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University of Newcastle Library Guides

Research Publications Collection: NURO FAQs

Guidance on reporting research outputs for UON researchers and academic staff


How do I access NURO?

NURO now uses single sign-on to connect you. Information about single sign-on

Need help? Please contact the IT ServiceDesk 02 4921 7000 for assistance.

Can HDR students use NURO?

Yes. HDR students who are also staff members (either general or academic) can log in to NURO using their student ID. If you are an HDR student and you are also employed in any capacity by the University, you will also have a staff account in NURO. You will need to decide which account to maintain. If you find that you have publications distributed across both accounts, log a ticket va Service Now indicating which account should be used.

If searching is switched off you will need to adjust your search settings to trigger an initial search for your publications. Instructions for adjusting your search settings can be found in the NURO User Guide 

I have UON co-authors on my publications. Does everyone have to confirm authorship in NURO by clicking 'Claim'?

All UON authors need to claim authorship of the publication. 

Why are there are no pending publications for me, even though I have current publications?

The publications in NURO are harvested from the Web of Science, Scopus and PubMed databases. These are mostly journal and conference publications in the sciences, health and engineering fields. Publications that are unlikely to be found in databases include books, chapters and creative works. These publications can be manually entered into the system, following the instructions in the NURO User Guide.

If your publications are indexed in Web of Science/Scopus/PubMed but they are not appearing in your pending publications list, you may need to adjust your search settings, to prompt a search of the databases. At a minimum your search settings should include all variations of your name. If you have published in affiliation with institutions other than Newcastle, you should also include address keywords for those institutions.

When I log into NURO I get the message 'All searches are switched off for you'. What should I do?

Most users will have searching switched off. To trigger an initial search you need to adjust your search settings by, at a minimum, adding all of the name variants you publish under. If you have a common name, or if you know that there is a researcher with a similar name to yours, you should also add keywords for any institutions you have affiliated with on publications. Add your author IDs to have NURO find and auto-claim your publications. Before adjusting your search settings, read the NURO User Guide or contact your Research Liaison Librarian for assistance

My search settings are correct, with all possible name and address variants, but there are still a few publications in Web of Science/Scopus/PubMed that are not appearing in NURO.

Occasionally publications do not get picked up in the searches. You can add an individual publication from the above databases by adding the publication ID into the Search Settings field in NURO. From your NURO home page go to My Search Settings - Specific Article IDs and paste in the ID number for the individual publication, then scroll down, click Save then scroll up and click Run My Searches

Finding Article IDs

Scopus - Locate your publication in Scopus - the EID is listed in the web address e.g. eid=2-s2.0-85040887012 - copy and paste the number after the = e.g. 2-s2.0-85040887012

Web of Science - Locate your publication in Web of Science - the Accession number is located in the Document Information section of the record e.g. Accession Number:  WOS:000423965400028 - copy and paste the number including the WOS: prefix - WOS:000423965400028

I adjusted my search settings and now I have hundreds of pending publications that are not mine, waiting to be claimed. What do I do?

You can clear all of the incorrect publications at once - you will need to modify your name-based search settings and provide more publishing identity details to improve the quality of the searches, and then clear and recalculate the Pending list.

NURO > Menu > Publications > click Pending tab > click clear and recalculate the Pending list

Why is my h-index different in NURO than in Scopus/Web of Science?

The h-index is not imported from Scopus or Web of Science. It is calculated within NURO, based on the papers retrieved from Web of Science or Scopus. To replicate your Scopus/Web of Science h-index you should ensure that all of your publications in Scopus/Web of Science have been harvested and claimed in NURO. You may need to adjust your search settings to ensure all of your publications from these databases are included. Once all of your publications from WoS or Scopus are claimed it will take 24 hours for your h-index to update.

Which publications should I nominate for the 2020 Research Publications Collection?

You should nominate any publication where you are affiliated with the University of Newcastle ON the publication AND the output has a final 2020 publication date on it. From 2016 onwards, publications that do not include the University of Newcastle on an author by-line will NOT be included in the Research Publications Collection and will be marked as declined in NURO.

Do I still need to send copies of my publications once they are in NURO?

If your publication contains a link in NURO to the full-text via a valid DOI or URL, or if the publication is held in print in the UON library, you do not need to send a copy. You can use the file upload function in NURO to attach any additional information such as evidence of peer review, context statements for creative works. You can upload up to 20 files for each publication, note there is a 5mb limit for each file. Research Services staff may request copies of articles where no current journal subscription exists.

Can I include in press/early view/online first publications in NURO?

Yes, you can add or claim any publication regardless of publishing status, and display it on your research profile. However, only publications published with final bibliographic metadata (Volume, Issue, pagination and Final Year of publication) are accepted and reported for the annual Research Publications Collection. In press publications are placed under review until published with final year of publication.

Why am I being asked to claim older publications that are already on my online research profile?

Sometimes the publication record in a database does not quite match the existing record in NURO, for example the pagination or vol/issue numbers may differ. In these cases the system may not recognise that the publication is identical and presents it to you as a new publication. In these cases, you should still claim the publication if it is yours, in order to include the citation counts and h-index information. If a duplicate record is claimed notify Research Performance and staff will merge the duplicate records.

Can I add my ORCID, Scopus ID or Web of Science ResearcherID to NURO?

NURO > Menu > My profile > click Automatic Claiming

You may see suggested identifiers - review each one before adding.

Adding your author identifiers will automatically add associated publications to your NURO profile.

How long does it take for publications to appear on my profile after I have added or claimed them?

Up to 48 hours, depending on the time of day the publication is added/claimed.

Note: Rejecting a previously claimed publication will take up to a week.


Help using NURO

Please contact your Research Liaison Librarian

Questions about Publications assessment and NURO Technical and Reporting Help

Log a request via Service UON - Research Performance