Trikes see Appendix Section B2-7
2-8 Rail Diesel Car see Appendix Section B2-8
2-9 NSW Railways Vehicles see Appendix Section B2-9

15. Permanent Way and Track Drawings


3-1 Main Lines see Appendix Section C3-1
3-2 Branch Lines  
3-3 Bridges Rail see Appendix Section C3-3
3-4 Bridges - Foot and Road 1 item
3-5 Fettlers Tools and Equipment 21 items
3-6 Sidings (Colliery)  
3-7 Water Pipe and Power Line Crossings  
3-8 Drain Pipes (Undertrack)  

16. Interlocking and Signals Drawings


4-1 Signal Post Fittings see Appendix Section D4-1
4-2 Interlocking Machines 2 items
4-3 Interlocking Equipment - Field 2 items
4-4 Signal Box Interlocking Tables  
4-5 Yard Layouts  
4-6 Track Circuiting & Electric Signals  
4-7 Block Instruments  
4-8 Staff Instruments and Ordinary Staff  

17. Property and Buildings Plans


5-1 Property Plans and Maps see Appendix Section E5-1
5-2 Main Office see Appendix Section E5-2
5-3 Goods Buildings see Appendix Section E5-3
5-4 Station Buildings -  
5-5 Workshops see Appendix Section E5-5
5-6 Loco Shed see Appendix Section E5-6
5-7 Coal Elevator see Appendix Section E5-7
5-8 Signal Boxes  
5-9 Other Buildings see Appendix Section E5-9
5-10 Carriers Pty Ltd  
5-11 Ash Handling Equipment  
5-12 Coal Bunker/Elevator Main Line  

18. Workshop Tools and Equipment Drawings


6-1 Wheel Lathe see Appendix Section F6-1
6-2 Air Compressor see Appendix Section F6-2
6-3 D.S.G. Type 15 Lathe see Appendix Section F6-3
6-4 No 13 Herbert Turret Lathe  
6-5 No 2 Herbert Hexagon Turret Lathe 20 items
6-6 Shaping Machine (Selson) 3 items
6-7 Tube Turning Lathe 3 items
6-9 Shaping Machine (Tangye) see Appendix Section F6-9
6-10 Equipment (Dies, Jigs, Tools
and Taps, Gauges)
see Appendix Section F6-10
6-11 1 1/2" Self Acting Slide
Surfacing and Screw
see Appendix Section F6-11
6-12 8" Double Geared Copper
Turret Lathe
6-13 Hunt Drill Sharpener see Appendix Section F6-13
6-14 25" D.S.G. Lathe  
6-15 Apparatus for boring 10 Cl.
Loco Cylinders
see Appendix Section F6-15
6-16 Asquith Radial Drilling Machine 5 items
6-17 Alfred Herbert Drilling Post see Appendix Section F6-17
6-18 Boiler Tube Lathe see Appendix Section F6-18
6-19 Elin Electric Welder 4 items
6-20 BTS 5CWY Massey Hammer see Appendix Section F6-20
6-21 Blacksmith Forge see Appendix Section F6-21
6-22 Lightburn Concrete Mixer  

19. Services Drawings


7-1 Water and Sewerage see Appendix Section G7-1
7-2 Electrical see Appendix Section G7-2
7-3 Telephone  

20. Lifting Equipment Drawings


8-1 Station and Permanent Way see Appendix Section H8-1
8-2 Workshop see Appendix Section H8-2
8-3 Machine Shop see Appendix Section H8-3


21. Miscellaneous Drawings


22. Test Certificates/Correspondence


23. X-Rays and Industrial Artifacts



C-1 10/19 Loco shell 13 items
C-2 10/19 Boiler shell 14 items
C-3 10/19 Boiler shell 8 items
C-4 10/20 Loco shell 11 items
C-5 10/20 Loco shell 14 items
C-6 10/20 Loco shell 14 items
L1 10/19 Loco Boiler shell 6 items
L2 10/19 Loco Boiler shell 6 items
L3 10/19 Loco Boiler shell 4 items
L4 10/20 Loco shell 4 items
L5 10/20 Loco shell 7 items
L6 10/20 Loco shell 6 items
  10/19 Boiler - Production test weld  
  10/20 Boiler - Production test weld  
  Boiler 10/5 - 1968 (N429) 8 items
  Fitter call out book (receipts)  


  Copper tag - 'Weston Lamp Room'  
  3 wooden templates  


24. Hunter Valley Training Company Plans.

25. Richmond Vale Railway Museum Plans

26. Penrith Electricity Commission Plans

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