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University of Newcastle Library

Research Publications Collection: Conference Papers

Guidance on reporting research outputs for UON researchers and academic staff

E1 - Full Written Publication - Refereed

Key eligibility requirements

To be included in this category the conference publication must meet the definition of research as amplified in the general requirements for research publications and:

  • Must be published in full. The papers may appear in a number of different formats, eg. a volume of proceedings, a special edition of a journal, a normal issue of a journal, a book or a monograph, CD-ROM or conference or organisational web site
  • Must be peer reviewed
  • Must be presented at conferences, workshops or seminars of national or international significance
  • The author must be affiliated with the University of Newcastle (and this is listed within the publication)


  • Conference papers reviewed by an editorial board only, and not by peer review
  • Conference papers accepted for presentation (and publication) on the basis of peer review of a submitted extract or abstract only
  • Conference papers that are not made available for international circulation eg. appearing only in a volume sold or handed out to conference participants (excluded completely)
  • Conference papers presented at minor conferences, workshops or seminars that are not regarded as having national or international significance (excluded completely)
  • Keynote and plenary addresses are not eligible. Full, published and peer reviewed keynotes/plenaries may be considered for an internal publication category

E1 Verification requirements:

For each conference publication, the University must be able to provide the following, if required:

Legible scans/copies of:

  • Pages showing all bibliographical information (author(s),title, publisher, all dates referring to copyright, publication, printing and distribution
  • Evidence indicating the author's affiliation to the University of Newcastle
  • If claimed using the expanded year of publication definition, a letter from the publisher indicating that the publication was not produced until after the Research Publication Collection close date (30th June 2020)
  • Copy or offprint of paper
  • Evidence of peer review
  • Evidence of national or international significance if not shown in other information already required.



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