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Research Publications Collection:  NURO Research Publications System

Guidance on reporting research outputs for UON researchers and academic staff

Tips to save time reporting your publications

NURO User Guides

What is NURO?

NURO is the University of Newcastle's research publications management system.

NURO searches the Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed and Europe PubMed Central databases on a continuous basis harvesting potential publications for our researchers, based on individual search settings. When the system finds potential new publications, you will receive an automated email alert, asking you to ‘claim’ or ‘reject’ the publications. You also have the ability to manually enter those publications not found in the online databases. Once a publication is claimed or added within NURO it will appear on your online profile after 48 hours.

NURO will be used to manage the annual Research Publications Collection. After you have claimed your publications, the system will automatically nominate them for the 2020 publications collection. Publications that have been manually added to the system will need to be nominated within the Annual Collection module. The Library will continue to verify and categorise A1, B1, C1, E1 and J1 publications only.

Academic staff who publish should log into the system and do the following:

  1. Download the NURO User Guide
  2. Check and/or adjust your personal search settings to ensure the system is finding as many of your publications as possible. Add ORCID and other Author IDs and NURO will autoclaim publications found in online sources
  3. Claim or reject any pending publications
  4. Add any 2020/21 publications not found by the databases, once you are satisfied that your search settings are correct, and all possible publications in the databases have been claimed
  5. Nominate your 2020/21 publications, accessible by clicking on the Annual Collection tab in NURO
  6. Regularly login to NURO and check for requests for additional information > Annual Collection tab > My Nominations >Publications requiring attention

Check the NURO Help and FAQ page for more information or Login to NURO.

Optimise your Search Settings

There are 3 key ways to ensure all possible publications are automatically identified and added to your NURO account:

1. Add and connect your ORCID

> Login to NURO 

> My Actions

> click Add your ORCID (If you already have an ORCID you can connect this) or click Register Now and follow the instructions.

2. Add your Scopus Author ID/s

> Login to NURO 

> Menu

> click Automatic Claiming (you may see suggested IDs - please review and check they are yours before clicking Yes)

3. Add name and institutional keywords to capture your entire publishing history (where indexed in Web of Science, Scopus and PubMed)

> Login to NURO 

> Menu

> click Search settings

> add name variants and or additional address keywords for previous institutions (e.g. Macquarie, Cambridge, Adelaide) > click Save.

NURO Training

To arrange a NURO Training or Information Session please contact your Senior Research Librarian


Help using NURO

Contact your Senior Research Librarian

Research Publications Collection


NURO Reporting Help

Email: Research Performance and Systems Support

Excellence in Research Australia (ERA)


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